Get that wooden finish house with Alutech’s Natural Wood ACP Sheets for exterior


It is not long that the ACP sheets come in full force getting heavily used. The ACP sheets are yet to be used for houses but most of us know what exactly this sheet is and what it is capable of. From a premium look to easy maintenance you can get everything for your house, office or any other building you wish to make. One of the best parts of the ACP sheets is you can choose it from a wide range of colors and also a good range of verities of the composition. If we just talk about our house, there are so many ways how we can decorate it from the inside as well as the outside. But there are lesser ways by which we can provide our house with the durability it needs. If you are rebuilding or even renovating your house then do not overlook the fact that you could use some help with the ACP sheets for the exteriors as well as interiors.

Now, why is that you should opt for ACP sheets?

The exterior of your house is one place that is exposed to every harsh thing out there in the environment, including the dust, rain, sunlight and many other things. So it is very natural that these harsh things fade away the durability, charm, and longevity of the exterior as well as the products you use there. So, here are some reason as to why you should use the ACP sheets on the exterior of your house.

  • Easy Installation

Whatever is easy to install makes people happy. If you choose ACP sheets over others, you can get it done easily as the installation of these sheets is not just easy but cheap as well. All you need to do is pick your favorite from the shop and fill it up on the walls. This can be done either by the experts or by you.

  • Lasts really long

When it comes to lasting, I don’t think so that there is something that can replace or overshadow the long-lasting ACP sheets. These sheets have a very good coating on their outer side which gives them a completely new and long life. So this is one factor that no one can overlook. You can consider using even natural wood flooring.

  • Maintenance

Oh, you need notworry about this. When it comes to maintenance, the ACP sheets take the least of them. These sheets are easy to install and demand the least maintenance of all. Even if you put them up at the exteriors of the walls, you still will save a lot of money on Maintenance. In some cases, the sheets work fine for 10 years and more. Only a few touch-ups are required.

Is it true that ACP sheets are just one-time investment?

According to the experts, those who install the ACP sheets in their house have a better time than those using something else. This is because the sheets just require one installation investment after this you just got to give the small touch ups in the installed sheet. So if you haven’t tried it yet, just check it out what the experts have to say and once you get the answer to all your question you would believe that ACP sheets are a good one-time investment that most of us should do. For more information you can check the

Some strong benefits of ACP sheets if installed in the exterior.

There are a lot of advantages though but the best ones are:

  • Your house gets the super peeling strength.
  • You enjoy the flat and smoothness on the exterior walls.
  • The ACP sheets are pollutant resistant, non-corrosive, and weather resistance as well.
  • You can choose the coating of the sheet in various colors.
  • If you install the sheet on your exterior, you get excellent soundproof walls, heat resistance, as well as fireproof.
  • ACP sheets are good and have good strength. Using them on the exterior will help you get strength from the outside.
  • As we have already discussed that it is easy to process, you also don’t increase the weight of the house overall. The ACP sheets are very light weighted.
  • They have a self-cleaning property and is easy to maintain.

You get a lot of manufacturers and suppliers of ACP sheets in Delhi but do not religiously follow one of them. Before trusting anyone and buy the sheets you should surely check out with a few more suppliers in the area. Because you are not an expert, it is very important for you to get the best price. You can check the online stores as well as the offline ones.

The Sober Solid ACP for That Amazing Looking Interior


ACP-Aluminium Composite Panels are level boards fundamentally comprised of elastic and aluminium. At first, ACP consists of 2 layers just for example flexible and aluminium. Aluminium sheet layer was the front side presented to the outside environment while elastic was the inward layer that made the establishment simpler. Be that as it may, over some undefined time frame elastic layer in now sandwiched with an aluminium sheet on the two sides. The thickness for example Measure of both these sheets may change.


The thickness of ACP’s to a great extent relies upon the stature at which it is to be introduced for the most part due to the breeze speed that will contrast at that elevation. ACP is accessible in 1mm, 2 mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and more thicknesses. Thicker for example around 5mm to 6mm ACP’s are utilised for higher heights for structures and workplaces.

