How to use ACP to revamp house


ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panels is a new age material that is used in order to make buildings, houses, offices etc. the best thing about it is that they can be folded, bent, turned into any shapes and not only this they are strong enough to withstand any weather, temperature. It has triple layering where the top and the bottom layer is made up of aluminum sheet and the middle layer is of polyethylene.  It has a protection film, polyesterResin-Based Coating, primer coating, service coating and many more.

It is always a very interesting but hefty task to get your house revamped in a better place. Afterall your households your position in society and it also makes you stand tall in a lot of ways.

Here is the list of why ACP should be used in order to revamp or redecorate your house:

  1. Modern and Stylish: If you want to revamp your house then one thing is very sure, you would want it to be completely and totally modern. To impart a bit of style and modernity you can use the aluminum composite panels. So one of the best ways to manage all these things is by using the block design on your roofs and some graceful flooring. To grill your house you can use the fancy outings and classy grills. They look too good and render the expertise of a person.


  1. Color Scene: It comes up in various colors and designs. So if you are looking for some basic but strong material for your house which will allow you to flaunt the premium looks then this is going to be the best pick for you. There might be other options as well but this one is definitely the best one for you.


  1. Cost Reduction: If you are looking for a house revamp, then expenditure is surely on cards. So, one way to reduce it is by using the ACP sheets. To know more about these sheets and their manufacturers, you can visit the website of Alutechpanels. They have some exotic options as well as bright contrasting features on their website. You might also get to know about a few HPL sheets manufacturers.


  1. Easy to Install: It has been very important to fix things easily. Think of a revamp that is costing you low but will take a toll on your head. Will that is a good option? I know it won’t because all those things that you would introduce to your house will have to be easy on installation. And when it comes to ACP sheet, they are very easy to install. Therefore you can get it done quickly and without breaking a sweat.


  1. Maintenance: This is one of the most important and key factors of ACP sheets. All those things you can get in your house would not be as easy to maintain as this one. The sheets are really hassle-free when it comes to maintaining them for a long time. They are not just long term investment but also have a lot of after perks such as keeping up the premium look and else.


  1. Looking Good: It happens to be one fact that is very important for all the users. ACP sheets have a very good texture look when installed. For this factor, people have started using the sheet in a better and a good way.


  1. Non-Corrosive Plates: Wow, this should have been registered on the top and not here. We all know that aluminum is a non-corrosive metal. It rusts at a very slow pace. So this is one of the prominent reasons why not just houses but also the offices have started using this place a lot.


Therefore with all these factors claiming for the advantages of having the Aluminium Composite Panel you must be very interested in using it in your next revamp. And if you still have some questions or queries left in your head then do not see anything else but the panels. They are literally going to help you in improving your house décor. For more information about this and other décor items, you can always rely on Alutechpanels as they have a wide range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Wood Flooring


Natural wood flooring looks exquisite in any home. They come with tons of benefits and the availability of an array of hues in natural wood flooring, makes them preferable even more. But people often comes to us with a lot of questions.

Along with ACP sheets in Delhi people often look for natural wood flooring as well. We have curated 7 such frequently asked questions regarding natural wooden flooring and have tired our best to answer them accurately.

  1. What kind of natural wood flooring is best for my house?

Picking the right sorts of wood flooring for you is altogether a matter of your style. There are a lot of natural wood flooring styles available on Alutech Panels which you can gander at.

Do you like light woods like blazing flotsam and jetsam or maple? These colours generally impact a space to appear to be progressively open and blustery.

Do you like medium woods colour like hickory or oak? These colours generally impact a space to appear to be even more warm and agreeable.

Do you like diminish woods colour like walnut or mahogany? These colours all around impact a space to appear to be even more stately and refined.

  1. I’ve seen unmistakable culmination sheens on wood floors; some are shiny and some are definitely not. Which is better?

