May 20, 2019

Here is how to take care of your natural wooden flooring


Flooring makes a huge difference in terms of the interior of our house. No matter what kind of flooring we pick, we have to make sure that it is aesthetically appealing and compliments the overall look of your house too. Having said that, one such flooring is wooden flooring. It has a timeless appeal to it and can make any house uplift its interior decoration quotient instantly. Wooden flooring is dependable and yes, they are available in many different hues and tones as well. If you are looking for the best ACP sheet suppliers in Delhi who will give you quality wooden flooring as well, then go nowhere else because Alutech Panels is one of the best in the market. We strive to give only the premium quality wooden flooring to all our customers.

Now, people who are interested in buying wooden flooring for their home already know what the benefits are. And we are not here to tell you about its benefits yet again, but here to tell you how to look after it to ensure its longevity.

How to protect the wooden floor?

Wooden floors look extremely pleasant and elegant and people have been choosing wooden flooring for a long time. Almost every wooden flooring is low in maintenance and is durable. However, there are a few things to look after when it comes to wooden flooring to ensure its longevity.

One of the most important aspects of taking care of wooden flooring is to not let it get damaged. You should wipe away spills right away. The top layer comes with protected oil, but if water or any kinds of liquid remains on the floor for a longer duration, it can get soaked inside, and this will create an issue.

The next thing to look after is protecting it from scratches. No matter how careful you are in terms of your wooden flooring, pets and kids don’t know that they need to look after it as well. Small dents and scratches can occur at any time. Small scratches are still negligible, but what about the big and unavoidable ones? Our advice would be to always walk barefoot over the wooden flooring. Outdoor footwear is always filled with debris and dirt which can create scratches on the floor. Take it out and wear indoor soft sandals or else walk barefoot. Other than that, you can also spread a rug or a long carpet on the wooden flooring to maintain extra caution. Also, if you see dirt on the wooden floor, remove it then and there.

Another thing to be mindful about is shifting your furniture. Don’t drag them, lift them gently and move them from place to place. Heavy objects can easily cause damage to your wooden flooring.

How to clean the wooden floor?

Cleaning wooden flooring is not difficult at all. With just simple protective measures, your wooden flooring will remain free from scratches and dirt. All you got to do is wipe the floor with a broom and mope it with a clean cloth. Our recommendation is to clean the floor on a daily basis. This way the wooden floor will remain clean and away from dirt. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then well and good, use it daily.

Once the floor is clean from stones and dust, you can use a clean cloth to remove the stains. However, don’t mope it with water on a daily basis, just do it once a week and that will be enough. Use a light detergent which is free from harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals can take away the charm from the wooden floor. Use gentle cleaners which will effectively clean the floor and won’t cause any damage. Avoid using slippery substance and steam mop too. Steam is not good for wooden flooring and may cause unavoidable damages later on.

Is re-finish possible?

Yes, re-finishing of wooden floor is absolutely possible. This will let the wooden flooring retain its charm and glow. If the wooden flooring has oil coating on top, then you can go for oil coating once again to regain its glossy finish. Just applying another layer on top of it will be enough. Don’t install furniture until the floor is completely dry and if possible, don’t do it on your own and hire an expert to oil it once again.

Also, if the wooden floor has mild scratches, then another option is to go for sanding and then applying lacquer. This way your flooring will regain its charm and the finished look will be free from scratches too.

Along with wooden flooring, also check out our HPL ACP sheets too. Remember to wipe off water residues immediately. Don’t wear outdoor footwear and replace them with indoor footwear. Try to install a rug or a carpet to keep the wooden flooring protected. And never use steam mope.