Assortments of ACP

Since aluminium can be painted with any shading, it is accessible in a broad scope of metallic and non-metallic hues like white, lemon, silver and gold, red, dark and some more. With innovation, ACP’s are accessible in various completes and examples like marble, POP, wood, brushed board, reflect completed and some more. Marble completion and POP completion are generally utilised for home and lodging insides while wood complete ACP is in all respects regularly favoured for business workplaces to keep up the luxurious feel.

Utilizations of ACP

Scarcely any years back utilisation of ACP was restricted to just outer reason like outside structure cladding as it were. ACP is currently generally utilised for both inside and outside purposes. It is being used as ornamental materials for insides like divider framing reason, false roofs, ducting, restrooms, entryways, kitchens, the gallery of home and lodgings. ACP is additionally utilised broadly in shops and business workplaces to cover segments and bars, signage and billboards, covering machines and equipment’s, and so forth.

For outside applications, ACP’s have been utilised for external structure of structure, exteriors of structure, protection, and so on.

Uses of ACP not just constrained for development reason

Of late, ACP’s have been utilised as support material for mounting artistic work photography which has an acrylic wrap up. Being extremely lightweight and sturdy material, ACP is likewise broadly utilised for impermanent structures for public exhibition corners and related establishments. The solidness, proficiency, light-weight and simple shaping and preparing, unbending nature and different highlights have stretched out its utilisation to frame structure like a spaceship as well.

Variety and options available in ACP Sheets

Luckily, there are a lot of options available in ACP sheets that you can go for. So, there are two kinds of ACP sheets that you can go for, one is HPL-SCP sheet and the second option is HPL Anti Scratch-ACP

For HAPL-ACP sheets, you will get options like 201- Rose Wood, 2012-m Fume Walnut, 208- Burma Teak, 210- Sapeli, 211- Bubina, and 214- Black Ebony.

All of these ACP sheets colour has a distinctive look, and they can be used as false walls, false ceiling, exterior façade, and more. Since ACP sheets are durable, they will last for long. Plus, they are easy to manage too. Installation happens in just some days, and you will not have to worry about it at all.

For the next option, we have HPL- Anti Scratch ACP sheets. They are also available in colossal verities, like NW – 216 Oak-Pine, 217- Silver Oak, NW- 218 African Walnut, 219- Classic Walnut, 220- Zebra Wood, 221- Royal Teak, 222- Dark Oak, 223- Fusion Walnut, and 224- Dark Teak.

These are some of your choices when it comes to ACP sheets.

Choosing a Sober Solid colour for lasting results

Other than the ACP mentioned above sheets, we also have Sober Solid collection for you. You can try them out too. Let us help you in making a decision.

116- Red: If you like vibrant colour, then the 116- Red would be the perfect choice for your guest room wall. Also, you can install this sober, solid sheet in your living room wall too. Just make sure that you don’t cover the entire walls with a red colour. Choose 124- glossy white or 126- Milky white as a contrast; it will create a good look for the living room.

117- Navy Blue: The next option that we have here for you is the 117- Navy Blue colour. Blue colour has a soothing effect to it, and you can apply it to your bedroom. If you have a home office room, then we will suggest putting it there.

118- Post Green: Green is the colour of nature, and luckily this colour goes well with every room. Choose any place and this colour will uplift its mood right away. Green is the colour of honesty, purity, and nature.

123- Chocolate Brown: You can use a chocolate brown sheet in your balcony walls. It will look perfect there.

122- New white: Yet again a colour which is not colour too. White goes well with everything. As we mentioned earlier, you can choose to create a contrast with white and red or even white and blue. The choice is yours.

Sounds good? Call Aluetch Panels

If you are happy to know about ACP sheets and how it can create a good vibe to your home, then you must get in touch with us today. We are to help and ready to assist. Just one call and we will answer all your queries.

Transform Your Home with Natural Stone Tile Flooring ACP from AlutechPanels


ACP tile flooring just like ACP sheets is exceptionally durable. Gone are the days when people used to use ACP sheets only for signage and exterior wall cladding. With modern day utilisation with ACP sheets, they have now become one of the favourite materials for flooring as well. ACP tiles flooring are incredibly durable and value for money material. They are affordable and last super long, longer than you can expect them to be. The best part about ACP flooring is that there is a vast range available for you to choose according to your taste and style. You get varieties of colour options as well. If you are thinking about buying ACP sheets flooring, look no further. We prepared this information guide to help you decide the right kind of ACP flooring tile to buy. Read on.

