How to Choose the Right ACP Sheet for Your Exterior


We have talked and been notified that ACP sheets are very- very good for your house. But each time we talk about it, we already said about the interiors. Be the look, preservation, installment, strength or any other factor, ACP sheets just suit fine to houses. For your residential purpose or for commercial building, you can always use them in order to make your place even better. But this time we are not going to talk about just the inside.

One fact that we cannot overlook is the exterior. The first impression that people get of a building is not from the inside, rather it is the outside. If you are looking for protection from the outside, a charming look from the exterior or a long ativity in duration, you can definitely trust the ACP sheet. There are several factors that are important and one should note it, things included in that are listed below. So, if you were looking for the ways to choose the best and the perfect ACP sheet for your house or office from the exterior then you are in the right place. Here you can get all the necessary information about these things.

Why should we opt for ACP SHEETS?

There are so many reasons that will make you fall in love with ACP sheets some of which are as follows:

  1. Easy to install

You don’t have to suffer from the problem of installation as its installation is super easy and not so demanding. They are considered as an appropriate option not only interior enhancement but as well as for the exterior enhancement of house. Like paint you are not required to fill all the imperfect gaps, all you need to do is to install ACP sheets properly and there you go.


  1. Safe

Since aluminum does not burn. So, Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) offers a fireproof option. The best thing in it is that it does not release out any fumes and gases that are harmful not just for the people living in the home as well asfor the environment.


ACP cladding sheet is super durable, weather and stain resistant. They serve as a solid barrier allowing the users to enjoy sound deduction from the outside. Aluminum composite Panels maintain their shape and size no matter how bad the weather condition becomes and how changes come to condition and hence make them ideal for all seasons. In addition to all this, ACP cladding sheets are resistant to weather ensuring the durability and enjoying the benefits for many years and are really very durable and stay there with you for a very long time. They are hard and strong that will ensure and prevent the sheets from breaking. So what is better than thick, strong sheets which will go on and on with you and you don’t really have to change after particular time periods?One more thing, you should definitely check with not just one but a lot few more manufacturers of ACP sheet in Delhi.

Maintenance Free

Its maintenance is much easy.  Aluminum Composite Panel allows hassle-free maintenance. It preserves the formation and stays longer than any other product. You just need to simply wipe out the ACP cladding sheet with a cloth to remove the dirt and dust and that’s all, you are done.


It is a very economical material as compared to other usual options available in the market. The aluminum composite panels have proven to offer high-quality thermal comfort by providing additional savings.The ACP sheets are stain-resistant and weather-resistant staying for a longer time period as compared to any other sheets. But if we look it in another way or about the way we have already talked then it will make sense too. You all have a common sense,right? Then just tell me installing any regular sheet instead of using ACP sheet and changing it again and again after small intervals of time then will it be cost effective? No, I know it won’t be that cost effective in nature. But if you go with ACP sheet then install it once and see it growing up old with you. See this is how it goes and this much longer it can stay.

Choosing the exterior based on your interior

New age type of material that is used for building exteriors, interior applications,and stuff.Aluminum Composite Panel or we better say ACP sheet is considered a new age material that is used up not only in making interior stuff but exteriors too. It can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, and drawing room and sometimes and somewhere these are seen at walls too. And for the exterior purpose, they are mostly seen in garage, car parking area, basements,etc.

Choosing the right color scheme

Before knowing the right color scheme of ACP sheets you need to know what exactly ACP sheets are and how exactly it is used. It is a double or triple layered sheet. It is eco-friendly and can be installed quickly.  Also, ACP sheets are more of a finished product by itself,unlike other similar products. This feature of ACP makes the area or surface where it is used to look neat making it a quality product. But before installing it you need to look out your overall theme of your house and which exact color will enhance and compliment the look of the house. Always remember that color can either upgrade the look completely or adversely destroy the complete look of the house so make sure you choose and examine the need of the house wisely. There are so many color options if you go for ACP sheet choosing like bright and bold colors, shiny and glitter colors, radiant and vibrant colors and last but not the least simple and usual colors. For more information about the ACP sheets, you are always free to check the website of Alutechpanels. They have a lot of information on stuff like these.

All About the Modern Day Usage of Aluminium Composite Panels


While travelling how many actually of us pay attention to the materials used in our day to day vehicles? Say for example while travelling by bus, metros, vans, and more, do we really think about the materials that we see on these transportation ways? We don’t,

But those whose livelihood is these bus, vans, tempos, and trucks, should know the kind of materials your vehicles compromise of. Aluminium composite panels have changed the shape of outdoor cladding and interiors and for all the good reasons. But do you know, that these sheets are used in covering many machine parts and can also be used in vehicles like cars, bus, trains, ships, boats, and more? Yes, they can be used for these too. For exterior cladding and interior you can try the virtual room available on Alutech Panels but for the modern-day usages, here’s how they can change the look of some of these vehicles.

Vans and Buses

ACP sheets are extremely lightweight and can be moulded in shapes that you wish to give, these sheets can be used to design buses and mobile vans as well. They are heat resistance as we all know and will keep the interior of the vehicles much cooler than the normal material.

Ships and Boats

Do you know that ACP sheets have been used to designed yachts, ferries, and boats since time immemorial? Their lightweight property makes them the perfect material for these kinds of vehicles. You will find the ACP sheets in balconies, ceilings, walls, and even on the floor of ships, boats, yachts, and more.


Another transportation method where you will see ACP sheets being used is the trains. Yet again their light-weight feature makes them the perfect material for cabin walls, floor plating, and more. They are fire retardant, plus highly flexible, and because that saves the vehicle from any kinds of mishaps.


When it comes to helicopters, manufacturers always try to use materials which are durable and will give high performance. The inside wall panelling can be replaced by the ACP sheets, although people use stainless steel and titanium to cover these areas, however, ACP sheets can replace these products easily. If you are looking for ACP sheets in Delhi, then contact Alutech today.

Wall Claddings

Another common way of using ACP sheets in wall claddings.  Everyone wants to beautify their home and their office space and ACP sheets do exactly that. It can enhance the look of your home in innumerable ways. This sheet gives a metal finish making your walls and interior look extravagant.


Another common usage of ACP sheets in the interiors is to create the partition in the house. ACP sheets are easy to handle and don’t need 24 x7 maintenance. Hence, they become the right material to create the partition in the room or the house. Plus they don’t cost a bomb either. You can easily remove the partition whenever you want to because they are super light-weight.

False Ceiling

The main purpose behind installing false ceiling is to keep a room cool and people always prefer to use ACP sheets to keep the temperature low. Plus ACP sheets always give your interior a finished look.

Signage and Retail Outlets

Corporates are always choosy when it comes to picking materials for their building. After all first impression is the last impression. For signage, the design should look just perfect and only ACP sheets can provide that. Even in retail outlets, you will see ACP sheets being used in the interiors.

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