Should You Choose Tiles Or ACP Sheets?


While developing our home or office a considerable lot of us experience the battle of picking the correct sort of materials. Some say tiles are better while these days individuals are more disposed towards utilizing ACP sheets! So which one would it be advisable for you to pick? Give us a chance to discuss the distinction among tiles and ACP sheets with the goal that you can decide and pick the correct item for either your home or office.


People are often seen using tiles on their restroom floor and even on the kitchen floor. Now and then they even utilize it to cover the walls of these two regions. The most commonly utilized tiles are ceramic tiles, marbles, porcelain, and so on. A few even use marble tiles in their family room. Yet, how about we see the advantages and disadvantages of tiles and whether you should choose them or not?


Financially savvy

Tiles are financially savvy contingent on the sort of tiles you are picking.


The ceramic tiles out of every single other tile last the longest. It can keep going for up to 10-20 years. This one, specifically, is to a great degree intense and doesn’t break. Additionally, in the event that you discover a few splits in it, you can supplant it with no issues.

Water absorption

Another great factor about tiles is that they are water safe. In the event that you live in a humid zone, tiles will easily survive. The defensive layers in tiles make them to a great degree water safe.


Greatly substantial

Tiles require a solid base. In the event that your base isn’t solid then there is a simple shot for the tiles to drop out. On the off chance that you have a twofold story building it tends to be unsafe to install tiles on the upper floors.

Long lasting

Because of their overwhelming nature, when you discover a few splits on the tiles, it turns out to be to really hard to supplant it. Tiles take a sort of a changeless space in your home and office and that is the point at which the test emerge.

The Installation procedure

Tiles are substantial in nature, they are strong and you can’t easily mould them too, because of which they require a ton of time amid installation. The surface and the area where you will be installing tiles must be perfect and strong in nature, which implies the sound base is required, and furthermore the surface ought to be level.


ACP, in any case, comes in a wide range of hues and sorts, you can without much of a stretch, you can choose for some astonishing metallic shade if that is the thing that you need and effortlessly install it. All you need to do is look for the best ACP sheets manufacturer in India and you are good to go. Saying that check out Alutech Panel’s ACP sheets for different colours and textures. Following are the pros and cons.



Indeed, ACP sheets are to a great degree solid. You don’t have to care for them 24 x 7. They are nearly upkeep free. There are such a large number of hues and verities accessible. You can utilize them to give a completed look to your inside and outside of the building or house. You can without much of a stretch pick between galaxy glitter ACP sheets, characteristic stone, natural wood, HPL-ACP, and that’s just the beginning. You don’t have to give any exceptional treatment to the ACP sheets to introduce them either. There are so many Alutech Panel products available. Go and make your choice.


ACP’s are an amazingly agreeable item, they are fireproof as well and being so adaptable and benevolent it winds up less demanding to install them. They are to a great degree strong and lightweight, in contrast to tiles.

Completed look

ACP sheets are known to give the completed look to your outside and inside of your house and building. Clinical rooms likewise like to install ACP sheets too since they protect from their rooms from smaller scale life forms and other destructive microorganisms to infiltrate in the room. It gives a completed look as well as shields you’rehouse from brutal climatic condition.


Indeed, being so lightweight in nature, they can here and there catch scratches and gouges.

Alutech at Aluminium Expo, Kochi


On 13-14th October, Alutech participated in the Aluminium expo held in Kochi in Kerala. The aluminium expo gave us a deep insight about the various other players in the same industry. We firmly believe that it is always better to know about all the similar players in the market and get an insight into their products too. This expo was organized in grand Lalit Hotel. What an astounding achievement it was for us. To meet different manufacturers, architectures, and also prospective buyers gave us a huge amount of space to showcase our products as well. It also gave us a lot of insight about our brand image in the market too.

This platform gave all the prospective buyers as well as sellers a medium to meet one another under the same roof. We also learned about the needs of customers and how we could be beneficial for them. Our enthusiastic team went there all geared up and greeted everyone who came to visit us. We talked about our products as well. We showed all the interested people our huge range of ACP sheets and HPL-ACP sheets. This gave us an opportunity to talk about the various qualities ACP sheets is embodied with and also to tell them why we are different from the rest of the manufacturers.

This exhibition gave us an enormous platform to showcase our products to all the architectures, buyers, and those who wanted to know about ACP sheets. It really helped the people who came to us learn new things about this extremely fine product and how this could change the modern-day architecture. Undoubtedly, the Aluminium Expo gave us an opportunity to build a network as well. Networking helped us build a strong relationship with other similar companies.

What we did in the Aluminium expo, Kochi

  • We gave detailed information about how beneficial ACP sheets are for a company and even for interior decoration of a house. We told everyone about ACP sheets durability and how easily they can be installed.
  • Next, to that we discussed was about was the maintenance. ACP sheets retain their shape and size no matter where you use them and also no matter how harsh the weather is.
  • We told them ACP sheets to be extremely hassle-free. Our approaches were delighted to know that they can be easily wiped off with a piece of cloth and don’t need to look after them unlike other materials for 24 x 7.
  • The next important part of our discussion was ACP sheets being heavily fire-resistant. Installing ACP sheets remain fireproof for a longer duration.
  • We also told them about ACP sheets being highly cost-effective as well. Saving money is the first thing that any potential customer looks for and ACP sheets are extremely affordable making them the perfect product.
  • Last but not least, we also talked about the ACP sheets installation process. It is stress-free and also installation happens in no time.
  • Moving on to the next product we also discussed about HPL ACP sheets as well.
  • We discussed how weather resistant our products are. The detailed information that we shared was an eye-opener for so many people.
  • We told them that HPL- ACP sheets have a non-porous surface as well.

So, here is an insight into what we accomplished and did in the aluminium expo. It always feels good when people learn new things from us. Buyers were thoroughly convinced with our products and this gave us a huge platform to enhance our business opportunity. Undoubtedly, the aluminium expo gave us an ample opportunity to grow. It enabled us to showcase what we had to offer to the world. Products which are going to be highly beneficial for everyone. Not just this we also showed them samples of our products too like natural stone, sober solid colours, natural wood colours, and more. We believe we were highly informative. We told them about various places where they can use our ACP sheets as well as HPL- ACP sheets. Both with their unique qualities, making them a superb product. If you also want to beautify your house or want a refined product for the exterior cladding than contact us today.

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