A plethora of varieties available in Tile Flooring

You can buy ACP sheets in Delhi easily. Alutech Panel sources the highest quality ACP sheets all over Delhi. Having said that, ACP sheets are available in a lot of options.

You can pick from the following:

  1. Natural wood flooring

Natural wood flooring is favourite amongst people who want to bring in the natural feeling in their lovely homes. Natural wood flooring has a timeless appeal to it, and if you are a nature lover, then you will surely enjoy this exquisite natural wood flooring tiles. You can use it in the dining or drawing room to make your room larger. There are plenty of natural wood flooring colour options available with Alutech Panels.

  1. Natural Stone flooring

Natural stone flooring has a rouged essence to it. It can make any room look and feel cooler. The installation process is not at all problematic. The place to use it is all over your home. The most significant advantage of installing natural stone flooring is that it keeps the home cooler than other flooring material. You will feel the difference in your electricity bills too. So, if this sounds good to you, then buy natural stone flooring today.

How can natural stone tile flooring replace real stones in the exterior coating?

The biggest reason why people prefer buying natural stone tile flooring is its durability and flexibility. Unlike the hard stone flooring, natural stone tiles are processed differently. They are lighter in weight and can be easily installed anywhere you want.

Natural stone tiles are suitable for your home too. It looks good and elegant. The mountain-born minerals in it create a healthy atmosphere for people. Natural stone flooring has a high moisture absorption rate. This means that in high humidity areas, these flooring will not be damaged. Plus, natural stone flooring comes with a pre-existing top coating, which makes it stain resistant.

Natural stone flooring is durable; they look extremely elegant and is one of a kind when it comes to other flooring options. They are better than regular tiles and come in dozens of varieties. The mountain-born feature makes the natural stone flooring look timeless. Natural stones always add value to houses. You can install natural stone flooring all over the house without really worrying about its maintenance cost.

High-quality natural stone flooring is available in different colours and textures

Now, comes the fun part. Let us tell you about the varieties of natural stone flooring that you can opt for. Readers may note that each natural wood tile has a different value and uniqueness attached to it. You should think about the wall colours of your house before purchasing one. Here’s the list:

NS 301: The NS 301 natural stone flooring will be perfect for homes which has light colour walls. Our recommendation would be to install it in your bedroom or Pooja room to keep the rooms look brighter.

NS 302: The NS 302 option is perfect for people who like to mix and match. If you have an off-white or cream colour walls in your home, then this shade of natural stone flooring will make your space look larger and vibrant. Use them in the drawing room; in other words, your living room.

NS 308: The NS 308 colour has a different look to it altogether. We think this one will be perfect for the main entrance. Keep some beautiful flower pots to enhance its look. Since it is a darker shade, no one will recognise stains and debris on it. Still, don’t forget to clean your natural stone flooring because it will be at the main entrance.

NS 310: We pick the NS 301 colour for your bathroom. The red and white contrasting natural stone flooring will enhance the look of your bathroom in an instant. We will highly recommend you to use it in your bathroom.

NS 311: Another good main entrance stone flooring option is NS 311. Visit our category page to take a look. It will look fantastic as the main entrance flooring colour. It is dark and has a rouged feeling attached to it.

Sounds good? Then call Alutech Panels today!

If you are already impressed with natural stone flooring tiles and have been thinking about buying it, then go nowhere else. Alutech Panel sources the best natural stone flooring tiles all over in India. Our premium quality ACP sheets flooring will last for long, and it doesn’t cost much too. We won’t poke holes in your pocket. Just speak to our friendly customer service department and let us help you with your purchase.