Yet again it depends on your taste and choice. In case you present a site-finished floor, you can pick any sheen that you like. Shimmer finishes offer the most shimmer, and will reflect the most light. Semi-shimmer finishes offer some radiance, and will reflect some light. Gleaming silk or matte culminations offer the least shimmer, and will reflect the least light.

Generally speaking, the less sheen, the less you will see little scratches and other wear that is commonplace with wood floors. In case you present a mechanical office finished floor, you will be confined to the sheen open for the material you select. All sheens will offer a comparable confirmation for your floor, so it truly includes which look you like best.

  1. I’m stressed over pets scratching my floors. Is there anything I can do to keep the natural wood flooring scratch proof?

There are a couple of things you can do to confine scratches from pets on your natural wood flooring. Spot disseminate tangles at all approaches to confine the proportion of earth and coarseness being followed in, especially if your pet likes to tunnel. Your best insurance, regardless, is to trim your pet’s nails routinely. In the occasion that scratches occur, as they may whether pets live in the home or not, recollect that the scratches presumably will be in the finish just, and not in the wood.

  1. How do I keep my floors looking new all the time?

All natural wood floors should be cleaned regularly. To accomplish that, just dust mop or vacuum the floors with the blender bar executed to remove soil and coarseness from between the areas of ground surface.

Keep away from using a wet mop or steam mop on hardwood floors as water and steam can dull the fulfilment, or even damage the wood over huge loads of time.

Right when spills occur, make sure to clean them speedily with a dry or hardly damp cloth. Empowering spills to remain on the wood floors could hurt the finish, and possibly the wood. Make sure to avoid walking on them wearing high-heel shoes. This could scratch the floor.

Finally, when the floor begins to look fairly dull, use a wood flooring cleaner recommended by your installer to revive the sparkle.

  1. I’ve seen events where wood floors obscure after some time. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?

Wood floors are one of just a bunch couple of deck choices that end up being dynamically brilliant with age. Like each basic thing that experience change after some time, wood floors will experience unnoticeable shading changes as they age. This is a trademark methodology that will add to the grandness and character of the floor.

Two components sway shading changes in wood floors: sun exposure and the finishing that is associated with the floor. After some time, postponed sun acquaintance will cause wood floors with change shading. Think about how skin reacts when introduced to light. Wood reacts comparatively, and you can restrict this effect by discontinuously moving rugs and furniture to keep that presentation.

The second factor that can cause wood floors to change shading after some time is the finish used. Oil-changed consummations will brilliant after some time, giving the floor a fairly yellow appearance. Curiously, water-based finishes generally will remain clear after some time, constraining whole deal shading changes.

Installing natural wood flooring will not take as much time as you might have imagines. Plus it doesn’t cost you lot either. You can contact Alutech Panels to know more natural wood flooring and different hues that are available for you. Just visit our official website and click on natural wood to explore all the verities.

What are the benefits of ACP sheets?


Now with technology and changing time, things have changed drastically. It is an era of perfection, and if not perfection then at least near perfection. Every company is making its way to surface the market and satisfy people with their goods and services. Now things for a company can work wonders when the entire working body can work in a combination. A combination where advanced techniques and skilled workers mesh together to perform all the things in a synchronisation and better way. Now what some companies do is they complete a 4 check process. It includes:

  1. The Checking of the Raw Material:

In this the Raw material is check, the availability in the outside market, its demand, its need and the reserves of the company. They decide things after completing this. And these firms put things from the most trusted brands only.

  1. Keep a Regular Check But the Most Important One is During the Manufacturing Time:

Now if you have a business such as making ACP sheets and stuff, you need to be very careful and conservative when it comes to utilizing the materials to get the finished products. One should always keep a check during the manufacturing stage after every step.

  1. Then Check the Product Properly:

Yes this is very important, before you send all your products into the market just run them through a check procedure to make it sure that they have a well finish and they don’t bring you a bad mood customer.

  1. The Fourth Step Includes the Check After the Production:

For a good company it is very important for them to understand that things have to be checked even after the production is done. This is because one needs to always keep an eye on all of their production tails.

