Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Wood Flooring


Natural wood flooring looks exquisite in any home. They come with tons of benefits and the availability of an array of hues in natural wood flooring, makes them preferable even more. But people often comes to us with a lot of questions.

Along with ACP sheets in Delhi people often look for natural wood flooring as well. We have curated 7 such frequently asked questions regarding natural wooden flooring and have tired our best to answer them accurately.

  1. What kind of natural wood flooring is best for my house?

Picking the right sorts of wood flooring for you is altogether a matter of your style. There are a lot of natural wood flooring styles available on Alutech Panels which you can gander at.

Do you like light woods like blazing flotsam and jetsam or maple? These colours generally impact a space to appear to be progressively open and blustery.

Do you like medium woods colour like hickory or oak? These colours generally impact a space to appear to be even more warm and agreeable.

Do you like diminish woods colour like walnut or mahogany? These colours all around impact a space to appear to be even more stately and refined.

  1. I’ve seen unmistakable culmination sheens on wood floors; some are shiny and some are definitely not. Which is better?

Yet again it depends on your taste and choice. In case you present a site-finished floor, you can pick any sheen that you like. Shimmer finishes offer the most shimmer, and will reflect the most light. Semi-shimmer finishes offer some radiance, and will reflect some light. Gleaming silk or matte culminations offer the least shimmer, and will reflect the least light.

Generally speaking, the less sheen, the less you will see little scratches and other wear that is commonplace with wood floors. In case you present a mechanical office finished floor, you will be confined to the sheen open for the material you select. All sheens will offer a comparable confirmation for your floor, so it truly includes which look you like best.

  1. I’m stressed over pets scratching my floors. Is there anything I can do to keep the natural wood flooring scratch proof?

There are a couple of things you can do to confine scratches from pets on your natural wood flooring. Spot disseminate tangles at all approaches to confine the proportion of earth and coarseness being followed in, especially if your pet likes to tunnel. Your best insurance, regardless, is to trim your pet’s nails routinely. In the occasion that scratches occur, as they may whether pets live in the home or not, recollect that the scratches presumably will be in the finish just, and not in the wood.

  1. How do I keep my floors looking new all the time?

All natural wood floors should be cleaned regularly. To accomplish that, just dust mop or vacuum the floors with the blender bar executed to remove soil and coarseness from between the areas of ground surface.

Keep away from using a wet mop or steam mop on hardwood floors as water and steam can dull the fulfilment, or even damage the wood over huge loads of time.

Right when spills occur, make sure to clean them speedily with a dry or hardly damp cloth. Empowering spills to remain on the wood floors could hurt the finish, and possibly the wood. Make sure to avoid walking on them wearing high-heel shoes. This could scratch the floor.

Finally, when the floor begins to look fairly dull, use a wood flooring cleaner recommended by your installer to revive the sparkle.

  1. I’ve seen events where wood floors obscure after some time. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?

Wood floors are one of just a bunch couple of deck choices that end up being dynamically brilliant with age. Like each basic thing that experience change after some time, wood floors will experience unnoticeable shading changes as they age. This is a trademark methodology that will add to the grandness and character of the floor.

Two components sway shading changes in wood floors: sun exposure and the finishing that is associated with the floor. After some time, postponed sun acquaintance will cause wood floors with change shading. Think about how skin reacts when introduced to light. Wood reacts comparatively, and you can restrict this effect by discontinuously moving rugs and furniture to keep that presentation.

The second factor that can cause wood floors to change shading after some time is the finish used. Oil-changed consummations will brilliant after some time, giving the floor a fairly yellow appearance. Curiously, water-based finishes generally will remain clear after some time, constraining whole deal shading changes.

Installing natural wood flooring will not take as much time as you might have imagines. Plus it doesn’t cost you lot either. You can contact Alutech Panels to know more natural wood flooring and different hues that are available for you. Just visit our official website and click on natural wood to explore all the verities.