Fire Retardant ACP Sheets

Fire Retardant Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets

Aluminum Composite Panels, popularly known as ACPs have become the top choice of building material being used for constructing the exterior of modern structures. ACP panels not only add to the aesthetics of your building but also provide it with the endurance to stand tall & strong through the test of time. ACP panels are lightweight, rigid as well as durable which makes them the first choice of every building owner. ALUTECH PANELS are the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality ACPs in India.

Exterior Wall Cladding
Exterior ACP Cladding

It is said, Safety is never expensive, it is priceless.
While constructing a building, equal amount of emphasis should be given on the design and the security of the building, rather out of the two, we believe that the latter should be given even more importance than the former. Still there is a critical safety concern that is quite often overlooked while making a choice for the correct material for the exterior walls of your building - the ability of the panel to withstand an accidental fire. A building is not just defined by the four walls that surround it; it is defined by the people in it. Even though we wish such a harm to the building or the people never arises, the possibility of a building catching fire cannot be ruled out entirely. We have often heard and read about buildings catching fire due to negligence in the design structures or otherwise. Hence modern structures should be well equipped with mechanisms to curb the damage caused by such mishaps. There is no loss being prepared for the worst in advance. Fires can cause physical damage to the building as well as pose a threat to the lives of the people present inside it, hence it is important to minimize the risk as much as possible.

What if we say that the Safety of your building can be enhanced without compromising the design concerns? Sounds like a win-win? This is where Alutech steps in, going by their motto- Quality, Durability & Innovation, Alutech panels have come up with their very own range of Fire-Retardant Panels – FR WARRIORS. This new range of ACPs have been formulated with an inorganic core which makes it more durable than standard ACPs in case of an accidental fire. The FR Warriors ACPs have a higher endurance to flames and hence do not catch or spread fire very easily. With an ever-increasing number of high rises transcending towards the skies in clamoring urban communities, fire insurance has become the dominant focal point all over the world. Using certified FR material has become the need of the hour for every modern structure.

Why is it important for your building to be equipped with Alutech Fire retardant ACP warriors?
• Safeguards your dream project against accidental fires.
• Does not catch fire easily and hence give additional response time.
• Improves the fire security rating of your building.
• Suppresses smoke and toxic gases.
• Provides the same old ACP durability & design along with an added advantage of security.

Alutech always aims to deliver the best quality product to its customers and hence the FR Warrior series has been certified by the Shri Ram Institute for its Fire-retardant properties. With this constant zeal of making the product even better Alutech is on its way to become one of the top Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer in India. FR Warrior provides a complete package of design friendly, strong and trustworthy material that make your building stand strong through some of the most extreme situations that may arise. Going by the age old saying, “Better be safe than sorry.”, it can be concluded that a fire-retardant ACP is a pre requisite for every modern structure. If while laying the building, its foundation is considered to be the most important aspect, while thinking about the safety concerns of the building FR Aluminum Composite Panels should be given utmost importance. In the end what matters even more than the physical structure of the building is the lives of the people that work, reside or for that matter even visit the building and hence there should be no compromises with its safety. Hence, every effort must be undertaken to ensure the safety of the building, and FR Aluminum Composite Panels is the first step towards that direction. The FR warrior is not just a panel that beautifies your projects or makes it long lasting, it is the assurance of safety and durability.

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