Application of ACP for Interior Purpose


Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is a level board of at least two aluminum sheets attached to one another and after that on non-aluminum center. It comes in assortment of plan and is very tough. Utilized for highlighter and roofs. Restroom roofs are made utilizing ACP. These are not scratch free. Thus you have to utilize it in such spot where there isn’t any possibility to catch scratches. Roof is can be exceptionally good place to install ACP sheets or HPL sheets. Along with ACP sheets people often contact HPL sheets manufacturers as well.

Cost of ACP sheets

The value ranges from Rs 3000/ – to 20,000/ – relying upon structure and size.

Aluminum Composite Panel v/s Laminates

ACP’s are a much better material when it comes to picking a material for constructing a house or a building. Be that as it may, ACP’s create scratches effectively not at all like covers. Furthermore, in this manner ACP’s for insides are generally favored on immaculate dividers and roofs.

Thickness (Exterior ACP and Interior ACP)

ACP’s are utilized for inward just as outer compositional structures. Aluminium sheets utilized for exterior purpose are usually 3mm to 4mm thick and the sky is the limit from there. Yet, aluminum sheets utilized for ACP’s for interiors are not all the more than 1 mm thick.

Can you use Aluminium Composite Panels in India for interiors as well?

Use of ACP in Homes

Gracious truly, today with innovation and mindfulness, ACP is utilized significantly in present day Home kitchens. ACP is utilized for trolleys and cupboards of secluded/semi-particular kitchens. Be that as it may, in kitchens where ACP is utilized, one should be especially watchful as ACP can scratch effectively on utilizing sharp articles on it. Since the ACP utilized for kitchens would be of more slender quality, marks also can without much of a stretch be shaped and these scratches and gouges are non-repairable. Likewise one needs to clean the surface quickly to maintain a strategic distance from solid stains.

Utilization of ACP for Commercial Spaces

For business territories like shops, salons, and so forth one should be cautious and mindful where to utilize it. Like I propose proprietors of piece of clothing shops to abstain from having ACP. Particularly where hanging articles of clothing is just choice. ACP is a decent alternative to use as false roof or have little retires. For example ACP works best for salons and parlors for racks where bottles and other hair adornments can be put.

In some cases ACP is likewise utilized for divider cladding as it ends up being delicate to cover vast regions.

The Trend of Composite Panels

Arrangement of Aluminum composite boards has risen as an impressive test in the Indian market. The accessibility of Interior Aluminum composite board sheets in India has likewise given modelers and temporary workers to execute new plans in development. Embracing aluminum composite boards was not exactly simple before all else, however with time individuals began to understand that these items were equipped for giving security, toughness nearby style. We don’t flaunt any bogus highlights yet of the highlights controlled by our wide scope of aluminum composite board items.

Our Strengths

Alutech Panels determines its strength in the market through extraordinary solidness of our items. We can give an alternate scope of aluminum composite boards, which join diverse surfaces for conferring a significant dimension of stylish remainder to our items.

The marble surface composite board just as Interior Decoration Aluminum Composite Panel in India provided by us can watch out for the outside and inside plan prerequisite for your home individually.

We don’t depend on bogus cases of unrivaled quality for leading business as we trust that clients judge us based on the items given by us instead of the cases we make on the web.

Why to choose us?

  • We are fit for tending to the inside improvement prerequisites of our customers through the Interior Decoration Composite Aluminum Panel in India.
  • These sheets can be used for isolating two distinct rooms close by enhancing the feel of the insides through the elite shading and plan varieties.
  • The adaptability of structures is a tenable component, which we incorporate into every one of our items, and in this manner clients can apply the boards as required in an inside situation.
  • We spend a lot of time in the composition of our ACP sheets to ensure that we provide only 100% satisfactory ACP sheets to the world.
  • You can go through our plethora of ACP sheets that we have in our product list. You will be amazed to see our huge collection.
  • The adaptability of the boards can likewise be considered as a promising result of cutting edge fabricating forms executed by us.
  • All our ACP sheets are fire resistant, making it extremely safe for your home, both for the interiors and exteriors cladding.

Apart from all the above mentioned pointers, we work a lot on our customer service department too. We are here to listen to you. Call us today to get a free consultation and quote.

