May 8, 2019

Explore the virtual room at Alutech panels


Do you know that Alutech Panels let you decide your favourite aluminium composite panel sheet virtually too? Imagine yourself, is it really easy to shop for ACP sheets online? Do any other company help you decide on the best ACP sheets as we do? We want our customers and clients to have an easy ACP buying experience and that’s why we want your shopping experience to be as user-friendly as possible.

Through our virtual room, you can choose the best exterior ACP sheet that you want for your home or commercial building. If you have already seen our gamut of ACP sheets that we have at our vicinity, then you must try our virtual room for sure. This way, you will have a better understanding of how each of these colours will look like if you install them at the exterior of your home.

Don’t worry, the ACP sheets that you will get to buy from Alutech Panels is of the highest quality and they are fire-resistant as well. Along with their superb advantages, buying from us is ensuring that you are going to receive genuine quality at a highly competitive price.

What is a virtual room?

A virtual room is a platform, where you can try different kinds of ACP sheets on the exterior walls of your building. These rooms are perfect for people who would like to have the first-hand experience on the product that they wish to purchase. Also, it solves a dozen of customer problems too.

It is very similar to a trial room that you get to see in a merchandising store, the only difference is, they are physical stores and this one is virtual.

1.    You get to try different kinds of ACP sheets before actually buying them. This way you get to see which one will be the best for your home’s exterior.

2.    Through the virtual room, you will have the first-hand experience and our customer’s find it highly engaging too. It makes your ACP sheets shopping experience better.

3.    This way you get to save your precious time from visiting us personally. You get to try on different shades without really leaving the comfort of your home.

4.    If you have any doubt about a particular colour, the virtual room is the perfect solution provider. Plus, virtual rooms are fun to try as well.

How to go about Alutech Panel’s virtual room?

First, you need to click on our website URL which is Once you land on our page on the top corner you will see a panel with different options. For example, it will have a home, company, a virtual room, products, e-catalogues, contact us and enquiry. Click on the virtual room. Once you do you will be taken to our virtual room page.

The virtual room is filled with options to try on. There will be six different types of building and each will have a red signal blinking on them. You just need to select the type of building, which you feel is similar to yours. Go ahead and click on one of the options.

After selecting, you will be taken to the selected virtual room page. Here you will see an image of a building or a house. Just below it, there will be various colour ACP sheets options available for you. For example, you can change the exterior façade to NW 201- Rose Wood, NW 227- White Vintage, NW 228- Grey Pine, NW 229- Organic Green, NW 224- Dark Teak, NW 217- Silver oak, and more. Options will already be provided, you will only have to select the colour that you like the most and see the structure in different hues.

Each colour is unique in itself and it carries its own charisma. You can choose the right hue for you depending on the structure and also your personality. After all, your house is the outcome of who you are, so be careful while choosing the right acp sheets.

For the second structure, we have an ultra-modern and laving structure for those who have big houses. We want people from every genre to try our virtual room and hence have tried to keep this section as versatile as possible. Here in the second virtual room, you can change the exterior façade colour with NW 207- Chest Nut, NW 214- Black Ebony, NW 225- Balinese Teak, NW 217- Silver oak, NW 222- Dark oak, and NW 206- Ovangol.

For the third virtual room, you can make a choice from NW 213- Palado, NW 208- Burma Teak, NW 201- Rose wood, NW 203- Ebony, NW 210- Sapeli, NW 212- American Wenge.

Just like this, you can choose whatever structure you want to. And go and keep checking out the different kinds of ACP sheets to get an idea about how it will look on the real structure.

We want you to be 100% sure before you buy from us and we want you to have a better navigation experience. Ultimately, it is only when you see physically, you get to buy the right ACP sheets. So, go on and try out the virtual room.