Want your flooring to look different from the regular ones? Choose a little sparkle for your floor


For a house to look indifferent, you can do all the same things that everybody does, but if you want to get a unique look of the floor, you can get the not so regular ones but good looking flooring marbles and other stuff for your house. A nice floor not just reflects the better side of your house but also gives a gorgeous touch to it. So, if you are looking for one of them then you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various aspects of flooring be it the types, design, products or any other thing. So, if you are also wanting your floors to look like a sparkling floor then there are a few things or more of the aspects that you need to consider while redesigning or redecorating the floor. Even if you are enhancing it, do consider them. Moreover, if you pick the best one for yourself you need to see a lot of aspects and once things get perfectly synchronized, you can get them in your house. This will also help you in maintaining the house very well.

Types of Flooring

Picking up the flooring might sound very simple but trust me it is a task in itself. Actually according to research choosing the flooring material is one of the most challenging task one can face in the process of enhancement of house. There are so many options that will at the end either enhance the overall look or can make it worse. Let us look for the types:


  1. Tile Flooring

This is one of the most common types of flooring that we see in almost everybody’s home. Their features are more similar to the stone tiles.


  1. Wood Flooring

It is considered a classic option for house flooring. It just needs a little more of proper care and maintenance but if you do it properly it will last long for sure.


  1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are hard, strong and don’t fade away that easily and most importantly it doesn’t get the effect by moisture and require much less care.

Why choose ACP Sheets?

The ACP sheets are known to be the best option for those who want something that could go along just fine for a long time. These sheets have some exceptional properties that have made them stand tall over any other and if you use them in your house, there would be no regrets for you. So consider using these sheets for your house. Some of the top reasons that are strong enough and will make you fall in love with ACP sheets:


  1. Durability

Their shelf life is just too long as they are weather and stain resistant and they do not lose their shape and size even in the toughest of weather condition. Thus all these things make ACP sheets ideal for installing atthe home.


  1. Less maintenance

They are strong, hard and doesn’t require any proper attention tomaintaining it. They stay for a longer time period than any usual flooring. All you need is to wipe out the floor when the feel of doing so.


  1. Safe

They don’t trap any dust and does not burn so it is super safe for your house. Above everything, it doesn’t release fumes and gases that are harmful to people.


  1. Cost-effective

Isn’t it obvious that something which is staying up with you with all the loyalty and for a long time then it is cost effective? Because you don’t have to, again and again, spend money on flooring installation after a period of time.

So if you find it beneficial, check out the best ACP sheet manufacturers in your city. And get the deal with them. One more thing that you should keep in mind is, when you are holding up or enquiring about the sheets, do not blindly trust just anyone. Talk a few more vendors, and choose the best amongst them.

How is the ACP Sheet better than normal flooring?

As we know already that ACP sheets are durable and stay up with you more as compared to the normal floors. So if you go for any usual, normal flooring then you will have to face the problem of changing it again and again after a time period. Do you remember how frequent you use to change the paint of your house? Yes, exactly not that frequently you will have to change but still if you have an option which gives you the promise for a longer time period then why not go for it? And all this durability thing sums up in creating the things cost effective. Plus the application method of ACP sheets is much hassle free and easier as compared to the normal flooring’s installation. It is unbreakable, tough, resistant of stains, and resistant of worst weather condition. So, with all these benefits are you still looking for opting normal floorings? Fools.

Options available in ACP Sheet

There are a few options available in the sheet segment as well. The more insight you want from regarding this, the better it becomes for you. These options in the ACP sheets are available for all those who wish to get them customized according to their needs. So check out the best ones for yourself and that suits your home the best. And for more information about home products and things that will help you in beautifying the house, you can always check back on the website of site.

How to Choose the Right ACP Sheet for Your Exterior


We have talked and been notified that ACP sheets are very- very good for your house. But each time we talk about it, we already said about the interiors. Be the look, preservation, installment, strength or any other factor, ACP sheets just suit fine to houses. For your residential purpose or for commercial building, you can always use them in order to make your place even better. But this time we are not going to talk about just the inside.

One fact that we cannot overlook is the exterior. The first impression that people get of a building is not from the inside, rather it is the outside. If you are looking for protection from the outside, a charming look from the exterior or a long ativity in duration, you can definitely trust the ACP sheet. There are several factors that are important and one should note it, things included in that are listed below. So, if you were looking for the ways to choose the best and the perfect ACP sheet for your house or office from the exterior then you are in the right place. Here you can get all the necessary information about these things.

Why should we opt for ACP SHEETS?

