Which one is better? ACP or Tiles?

While constructing our home or office many of us go through the struggle of choosing the right kind of materials. Some say tiles are better whereas nowadays people are more inclined towards installing ACP sheets! So which one should you choose? Let us talk about the difference between tiles and ACP sheets so that you can make up your mind and choose the right product for either your home or office.


People use tiles for the bathroom floor and even on the kitchen floor. Sometimes they even use it to cover the walls of these two areas. The most commonly used tiles are ceramic tiles, marbles, porcelain, etc. Some people also prefer to use marble tiles in their living room. But let’s see the pros and cons of tiles and whether you should install them or not!



Tiles are cost-effective depending upon the kind of tiles you are choosing.


The ceramic tiles out of all other tiles last the longest. It can last for up to 10-20 years. The only condition is you have to take care of it properly. This one, in particular, is extremely tough and doesn’t crack. Also, if you find some cracks in it, you can replace it without any problems.

Water resistance

Another good factor about tiles is that they are water resistant. If you stay in a humid area, tiles will easily survive there. The protective layers in tiles make them extremely water resistant.


Extremely heavy

Tiles need a strong base. If your base is not strong there is an easy chance for the tiles to fall out. If you have a double story building it can be dangerous to install tiles on the upper floors.


Due to their heavy nature, when you find some cracks on the tiles, it becomes extremely difficult to replace it. Tiles take a kind of a permanent space in your house and office and that’s when the challenge arise.

The installation process

Tiles are heavy in nature, they are solid, and you can’t mould them in different shape as well due to which they need a lot of time during installation. The surface and the area where you will be installing tiles has to be dirt free, clean, solid in nature, which means the sound base is required, and also the surface should be flat.


ACP, however, comes in many different colours and types, you can easily choose to go for some dazzling metallic hue if that’s what you want and easily install it. Let’s check out its advantages and disadvantages below:



Yes, ACP sheets are extremely durable. You don’t need to look after them 24 x 7 to maintain them. They are almost maintenance free. There are so many colours and verities available. You can use them to give a finished look to your interior and exterior facades. You can easily choose between sparkle ACP sheets, natural stone, natural wood, HPL-ACP, Galaxy Glitter, and more. You don’t need to give any special treatment to the ACP sheets to install them either.


ACP’s are an extremely friendly product, they are fire resistant too and being so flexible and friendly it becomes easier to install them. They are extremely sturdy and lightweight, unlike tiles.

Finished look

ACP sheets are known to provide the finished look to your exterior and interior facades. Clinical rooms also prefer to install ACP sheets because they resist micro-organisms and other harmful bacteria to penetrate in the room. It not only gives a finished look but also protects your building from harsh weather too.


Well, being so lightweight in nature, they can sometimes catch scratches and dents.


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