All About the Modern Day Usage of Aluminium Composite Panels


While travelling how many actually of us pay attention to the materials used in our day to day vehicles? Say for example while travelling by bus, metros, vans, and more, do we really think about the materials that we see on these transportation ways? We don’t,

But those whose livelihood is these bus, vans, tempos, and trucks, should know the kind of materials your vehicles compromise of. Aluminium composite panels have changed the shape of outdoor cladding and interiors and for all the good reasons. But do you know, that these sheets are used in covering many machine parts and can also be used in vehicles like cars, bus, trains, ships, boats, and more? Yes, they can be used for these too. For exterior cladding and interior you can try the virtual room available on Alutech Panels but for the modern-day usages, here’s how they can change the look of some of these vehicles.

Vans and Buses

ACP sheets are extremely lightweight and can be moulded in shapes that you wish to give, these sheets can be used to design buses and mobile vans as well. They are heat resistance as we all know and will keep the interior of the vehicles much cooler than the normal material.

Ships and Boats

Do you know that ACP sheets have been used to designed yachts, ferries, and boats since time immemorial? Their lightweight property makes them the perfect material for these kinds of vehicles. You will find the ACP sheets in balconies, ceilings, walls, and even on the floor of ships, boats, yachts, and more.


Another transportation method where you will see ACP sheets being used is the trains. Yet again their light-weight feature makes them the perfect material for cabin walls, floor plating, and more. They are fire retardant, plus highly flexible, and because that saves the vehicle from any kinds of mishaps.


When it comes to helicopters, manufacturers always try to use materials which are durable and will give high performance. The inside wall panelling can be replaced by the ACP sheets, although people use stainless steel and titanium to cover these areas, however, ACP sheets can replace these products easily. If you are looking for ACP sheets in Delhi, then contact Alutech today.

Wall Claddings

Another common way of using ACP sheets in wall claddings.  Everyone wants to beautify their home and their office space and ACP sheets do exactly that. It can enhance the look of your home in innumerable ways. This sheet gives a metal finish making your walls and interior look extravagant.


Another common usage of ACP sheets in the interiors is to create the partition in the house. ACP sheets are easy to handle and don’t need 24 x7 maintenance. Hence, they become the right material to create the partition in the room or the house. Plus they don’t cost a bomb either. You can easily remove the partition whenever you want to because they are super light-weight.

False Ceiling

The main purpose behind installing false ceiling is to keep a room cool and people always prefer to use ACP sheets to keep the temperature low. Plus ACP sheets always give your interior a finished look.

Signage and Retail Outlets

Corporates are always choosy when it comes to picking materials for their building. After all first impression is the last impression. For signage, the design should look just perfect and only ACP sheets can provide that. Even in retail outlets, you will see ACP sheets being used in the interiors.

Alutech Panel Provides fire retardant Aluminium Composite Panel sheets


Constructing a building is never easy. It takes a lot of effort and time and the dilemma to choose the perfect materials for our building is even nerve-wracking. Whatever you choose to buy to build your perfect house the first thing that you should keep in mind is to look for items which are always fire-proof. Mishaps can happen anytime no matter how safe you try to be and it is always better to be proactive. Be safe not sorry. Fire accidents destroy life, be fire proof and don’t let anything jeopardise your and your family’s precious lives.

Do remember that no material can provide you 100% fire safety, fire is a strong element and only a few products will keep your building as well as the house fire-ready and one of them is ACP sheets. Aluminium composite panels can help protect your house and building from fire to a great extent. Don’t let anything harm your beautiful house and hard-earned money.

Choose the best aluminium composite panel manufacturers to buy the best ACP sheets, choose Alutech Panels and keep your house away from fire mishaps.

Following are some of the most important reasons why you should choose Alumimium Composite Panels only. Read them thoroughly because one little step can help you construct a stronger foundation.

Dispose of Those Dangerous Gases:

What we have observed is that when a building bursts into flames, the inhabitants lose their lives for the most part as a result of the harmful gases infiltrated amid the fire mishap. These gases are extremely harmful for your lungs and when you breathe in these gases you start losing consciousness, ultimately giving up the strength to fight back. Picking Alutech’s ACP sheets won’t just help your structure from bursting into flames quickly but it won’t discharge any unsafe harmful gases too. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should choose Aluminium Composite Panels.

Stifles Smoke

When you see fire, you additionally observe smoke and a great deal of them. Envision a building bursting into flames and a considerable measure of smoke obscuring the vision of the inhabitants! It’s difficult to envision, yet this is a situation that can occur. ACP sheets have a property which influences them to emanate lesser measure of smoke, making it simpler for the general population living inside clear the space effectively. Don’t let anything get into the way. Choose a fire-proof material which will give you enough time to vacate the premise and go to a safer area. ACP sheets will genuinely give you enough time to do that.