There are so many reasons that will make you fall in love with ACP sheets some of which are as follows:

  1. Easy to install

You don’t have to suffer from the problem of installation as its installation is super easy and not so demanding. They are considered as an appropriate option not only interior enhancement but as well as for the exterior enhancement of house. Like paint you are not required to fill all the imperfect gaps, all you need to do is to install ACP sheets properly and there you go.


  1. Safe

Since aluminum does not burn. So, Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) offers a fireproof option. The best thing in it is that it does not release out any fumes and gases that are harmful not just for the people living in the home as well asfor the environment.


ACP cladding sheet is super durable, weather and stain resistant. They serve as a solid barrier allowing the users to enjoy sound deduction from the outside. Aluminum composite Panels maintain their shape and size no matter how bad the weather condition becomes and how changes come to condition and hence make them ideal for all seasons. In addition to all this, ACP cladding sheets are resistant to weather ensuring the durability and enjoying the benefits for many years and are really very durable and stay there with you for a very long time. They are hard and strong that will ensure and prevent the sheets from breaking. So what is better than thick, strong sheets which will go on and on with you and you don’t really have to change after particular time periods?One more thing, you should definitely check with not just one but a lot few more manufacturers of ACP sheet in Delhi.

Maintenance Free

Its maintenance is much easy.  Aluminum Composite Panel allows hassle-free maintenance. It preserves the formation and stays longer than any other product. You just need to simply wipe out the ACP cladding sheet with a cloth to remove the dirt and dust and that’s all, you are done.


It is a very economical material as compared to other usual options available in the market. The aluminum composite panels have proven to offer high-quality thermal comfort by providing additional savings.The ACP sheets are stain-resistant and weather-resistant staying for a longer time period as compared to any other sheets. But if we look it in another way or about the way we have already talked then it will make sense too. You all have a common sense,right? Then just tell me installing any regular sheet instead of using ACP sheet and changing it again and again after small intervals of time then will it be cost effective? No, I know it won’t be that cost effective in nature. But if you go with ACP sheet then install it once and see it growing up old with you. See this is how it goes and this much longer it can stay.

Choosing the exterior based on your interior

New age type of material that is used for building exteriors, interior applications,and stuff.Aluminum Composite Panel or we better say ACP sheet is considered a new age material that is used up not only in making interior stuff but exteriors too. It can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, and drawing room and sometimes and somewhere these are seen at walls too. And for the exterior purpose, they are mostly seen in garage, car parking area, basements,etc.

Choosing the right color scheme

Before knowing the right color scheme of ACP sheets you need to know what exactly ACP sheets are and how exactly it is used. It is a double or triple layered sheet. It is eco-friendly and can be installed quickly.  Also, ACP sheets are more of a finished product by itself,unlike other similar products. This feature of ACP makes the area or surface where it is used to look neat making it a quality product. But before installing it you need to look out your overall theme of your house and which exact color will enhance and compliment the look of the house. Always remember that color can either upgrade the look completely or adversely destroy the complete look of the house so make sure you choose and examine the need of the house wisely. There are so many color options if you go for ACP sheet choosing like bright and bold colors, shiny and glitter colors, radiant and vibrant colors and last but not the least simple and usual colors. For more information about the ACP sheets, you are always free to check the website of Alutechpanels. They have a lot of information on stuff like these.

Renovating your house? Natural Wood Flooring could be your choice


One of the most crucial and stressing works for your house is a renovation. For those who wish to paint it or just put it some extra things, this is an easy task but for those who want so much out of their house and still can’t figure out the changes, it becomes a very heavy task that needs a lot of workings. So, next time when you get your house renovated and especially your flooring make a better choice and invest in Natural Wood flooring. The wooden flooring makes the house look beautiful without compromising with the premium look.

If you were looking for some innovative ideas and overall lookups, then you are at the right place because here on you can get a lot of ideas as well as décor setup plans. And in this article, you are going to get an overview of one of such things.

How wooden flooring is better than marbles and tiles?