Now Coming on to the Benefits of ACP Cladding Sheets:

Actually these sheets are being used by many people in their homes and offices and trust me when I say this, you will have to be very careful while choose a sheet company for yourself because there are many fraud and duplicate producers. You should always look for all these benefits in the sheet you get.

  1. It is the Durability That Matter:

First thing first, the sheet should not just be durable but also long lasting. A life of a genuine sheet is several years, but true, it depends a lot on how you use it. Usually a cladding sheet is very resistant to stains and whether. So, you will not have a problem in installing it even on the outside.

  1. Safety While Using it:

Miss- happenings can cross your way anywhere and everywhere, without informing you. So you should always be prepared and alert. Now, when it comes to decorating the office or the house in a safer way, then these sheets are introduced. It is very safe to use a cladding sheet at the workstation because it is mostly made up of aluminium. And because aluminium is fireproof, this sheet is also completely fire resistance at least waving off one of your fears.

  1. It should Reduce Your Cost:

What is the point of installing something if you have to keep renovating and putting in more money at regular intervals? See this is a point of time where you should be very choosy because it is your wise decision that can bring things into place. Although you can very well use a natural stone but then is it better that an ACP sheet?No, not at all. So, always check on various website and with other providers that which is the best price you get for it. It is a very budget friendly aspect that you have to keep in mind. Once done that you can be happy for long.

  1. The Maintenance Should Be Less On the Pocket:

Yeah this is one thing that you need to definitely keep in mind. There is always a time when the beauty of everything comes to a decline. And for Cladding sheets, when this time comes, you need to be very sure that it does not take a lot from you. Installing a better pocket friendly sheet will always be really helpful as it is going to give you a relaxed mind and you won’t get worked up too soon.

So, take my advice and do consult an expert before selecting the sheet because they know better and more than what you know. And this is very important to take an advice because it completely diminishes your chances of getting into a pit from where there is no coming back. So think and choose the ACP sheet wisely, because one mistake can cost you a lot and one right decision can save a lot of money of yours.

Alutech Panel Provides fire retardant Aluminium Composite Panel sheets


Constructing a building is never easy. It takes a lot of effort and time and the dilemma to choose the perfect materials for our building is even nerve-wracking. Whatever you choose to buy to build your perfect house the first thing that you should keep in mind is to look for items which are always fire-proof. Mishaps can happen anytime no matter how safe you try to be and it is always better to be proactive. Be safe not sorry. Fire accidents destroy life, be fire proof and don’t let anything jeopardise your and your family’s precious lives.

Do remember that no material can provide you 100% fire safety, fire is a strong element and only a few products will keep your building as well as the house fire-ready and one of them is ACP sheets. Aluminium composite panels can help protect your house and building from fire to a great extent. Don’t let anything harm your beautiful house and hard-earned money.

Choose the best aluminium composite panel manufacturers to buy the best ACP sheets, choose Alutech Panels and keep your house away from fire mishaps.

Following are some of the most important reasons why you should choose Alumimium Composite Panels only. Read them thoroughly because one little step can help you construct a stronger foundation.

Dispose of Those Dangerous Gases:

What we have observed is that when a building bursts into flames, the inhabitants lose their lives for the most part as a result of the harmful gases infiltrated amid the fire mishap. These gases are extremely harmful for your lungs and when you breathe in these gases you start losing consciousness, ultimately giving up the strength to fight back. Picking Alutech’s ACP sheets won’t just help your structure from bursting into flames quickly but it won’t discharge any unsafe harmful gases too. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should choose Aluminium Composite Panels.

Stifles Smoke

When you see fire, you additionally observe smoke and a great deal of them. Envision a building bursting into flames and a considerable measure of smoke obscuring the vision of the inhabitants! It’s difficult to envision, yet this is a situation that can occur. ACP sheets have a property which influences them to emanate lesser measure of smoke, making it simpler for the general population living inside clear the space effectively. Don’t let anything get into the way. Choose a fire-proof material which will give you enough time to vacate the premise and go to a safer area. ACP sheets will genuinely give you enough time to do that.