No Flaring Bead

ACP sheets don’t soften effortlessly dissimilar to different materials. At the point when things begin to liquefy amid the fire it begins causing a great deal of pressure and fit of anxiety among the inhabitants, since ACP sheets are protected and don’t cause liquid or blazing bead, it by and by gives you enough time to clear the property in time without making you freeze. You can vacate your building as soon as possible without any panic situation and mark yourself safe.

A Lesser Measure of Warmth Discharge

Fire can spread in a substance and on the off chance if you don’t focus on the materials you are picking for the building, it can cause a great deal of desperation. ACP sheets transmit a lesser measure of warmth discharge.

Non-Combustible Center

In contrast to different materials, ACP sheets have a magnesium hydroxide mineral center. It postpones the time of burning. This material holds the temperature down with the goal that it won’t burst into flames. Which again gives you time to vacate your building or the house and go to a safer place.

Doesn’t Break With Façade

As a rule, amid a fire flare-up, we see everything going into disrepair. Be that as it may, ACP sheets don’t tumble off with the exteriors.

Whether you are constructing a building for commercial purpose or for residential purpose always choose the material for your building carefully. You never know what may happen and in order to keep yourself safe from all of these unforeseen circumstances choose ACP sheets only. You know you have to be prepared and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Media Expo, 7th September-A GRAND SUCCESS


Recently on 7th September Media Expo gave a platform to all the renowned Indoor and Outdoor Signage solution providers to showcase their products. We also participated, and we must say that it was a grand success. The International Exhibition on Indoor and Outdoor Advertising and Signage Solution let us meet many manufacturers, architectures, and buyers. It also gave us an ample amount of opportunity to showcase our brand value and why we are one of the best Indoor and Outdoor Signage solution providers.

The collaboration of bringing so many buyers and sellers under one roof also gave us an insight into what buyers expect from us and how we could be beneficial for them. It let us spoke to dozens of buyers personally and know their needs. We also told them about the different benefits ACP sheets and HPL-ACP sheets provide. This also let the buyers gain a lot of knowledge about our products, how we are different from the rest and why we are the best ACP sheet manufacturers in Delhi.

This platform let us showcase our products in detail. We gave live demos explaining about each and every product that we have to offer. We also spoke to the buyers about the reasons why they should opt for ACP and HPL-ACP sheets. It gave us an opportunity to build a network with the top brands in the industry as well.

Our professional team handled each and every query of the buyers, manufacturers, architects with ease.

We gave detailed information about ACP sheets, which are as follows:
• Durability: ACP sheets are extremely durable. It stays strong and doesn’t lose its charm no matter what the weather is. The ACP sheets maintain their shape and structure no matter how bad the weather is.

• Hassle-free: ACP sheets cladding provides a hassle-free experience to every buyer. All you need to do is wipe it with a clean piece of cloth, you don’t need to look after it 24 x 7.

• Fire resistant: The ACP sheets cladding will keep your building safe. During fire emergency it will not catch fire easily, letting all the people go out of the building and reach a safer spot.

• Cost-effective: ACP sheets are highly cost-effective as well. Because of its durability feature, it saves a lot of money from the buyers.

• Gets installed easily: ACP sheets also don’t ask for a lot of stress while installing it. You can install them easily.

While moving on to the next product that is the HPL-ACP sheets, we mentioned the following points:
• The High-Pressure Laminate ACP sheets provide graffiti resistance.

• It provides weather resistance as well. It can go through extreme weather conditions without getting damaged.

• It is extremely flexible and easy to install.

• It prevents dirt accumulation as well.

• During icy cold weather, it doesn’t get frozen.

• It also has a non-porous surface.

While talking about the various benefits of both of our products, buyers were thoroughly convinced and showed keen interest. Media Expo indeed gave us a platform for opportunities. The grand success of “The International Exhibition on Indoor and Outdoor Advertising and Signage Solution” let us show people some sample of different kinds and colors of ACP sheet available with us. Starting from Natural Stone, Natural Wood, Dazzling Metallic, Galaxy Glitter, and more. We told people about how they can use it to beautify the indoor and the outdoors of not only their building but their homes too. How each of them can be used for different rooms in their house! Along with it, we spoke about our various achievements.

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