Why ACP sheets are best for your corporate office exterior wall cladding?


Let’s be honest, how many times have you visited some office for an interview and decided not to join it just by the looks of it? If you thought that looks don’t matter, change your thoughts right away. Because it does and will always do. Choosing just any material and colour for your exterior wall cladding will not only create a bad impression but no matter how good as an employer you are, people will still judge your office and policies by the look and feel of it. Leave employees, sooner or later you will give some clients coming in who will visit your office to meet you, would you want them to have a judgemental face just because your exterior wall cladding was not up to the mark?

If you think that spending money on exterior wall cladding is a bad idea then let us tell you something. The first impression is the last impression and it’s never too late for a visitor to have an impression based on the looks of your office. Having said that, you can change the look of the exterior wall cladding of your office by buying the right material which will not create a huge hole in your pockets and will still look luxurious and expensive. Such a material is none other than the ACP sheets in Delhi. If you really want everything around you to look professional then invest in a material that will remain with you for a long time and which is not expensive at all.

No matter how good your office looks from the inside, if it doesn’t make an impression from the outside it will fail to make an impression at all. That’s why every establishment should consider ACP sheets for the exterior cladding for a sure shot winning and long-lasting impression.  But consider these following points before purchasing ACP sheets from us:

  1. You will get an array of options in ACP sheets. If your building is surrounded by a lush green environment then we will suggest you pick a colour for the ACP sheet which will not clash with the surrounding. Don’t buy something which will look unappealing, pick a colour that will look balanced. 208- Burma teak or 214- black ebony will be a good choice for the exterior wall cladding.
  2. In case if you ever decide to sell the construction to someone else then try to avoid dramatic colours for the ACP sheets, you would want your establishment to look appealing to make sure that you receive the best price. No matter how much you love creating drama in your exterior wall claddings, but mark our words, buyers have a different taste especially if it’s a corporate building. Hence stick with the basics, look at your surroundings and then buy.
  3. Buy ACP sheets that will complement the interiors of your office. Discuss your ideas with us so that we can help you with your decision. You should buy a material that will reflect the inside of your office. You wouldn’t want to create a perception of two different feelings.
  4. For corporate offices, you should create a modern and stylish look. No matter what establishment you have thought for your office, choose 211- Bubinga for the exterior cladding.
  5. Choose an exterior cladding wall ACP sheets which will create a statement. Our ACP sheets gallery are full of it. Pick something unconventional but a professional looking ACP sheet. You can try our virtual room to see which ACP sheet will look the best. Change as many ACP sheets that you want to, try it virtually and then settle down to one.
  6. If you are a traditional person then you can also settle down with a traditional yet classy look for the exterior facades. You will never run out of choices with us, our wide range of ACP sheets are perfect for any style and theme.
  7. Choose ACP sheets for your exterior wall cladding which will make your establishment stand out from the average. Pick a versatile exterior cladding which will create a distinctive look for your establishment and ACP sheets can create that for you.
  8. Pick the ACP sheets to create a rustic look for your exterior cladding. Think about a theme, the way you would want the exterior walls to look like. Your expectation, what you want the building to look like from a passer-by’s eyes. Take everything under consideration and then pick the right ACP sheet.

If you want to get inspired and want to buy a sophisticated look for your exterior cladding then visit Alutech Panels today. We have solutions for every problem. Contact us and discuss with us, we are here to listen to you. Discuss with us about your theme and we will help you to decide to pick the right ACP sheets.