Different Usage of Aluminium Composite Panels


The evolution of ACP sheets has been a boon for so many industries. Since time immemorial people from various industry have been using aluminium composite panels for different reasons. Aluminium composite panels are also known as ACP sheets and these is a very popular construction material. It blends perfectly with modern day architectural purposes and this material can be moulded in different sizes to use them for various structures and designs.

Alutech Panels is a leading ACP sheets manufacturer and provider in India. Over the years we have become very popular among buyers not just in one particular state, but across the country. If you know about the benefits of ACP sheets, then let us tell you about the different applications of our ACP sheets.

  1. Cladding Purpose:

Attributable to its high solidness and adaptability, ACP can be utilized for cladding in the inside just as outside engineering. Alutech Panels Aluminium Composite Panels can withstand thorough mileage and in this way cutting edge development is clad with the Aluminium Composite Panel; this broadens the life expectancy of the structure and façade. Additionally, since aluminium is a lightweight metal, it’s anything but difficult to deal with and introduce hence expanding its agreeability among constructors.

Alutech Panel additionally offers Fire Retardant ACP Panels that are non-inflammable and produce positively no smoke and blazing beads. This keeps up Fire Safety in Constructions. You can get in touch with Alutech Panel if you want to install ACP sheets for the claddings. These sheets don’t consume a lot of time to get installed.


  1. Partition Purpose:

The vast majority of the workplace structures nowadays expect to utilize the accessible floor space to ideal dimensions. To accomplish this, they create partitions in the interior for shaping split spaces. The material which is progressively being utilized for making these segments are Alutech Panels Aluminium Composite Panels. Again inferable from the simplicity of dealing with and upkeep, ACP is one of the ideal materials for making segments; in the event that on the off chance that you get rid of having segments and need to expand the space, it tends to be effectively done; you simply need to unscrew the bolts or screws and move them to wherever you may need. ACP is likewise savvy than the vast majority of the variations and in perspective on every one of these favourable circumstances, it is generally utilized in the development world.


  1. False Ceilings Purpose:

False ceilings can create a beautiful look to your home or an office. Another reason why people use false ceiling is because it controls the temperature of the room too. The Aluminium sheet panels are made of polyethylene core which makes it heat-proof. ACP sheets can be definitely used for false ceilings because they are extremely easy to use and install. Also, they are available in so many colours and materials, it becomes easier for the buyers to choose the right ACP sheet which will accentuate the look of their interiors. ACP sheets are extremely durable too and since they have a longer longevity expectancy, they are always preferred above all the other materials.


  1. Signage and ACP sheet Board Design:

Our aluminium composite panels can be used for signage and board design as well. The best part about aluminium composite panels are that they are extremely versatile. The hoardings and signage that you see all over the city are mostly made of aluminium composite panels. They are strong and light weight and that’s why they are easy to use to make a signage. They can be easily installed and hence become an ideal material for signage and board design.


  1. Interior Decoration:

There is no doubt that after looking at the long list of usage quality of aluminium composite panels, they can also be used for interior designing as well. There are so many ways you can use our ACP sheets. You can create beautiful wardrobe for your rooms, these sheets can be used for bookshelves as well. Use them to create walls for your house to protect the original walls. ACP sheets are genuine very attractive, and they can be used for bedroom, kitchen, outer walls, interior walls, and more. They also become ideal for home interiors because these sheets are easy to maintain and clean.

Now you know the various ways to use Alutech Panels ACP sheets. Go through our catalogue and check out all the different ACP sheets. Feel free to call us to know more about our ACP sheets.

6 Benefits of Using Alutech’s Fire-Retardant ACP Sheets


While choosing any material to build your home or cooperate building, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You will want a material which keeps your building safe from fire mishap, something which will last longer, and something which can be installed easily. Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about here. No matter what kind of products you choose before beginning the construction of your building, make sure that they are fire retardant. For that very reason, make use of Aluminium Composite Panels. Fire accidentals not only cause financial loss but you can lose your life too and nothing can be more dreadful than losing someone who is so dear to us. What we are going to put our emphasis on today is why fire retardant materials are important!

Any building can have a fire outbreak and it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you choose aluminium composite panel sheets during construction, they will prevent fire mishap to a great extent. The main objective behind choosing a material is to make sure that they can provide safety. Installing ACP sheets in your home or your corporate building will give you ample amount of time to evacuate the house or the building during such events.

Using fire retardant material while constructing a building is extremely vital. You want the building to be safe for the occupant and the visitors.

People nowadays are moving towards ACP sheets, mainly because they protect our buildings from fire, enhance the look, and last long.

Please note that Aluminium composite panel sheets are available in wide range of colours and textures, you can pick your favourite and make sure that it fulfils all the requirements.

Let us now check the top 6 reasons why every building should have fire-retardant Aluminium Composite Panel sheets.

  1. Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets Don’t Produce Harmful and Toxic Gases:

Do you know that the main reason behind someone’s death during fire outbreak is not really the fire but the harmful and toxic gases that is emitted? Yes, it’s the truth. In fact many news report also tells us the same thing. These toxic gases block our lungs and make it hard for us to breathe properly which ultimately leads to our death. CO and CO2 combines together and becomes extremely dangerous for the occupants. But Aluminium composite panels won’t emit any kind of dangerous gases during fire mishaps. Neither will it produce a lot of gases which will give you sufficient amount of time to evacuate the place as soon as possible. That’s why installing ACP sheets in the interior as well as exterior wall cladding is important. Choose materials which will enhance the look of your building while protecting it from dangerous situation.

  1. Aluminium Composite Panels Suppresses Smoke:

The moment something catches fire, the first thing that we see is smoke. Smoke blurs our vision. Now, imagine what will happen if a building catches fire and you are inside it. Smoke will block your vision and will make it impossible for you to see the exit gates and will make it harder for you to evacuate, hence shift to ACP sheets. ACP sheets are FR-graded which doesn’t emit smoke unlike other materials making the evacuation process easier.

  1. No Molten or Flaming Droplets:

Another reason to choose Aluminium Composite panels for your building is because these fire-retardant components will not form any kinds of molten or flaming droplets. These things cause a lot of panic among people. The fear of stampedes is more than frightening. But just because ACP sheets are fire-retardant doesn’t mean they have to look bad. You can try our virtual room feature to see the various ways you can use our ACP sheets.

  1. Lesser Heat Release:

Aluminium Composite panels are FR graded and that’s why they release lesser amount of smoke as well as heat. Heat when combines with smoke makes the life of the occupant extremely difficult. Lesser amount of heat means more time to evacuate the residence.

  1. Non-Flammable Core:

The Aluminium Composite Panel sheets have a firewall mineral core. It is made up of MHD which is magnesium hydroxide and PE which is Polyethylene. These two materials combine together to build a non-combustible core. It releases water material to keep the temperature during a fire outbreak low.

  1. The Facades Won’t Fall Apart:

Another reason why Aluminium Composite Panel sheets are reliable is that they don’t fall off the façades. They remain as it is, making it safer for the occupants to evacuate the residence as soon as possible.

Whether you are constructing a structure for a residential property or a corporate building, it is essential to take prospective measures. The sooner you accept that, the safer you will be once the construction is complete. Everyone wants safety for their home and we want the same for you too hence keep fire-retardant ACP sheets as your top priority. Use them to create interactive design both for the interiors as well as exterior cladding. To know more about our fire-retardant ACP sheets, do give us a call. We will be glad to assist you.

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