5 Best ACP Sheets for Your Living Room that Offer an Unexpected vibrancy


Living room is an integral part of your house. You make your guests sit there, let them relax while you make a cup of coffee or tea. But do you know that colors of your ACP sheets wall can make a great impact on how your guests feel about your living room. You may have the most beautiful sofa set and a center table but not knowing to pair it with the right wall colors can make your home look unappealing. Take Aluminum Composite Panel in Delhi for a matter of fact, there are so many of them. But picking the right ACP sheet for your living room walls can drastically change the look of the room and for all the good reasons.

Let’s check out some ACP sheets that you can use in your living room. We have prepared a guide just for you so that you can choose the right colour. It is not unknown that ACP sheets come with a lot of advantages and also that they are extremely durable. They are cheaper than your regular wall colour and make your walls look super expensive and create a startling difference. Read on.

Lots of Yellow for Your Living Room:

Yellow is an unconventional color especially for a living room, but do you know that yellow can brighten any room and uplift the occupant of that room? Colours like 120- Traffic Yellow and even 129- Lemon Yellow can overhaul your living room in a minute. If you don’t have a theme for the living room and if it has a lot of different color chairs and a different themed center table, plus a lamp which is yet again completely different from the rest of the furniture than you must choose Yellow Sober solid ACP sheets. Yellow is charismatic, it is fun and peppy, a living room which doesn’t have a theme yet looks stunning should incorporate yellow in their walls.

Red Pattern- Bold and the Beautiful:

If you are an ardent fan of red colour, then choose 116- Red and 121- rose red for the centre wall of your living room. Don’t overdo it, but one striking red colour sober solid ACP sheet is just perfect for the living room with wooden furniture in it. Red is a bold colour hence keep minimal furniture in the room. Also, for the furniture wooden colour is perfect or you can even go ahead with neutral and pastel colours for your furniture.

Blue Colour- Bring in the Beach Effect :

Blue is an easy colour to mix and match. It can never go wrong. Even if you are a novice, you can still work out with blue colour sober solid ACP sheets and match with light and dark colour furniture. Just know how to keep the contrast intact and you are good to go. For centuries people have been infusing blue colour walls in their home. It looks elegant and has the royal feeling about it. If blue colour pleases you then 128- Lake blue or even the 117- Navy blue ACP sheets will be a great choice for the living room walls. Blue and white is timeless and you can incorporate white colour furniture in your home to make it look timeless.

Green- Calling Nature:

Green is the colour of nature. It calms, energizes and even grounds the living room. Choose a green colour ACP sheets for you wall that you see in the environment. This will continue the sense of nature even beyond the windows. Green is the colour that will make you alive. It will elevate your spirit and will surely make your living room look larger. You can pick the 118- Post green or 132- refreshing green. The darker shade can make you feel as if everything is going to be alright. Now, what can be better than having a larger than life feeling for the living room?

White- Timeless Forever:

White colour will never go out of the trend no matter how many colours we get introduced to. It’s a classic colour creating the timeless effect no matter what. White colour is also practical in so many levels. It is refreshing, crisp and compliments all types of furniture colour. Whether you have grey colour furniture, wooden or natural stone flooring. White colour ACP sheets like 126- Milky white, 127—Ivory white and 124- Glossy white are the hues that you can make a choice from. For choosing the right colour, try some samples first and see which white shade suits your living room. The best way to make your living room look larger with white colour ACP sheets is by keeping the living room 80% white and only 20% colour.

We think these ACP sheets will bring in the difference that you are looking for, for the living room. Browse through our sober solid ACP sheets category and pick the right one for you today. Make your dream a reality.