No Flaring Bead

ACP sheets don’t soften effortlessly dissimilar to different materials. At the point when things begin to liquefy amid the fire it begins causing a great deal of pressure and fit of anxiety among the inhabitants, since ACP sheets are protected and don’t cause liquid or blazing bead, it by and by gives you enough time to clear the property in time without making you freeze. You can vacate your building as soon as possible without any panic situation and mark yourself safe.

A Lesser Measure of Warmth Discharge

Fire can spread in a substance and on the off chance if you don’t focus on the materials you are picking for the building, it can cause a great deal of desperation. ACP sheets transmit a lesser measure of warmth discharge.

Non-Combustible Center

In contrast to different materials, ACP sheets have a magnesium hydroxide mineral center. It postpones the time of burning. This material holds the temperature down with the goal that it won’t burst into flames. Which again gives you time to vacate your building or the house and go to a safer place.

Doesn’t Break With Façade

As a rule, amid a fire flare-up, we see everything going into disrepair. Be that as it may, ACP sheets don’t tumble off with the exteriors.

Whether you are constructing a building for commercial purpose or for residential purpose always choose the material for your building carefully. You never know what may happen and in order to keep yourself safe from all of these unforeseen circumstances choose ACP sheets only. You know you have to be prepared and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Alutech Panel’s ACP Sheets – Protecting Your Building From Fire


Whenever we start investing in constructing a building or a home, the first thing that comes to our mind is to make it fire retardant. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  Fire accidents not just damage your property but can be the reason for someone’s death too.

If you think that you are 100% safe from fire, then, to be honest, no building is 100% fire-proof. But, a few steps can help your precious house and building from facing accidents. While constructing a building or any structure, the very first step that you should take is to look for materials that will slow down fire-out brakes. That’s why you should be always careful while choosing the right material for your house, our advice will be to go for fire-retardant materials only. Your one cautious step can help save a lot of lives. For this very reason, go and explore Alutech Panel’s products which will provide you with safety during the crucial time. Their products are available in different colours, textures provide a finished look, and are also fire retardant. One product and goodness of multiple properties.

Following are some essential reasons why you should consider buying ACP sheets:

Get rid of those toxic gases:

What we have observed is that when a building catches fire, the occupants lose their lives mostly because of the toxic gases penetrated during the fire accident. Choosing Alutech’s ACP sheets will not only help your structure from catching fire rapidly but will not emit any harmful toxic gases as well.

Suppresses smoke

When you see fire, you also see smoke and a lot of them. Imagine a building catching fire and a lot of smoke blurring the vision of the residents! It’s hard to imagine, but this is a scenario that can happen. ACP sheets have a property which makes them emit lesser amount of smoke, making it easier for the people residing inside evacuate the space easily.

No flaming droplet

ACP sheets don’t melt easily unlike other materials. When things start to melt during the fire its starts causing a lot of stress and panic attack among the residents, since ACP sheets are safe and don’t cause molten or flaming droplet, it once again gives you enough time to evacuate the property in time without making you panic.

A lesser amount of heat release

Fire can spread in a gist if you don’t pay attention to the materials you are choosing for the building. ACP sheets emit a lesser amount of heat release.

Non-flammable core

Unlike other materials, ACP sheets have a magnesium hydroxide mineral core. It delays the process of heating. This material keeps bringing the temperature down so that it won’t catch fire.

Doesn’t break with façade

Usually, during a fire outbreak, we see everything falling apart. But ACP sheets don’t fall off with the facades.

While constructing a building for any purpose, be it for commercial purpose or residential purpose, it is always advisable to be sure about the materials that you pick for yourself. It is better to be protective and proactive. Get in touch with only the best ACP manufacturers in India, call Alutech Panel and purchase the fire retardant ACP and HPL sheets today. Be safe, not sorry.

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