How ACP Sheets in Chennai are emerging as the most valued material for construction

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) has been a famous material for building veneers just as cladding for over two decades. ACP comprises of two high-quality aluminum sheets which sandwich a low thickness, protecting center. Subsequently, they are otherwise called sandwich boards.

The first reason behind their plan and creation was to utilize it as a material for signage. Nonetheless, today ACP are used in various applications like sign boards in Chennai, engineering claddings, inside improvements, false roofs, and so forth.

Along these lines, beneath is the history and advancement of aluminum composite panel in Chennai and how it came to end up a standout amongst the most imperative building material utilized in different development and compositional undertakings.


The Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) was initially presented as a joint-creation between organizations known as Alusingen and BASF in 1969. Later Alusuisse purchased Alusingen, which was in the long run gotten by another universal firm named Alcan (as of now Rio Tinto) in 2000.

Despite its presentation during the 1960s, it was just until the mid-1980s that the standard structural industry found the properties of ACP as a building material and began its broad use. Besides, the far reaching utilization of ACP in the business and private structures started in the mid-1990s. It was then understood that it could lessen expenses and improve design execution.

ACP sheet price in Chennai- Affordable and durable

The principal type of ACP that came to presence was promoted under the brand name ‘Alucobond®. The assembling procedure was licensed by Alusingen for a long time, somewhere in the range of 1971 and 1991. The brand name (Aluminum – Composite — Bonding) was itself a portrayal of how the board was made; by holding the aluminum combination to a composite material. It is for a similar reason that the first aluminum composite boards were otherwise called Alucobond. After the patent lapsed, numerous noticeable names of the development business started the ACP fabricating process. Now, aluminium composite panel dealers in Chennai can be found in huge quality and all thanks to companies like Alutech Panels for making ACP dealers in Chennai successful.

Change in Composition of Aluminum Composite Panel and Aluminum Sheet Price in Chennai

Despite the fact that numerous ACP brands rose, the item did not change fundamentally. The huge changes happened in the piece of the aluminum boards, which was adjusted dependent on the required highlights of the board and their territory of utilization.

Be that as it may, when some elevated structures got scorched because of the association of ACP, the combustible idea of its center material came to fore. From that point forward, the center material has been adjusted to comprise non-combustible material with a low ignition chance.

The general thickness of the boards utilized as of now is in the scope of 3-6 mm (0.12-0.24 in.), and that of the aluminum facings is in the scope of 0.2-0.8 mm (0.008-0.032 in.) The protected center has been created from a few distinct materials, however there are three general classifications today in which each sort of center has a place:

PE Cores – These centers are made of 100% polyethylene (PE) and are combustible.

FR Cores – These centers are made of a composite material containing a high rate (70% to 90%) of mineral fleece/shake fiber/shake fleece, which are non-burnable and go about as a fire retardant.

Aluminum Cores – These centers are either made of an aluminum honeycomb structure or strong aluminum.

To make them increasingly reasonable for different sorts of uses, ACPs have been created with various kinds of paints and coatings, as appeared as follows:

PE/FR Constructional/Architectural Panel sheets covered with PVDF pitch, (XT/High Durable) polyester paint.

Board sheets covered with Nano PVDF

Computerized Printing/Signage Panel sheets covered with FEVE gum or top notch polyester.

Since the adjustments completed with the center and board quality, a few ACP items have propelled which show numerous compositional favorable circumstances over other building materials:

Higher solidarity to weight proportion

Lighter weight

Material adaptability and versatility


Predominant protection highlights

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Advancement of ACP sheets in Chennai 

From being utilized for signage at the outset to being a noteworthy design material, ACP has made considerable progress. Today, it discovers applications in different ventures and spaces, incorporating into:

Inward Partitions, Building Renovations, Curved Fascias, Container Constructions, Internal Wall Coverings, Architectural Claddings, Machine Coverings and some more. Aluminium sheet suppliers in Chennai are in huge demand because of the impeccable benefits of ACP sheets.

Aluminum Composite Panels are a standout amongst the most utilized material that commands the veneer business. Because of its light-weight highlights, it is the substance of decision for building impermanent components like public expo structures. Viva fabricates top notch Aluminum composite boards according to the building prerequisites. These incorporate Aluminum center, FP center and PE center sandwich material that gives greatest auxiliary uprightness and fire risk assurance.

The utilization of Aluminum Composite Panels has advanced to such a dimension, to the point that numerous renowned structural wonders are broadly developed from it. Some of them are Spaceship Earth in Orlando (U.S), L’Oreal Paris working in France, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, The Leipzig part of German National Library; VanDusen Botanical Garden in Canada, and so on.

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From a material commanded by a solitary organization, ACP has developed in its structure and producers as well as in its applications, making it a standout amongst the most utilized materials in the development and design industry. With their lighter weight and fire – retardant properties, aluminum composite boards have been utilized so broadly, that some advanced urban areas are made completely out of them, alongside materials like glass and drape divider.


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