Important FAQs Associated with HPL Sheet and their Answers


Along with our bestseller ACP sheets, there is another sheet that is gaining a lot of popularity of late. Like the HPL sheet, but people aren’t sure what they are for and why they should be using it in their exteriors and interiors of their home of office.

Aluminium composite panel is always the first choice, but another choice that you can go for is the HPL sheets.

We have curated some of the most frequently asked questions associated with HPL sheets and have answered them for you.

What is HPL made of?

It comprises of around 60-70% paper and around 30-40% thermosetting pitches. The last are of two unique sorts; the internal layers of paper are impregnated with phenolic gum and the external layers with melamine.

How is a sheet of high-weight overlay made?

HPL overlays comprise of superimposed layers of paper, impregnated with thermosetting tars and for all time fortified together by all the while applying heat (more noteworthy than 120° C) and weight (more prominent than 5 MPa) for times of 40/50 minutes.

Do the dimensions of warmth and weight the materials are exposed to in the presses influence the properties of the completed item? Provided that this is true, how and to what degree?

The nature of HPL overlays is affected by the dimensions of warmth and weight connected amid assembling. Alutech Panels utilizes a weight more prominent than 7 MPa and a temperature of about 150° C. The surface and auxiliary characteristics of the covers accomplish an exclusive expectation thus.

What are the properties of HPL, all in all?

Its principle mechanical, physical and synthetic attributes are:

– Impact opposition

– Scratch opposition

– Lightfastness

– Ease of cleaning

– Heat opposition (intermittent, up to 180°C))

– Hygiene

– Suitability for contact with sustenance

Where there are uncommon execution prerequisites for explicit applications, can Alutech Panelsgives explicit item subtleties?

Truly. Where there are explicit prerequisites, items with specific tasteful or execution qualities can be conceived, as long as the plan fulfills specialized practicality and natural and monetary supportability criteria. It is critical to note, notwithstanding, that the current Alutech Panels accumulations as of now contain a wide scope of bore witness to items and applications. Thus, at first, it is smarter to go for a choice from the items in the index; Alutech Panels’deals, and specialized offices are constantly accessible to clients and will probably suggest the most reasonable items for each circumstance.

Do covers pursue the CE stamping guidelines for development items?

Just overlays 2mm or all the thicker utilized in the development business (for example dividers) must adjust to the standards for CE checking. For every single other application, for example, furniture, this checking isn’t required. When you contact the best HPL sheets manufacturer you receive only the best materials.

What universal norms does HPL meet?

There are two worldwide models, both of a wilful sort, European Standard EN 438 (European HPL guidelines) and ISO 4586. These set out the base necessities and the execution qualities for each sort of HPL. EN 438 is the most total and ongoing standard as it considers the more conventional kinds of cover as well as the more tastefully and in fact propelled assortments.

Could Alutech Panels issue authentications or test report archives on demand?

Some Alutech Panels overlays have been guaranteed for use in the development, shipbuilding and railroad enterprises. Alutech Panels can ensure that these items consent to the important principles and guidelines. Clients should ask for this when requesting.

Will distinctive completions influence the properties of the completed item?

Indeed. For instance, a shiny completion will be less scratch safe than an increasingly finished one. For progressively nitty gritty data, it is constantly prudent to allude to the particular Product Data Sheet for each cover.

What is implied by antibacterial HPL?

By and large, all HPL is characteristically sterile because of the thickness of its surface and its simplicity of cleaning. Alutech Panel’s HPL has an extraordinary inventive structure giving enemy of bacterial security. This is microbiologically tried and utilizes silver particles to repress bacterial development and diminish the number of microorganisms by 99%.

Is it conceivable to utilize any cleaning item or are there items to be maintained a strategic distance from?

Practically all ordinary family cleaning items or disinfectants are endured flawlessly well, as long as they are not grating or unequivocally acidic or antacid. Dyes or intensely chlorinated items ought to likewise be maintained a strategic distance from. In the wake of cleaning with cleanser, flushing and intensive drying is fitting, to avoid stains. It isn’t important to utilize furniture clean or wax based cleaners to keep up the surface sheen and to be sure, these in the end structure stores superficially that ingest residue and soil.

As respects surface stains, to which substances is HPL safe and which are the ones to keep away from?

HPL has a decent protection from most substances that can cause stains, including syrups, organic product juices, jams, alcohols, milk, tea, espresso, wine, cleanser, ink, citrus extract and CH3)2CO. It is too, be that as it may, to evacuate items, for example, cranberry or beetroot juice, concentrated tomato or organic product juices, caramel and some solid sterile blanches as quickly as time permits.

Is it genuine that HPL is particularly clean?

Indeed, totally. An HPL surface is negative landscape for the development of germs and is along these lines a material preferably fit to all circumstances that require most extreme cleanliness, from kitchens to working theatres.

How is HPL cleaned?

A basic material hosed with heated water is quite often adequate, since the surfaces of HPL are conservative, not exceptionally permeable and are impervious to the stains and synthetics regularly utilized in a local situation. Obviously the less finished completions can be cleaned even more effectively.

These are some of the questions that we are asked about when it comes to HPL sheets, but you have more queries, call Alutech Panels today. We will be happy to answer more questions for you.