June 17, 2019

Why do we love natural wood flooring so much?


There’s definitely one faithful type of floor that will get old: never wood. Be it natural and bare, painted bright and white, or varnished for a gloss that is little you can’t beat the classic beauty of real timber, an interiors stalwart in almost any room. Even the fakes do a pretty work that is good! Take a look at these nine floors being gorgeous get you began. Along with Alutech Wooden ACP sheets, you can also take a look at our natural wood floor boards as well.

Lengthen your room

As a rule of thumb, natural wood flooring look well whenever running in the same direction once the dimension that is longest in the room.

This works well in a hallway, as laying your planks lengthways means the eye is attracted to the furthest point, leading you through this transitional space into the house that is primary.

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Lighten and brighten

Pale, silvery woods have an effortlessly clean, modern aesthetic that actually works perfectly if you’re going for the best wooden flooring.

Hit on herringbone

Solid timber parquet flooring laid in a herringbone pattern will generate a timelessly fashionable base for just about any available space in the home. You might be happy enough to inherit original blocks that are wood your house, but if not, you can buy new, reclaimed or also engineered timber versions, most commonly in oak or walnut. You can look for natural wooden flooring cost in Bangalore here at Alutech Panels.

Shake it up with a chevron

We enjoy chevron lumber flooring. It creates a crisper, more contemporary vibe compared to a classic herringbone pattern for me personally. Check out the natural wooden flooring price list here at our website.

Chevron design is recognised by its distinctive shape that is‘V’ with angled boards designed to fit together at the ends, and was frequently found in big, elegant buildings, especially in France. These times, it’s a great design trick for smaller spaces, than it actually is as it will create an optical illusion that your living space is wider or longer.

Contrast in a kitchen

A floor that is wooden have a softening effect in a home, especially if the devices are sleek and glossy, as here. For this hard-working room, professionals suggest hardwoods, such as for example oak or iroko, precisely sealed to produce a resistant, easy-to-clean and surface that is hygienic.

Wood has an all-natural, in-built warmth, which makes it comfortable and quiet underfoot, unlike many tiles, so that it would have been a pleasure to stand on while making your morning cuppa.

Style with a stain that is sophisticated

Stained and varnished floorboards are much tougher and more water-resistant than untreated floorboards, so that they can be a godsend in high-traffic areas, such as for instance kitchens and areas that are dining.

A stain that is dark such as for example walnut or chestnut, looks effortlessly grown-up, plus it won’t show up markings really easily, either. If you want some shine, finish the wood off with a few coats of clear gloss varnish for maximum durability and a feel-good sheen underfoot.

Vary the widths

Your choice of narrow versus wide planks is right down to preference that is personal and your decision will be impacted by the general look you need to achieve.

Slim floorboards are less common, nonetheless they can look elegant, and so are a modification that is good the chunkier boards we typically see. In this kitchen, they provide a pleasing contrast to the wider lines of the cabinets, adding texture to the scheme that is slick.

Pimp with paint

If your floorboards are looking only a little tired, rather than ripping them out, reinvigorate the wood by painting the floor in a courageous shade that is new. Choosing a colour that is vibrant overhaul the design of your room as well as smartening up tatty boards. Here, pale chimes which can be blue the ocean mood.

Fake it with tiles

Wooden floors and bathrooms might look the component, but timber and water aren’t always probably the most combination that is practical. However, there exists an option to have a floor that iswooden for your bathrooms: wood-effect porcelain tiles. They can look surprisingly just like the thing that is really complete with knots and gnarls, but are dead very easy to clean and won’t spoil utilizing the moisture. And it is possible to take your pick of impacts, too.

Do so yourself with watered-down paint (try water that is one-part two-parts paint) to allow the grain showing through. Alternatively, lime your boards by rubbing in a particular pigmented representative that is whitening which will get appropriate into the timber; it really works well with open-grain timbers, such as oak and ash.

It does have a while, though, so the time-starved among us might prefer to buy panels that are ready-limed and always look for the best natural wood flooring company. You can get in touch with Alutech Panels to know more about natural wood flooring products.