Sandwich ACP Panel

Sandwich Aluminium Composite Panel

In the 21st century, buildings are not just limited to being mere physical constructions, they are much more than that, they are majestic structures that stand tall and reflect the personalities of the individuals or the organizations running them. The facades of your structures should be well designed and unique in your own way. Traditionally exterior paints were used to inculcate the element of design on the exteriors of a building, but they came in with their own set of disadvantages, they were not durable and also had limited design flexibility. This is where Aluminum Composite Panels (popularly known as APCs) came in as a solution. APC panels are sandwich panels that are lightweight, durable, flexible and to top all of it- Highly Customizable. The term sandwich panels comes in because of their structural formation, these panels are three layered with an LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) core which has aluminum coil layers fixed on both sides through high quality adhesive films. A protective film is also provided on top of every panel. The three-layered structure gives it the name of a sandwich panel. Due to their unique structural formation, the outer aluminum layers can be modified into end number of designs, colors, patterns and even textures.

Alutech Industries, one of the leading ACP manufacturers in India provide a wide variety of high-quality aluminum composite panels that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building and at the same time, make the façade weatherproof. Alutech Sandwich ACPs are meticulously made in our production units under strict supervision to ensure quality. Alutech sandwich panels are the perfect material for cladding of your exterior walls. Alutech panels are a sure shot solution to eliminate every problem associated with traditional external claddings. The use of these high-quality panels is not just limited to external cladding, as these APC panels are highly customizable, they can be finished to give out a marble or even wooden look making them a perfect choice of material for beautifying your interiors as well.

Sandwich ACP Panel
Sandwich Aluminium Composite Panel

Alutech Industry is a sandwich ACP panel manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters company based in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi India. We are designing high-quality sandwich aluminium composite panel as per your needs at very affordable prices in multiple sizes and colors.

The list just does not end here, we provide you with numerous reasons to choose our Superior Sandwich ACP panels:
• The structural formulation makes it lightweight and hence easy to transport as well as install.
• Highly durable as they are weather resistant and termite proof.
• Easy to clean with no shrinkage or swelling.
• Eco friendly, fully recyclable and UV resistant.
• A wide variety of colors & patterns along with design flexibility.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
We at Alutech Industries give utmost attention to our product quality, every good quality panel produced is a happy and satisfied customer for us. Going by our promise of quality, we provide a 10-year Warranty against manufacturing defects on all our products. Our new range of FR Warrior panels have all the existing advantages along with the additional advantage of being fire retardant ensuring additional safety. The list of reasons why the world is shifting to APCs is never ending, Alutech Sandwich ACPs are the perfect material to decorate your walls and make a mark with your building be it your home or office. Alutech sandwich Panels come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can be accessed through our e-catalogue. Apart from providing endless variety of our homegrown patterns we also customize our panels with your requirements of colors, size, thickness & aluminum coils. The perks of joining hands with Alutech do not just end here, we have a delivery network spanning across the nation ensuring safe and timely delivery of your product, always. There is no better alternative to Alutech ACP panels, and the endless benefits are a justification in itself, so pick up the catalogue and choose the best design and design your majestic monument with Alutech.