9 Exterior wall cladding ideas and designs that you must consider


Corporates buildings and business property are working a lot on their exterior wall cladding design. The most common component and material that people used to use was brick, but gone are the days of brick exterior cladding. Luckily our market is full of exterior wall cladding materials, like galaxy glitter, wooden, natural stone, metal cladding, and more. The list simply goes on. Architectures are now bombarded with so many different kinds of materials. They take the time to analyse the design, environment, keep in mind the customer’s requirement and finally choose the right material for exterior cladding. This what made us prepare a list of 11 best exterior wall cladding that you can go for. Readers may note that most of the materials are already available in our category list. Do go through them.

Brick Cladding:

We can’t start our article without mentioning the timeless brick exterior wall cladding. This classic look is perfect for companies who are into construction and interior designing. This timeless look will create an authentic look for your commercial building. Also, this one is good for homes too. Fortunately, bricks are now available in so many colours. You can choose the right colour depending on the objective of your company and even the colours of your company logo and likewise install them. Trust us, brick classing can be simple but it never fades.

Natural Wood Cladding:

The next one that we have for you and which is available in our natural wood product section. There are so many different shades available in the wood cladding. All you need is a good taste and your exterior wall cladding will be ready. Wood cladding is perfect to create that lasting impression for your office. The practical finish of wood cladding is good for most of the companies. Be it interior decorator, fashion store, construction, and more. If your building is located in a natural environment, then wood cladding is surely the one to go for. NW-203, 202, 207 are some of the options that you can go for. Natural wood touch is perfect for those who are looking for sophistication.

Metal Cladding:

The dazzling metallic cladding is another good choice for your company, it creates the much needed modern and industrial look for your company. It adds extra protection and protects the building from harsh weather and pollution too. If you compare it with other materials you will notice that it is easy to maintain too, plus the protection from fire is cherry on top. It is lightweight, easy transport and doesn’t disturb the installers to install the exterior cladding.

Metallic cladding can improve the look of the building a lot. Another benefit of using metallic cladding is that it is environment-friendly too.

Ceramic Cladding:

Do you know that ceramic cladding has been in use since Egyptian times? Ceramic cladding enhances the look of your building. It creates the finish look and protects the structure of the building too. It is weather resistant, UV resistant, and impact resistant, require low maintenance, colour fast, non- combustible, recycles and is made out of natural raw materials. If you want an affordable way to decorate the exterior walls of your home then ceramic cladding won’t be a bad decision.

Concrete Cladding:

Concrete cladding comes with many benefits too. It is cost effective. It can create a natural stone look and creates the finished look for your building. You will obviously have a lot of options too. The concrete cladding is durable and strong too. Plus it requires low maintenance. It fights with the all-weather condition and stands strong. Concrete is always environment-friendly and is recyclable too. You can also add insulation behind the walls too to keep your corporate building cool during those hot days. Another benefit is it provides sound insulation too.

Natural Stone Cladding:

Innovative stone systems that are cladding simply slot together, have actually been developed to make stone cladding practical and affordable. Stone cladding brings a known degree of information and heritage with it that is truly unique.

Typically, the Stone Cladding is Employed:

  • To give a stone finish to a structure that is existing.
  • To produce a stone finish at a lower weight, therefore with just minimal help that is structural.
  • To allow faster and lower cost installation.
  • To allow modern the use of modern construction techniques and superior detailing, however with a look that is traditional.
  • To allow off-site production, with reduced construction that is on-site.
  • To reduce waste.

Composite Cladding

The composite cladding is really a good alternative. Typically produced from a combination of recycled lumber and plastic, composite cladding combines the traditional appearance of timber because of the durability of an engineered composite. The composite cladding is low in maintenance. They don’t require a lot of maintenance too. They are eco-friendly – when it comes to being eco-friendly, the composite cladding may be the way that is better to go. They are often made from recycled materials. The timber materials which are used typically come from reclaimed cladding that is wood. Composite good – although they are not entirely made out of wood, the composite cladding can be equally as stunning. They come in a number of attractive colors that mimic the look of natural timber.

Metal Mesh Cladding

There is no doubt that steel mesh cladding design features it’s very own look that is special. A product that is an extremely versatile, mesh cladding is perfect for shaping various styles to create interesting architectural styles. Additionally, it is highly efficient as well. It protects the building’s surface from sunlight and also from the harsh weather too.

Sober Solid Alutech ACP Sheet Cladding

Just like all the above wall cladding, Sober solid Alutech ACP sheet is also a great alternative. There is an array of colours available which will create a distinctive look to your building. You can explore the sober solid section to choose the best for the exterior cladding.