There are so many factors which make wooden flooring better than marbles and tiles. Like its uses, thickness, durability, weather effect, dust and dirt trapping etc. So, let us go deep into it and learn how and why exactly wooden flooring is better than marbles and tiles:

  1. Maintenance:

Tiles and marbles that you use for the flooring purpose are usually light in color so chances of getting stains are high on marbles and tiles as compared to wood floorings as they are dark in color and stain removable. But even if the stain stays it will not create any attention holding ugly look situation for you.

  1. Style:

When it comes to style and finishing look then marbles and tiles are good looking and super stylish but wood flooring is considered the demand of the youth. The youngsters are considering wood flooring more because it is super stylish and look super rich. They are available in multiple patterns and provide a warm feeling to the floor. On the other hand tiles and marbles do look lustrous and shiny but they lose their luster too soon and then look scratchy and unpleasant.

Maintenance required in marbles?

  1. Marbles are quite easy to maintain and re-polishing can be one in order to bring back the shine.
  2. Marbles have the tendency to remove the strongest of the stain. It is said that the strongest of the stain can easily be wiped off from good quality marble. So, if you ever get through a situation try to wipe off, clean and wash marble as soon as possible after the stain thing happen.
  3. The best part is for general maintenance you don’t have to buy something,especially for your marble floors. On a daily basis just wipe off the floor with damp cloth and there you go, shiny marble floors.
  4. I truly understand that marbles lose their shine in 2 to 3 years so for bringing back the shine just simply get it polished. This polishing process is done easily and does not create much mess.

Alutech provides natural wood flooring service?

Yes, this is true, that Alutech provides services of natural wood flooring. If you want to install, renovate or just maintain the wooden flooring then trust no one but the experts. Your wooden flooring is the only thing that is helping your house look even better without reducing the Charm. So, if you are not so much into this, then just take a survey on various websites and get the answer for yourself. It is not just one person but even many organizations have given positive feedback for the Alutech Company. They are a name of trust and wisdom when it comes to natural wood flooring.

What are the various options available in Wooden Flooring?

  1. Solid or Engineered Flooring:

Today solid hardwoods are still widely in use. They use to be the favorite kind of flooring in an earlier time but now after the arrival of engineered flooring which is not that thick but yes indeed beautiful looking. For moisture holding places like basements and the apartments with concrete subfloors engineered flooring offers an installation advantage. Whereas the solid woods are usually applied with 2 or 3 layers. Despite having so many advantages of engineered flooring there are still some people who go for solid wood flooring. They feel that there is nothing better than following the traditions.

  1. Prefinished or site finished:

Basically, there is two phases of buying any woof floor either prefinished or the raw one which will be finished by professional according to the suitability of house. The advantage of choosing prefinished wood flooring is that you know what you are buying and will choose after looking and matching the theme and color according to your place but when it is site finish then through work is done with proper conscious still there are chances of things getting wrong.

  1. Patterned:

There are so many patterned and beautiful textured wood flooring. You just have to see which exact texture and color will suit your room in the proper and best manner. We all need something that enhances and compliment the overall look of the room or house. So that time wood floorings that is full of pattern and bright, beautiful color should be your definitely trying thing.

Does Natural Wood Flooring give the essence of antiquity?

Wooden flooring is always better and if you are living in some hilly or cold area, then wood becomes your best of pals. The wooden flooring is helpful in these regions because it gives a lot of warmth as compared to that of the marbles. Moreover, for all those who are wanting to keep their house new forever and have always wanted to give an antique look to their house, this flooring is the best option for you. The wooden flooring can help you give the house an antique texture which is going to be there for long and might be forever.

Which is the best Anti-Scratch ACP available in India?


ACP-Aluminium Composite Panels are level boards essentially comprised of elastic and aluminium. At first ACP comprised of 2 layers just for example elastic and aluminium. Aluminium sheet layer was the front side presented to outside environment while elastic was the inward layer that made establishment less demanding. However, over some stretch of time elastic layer in now sandwiched with aluminium sheet on the two sides. ACP sheets in Delhi are in huge demand nowadays.

There are 5 kinds of coatings utilized



SDP (Super Durable Polyester)

HDP (High-Density Polyester) Polyester

Aluminum Composite Panels are utilized for an assortment of purposes. Here are a couple of advantages of utilizing ACP Cladding Sheet.

  1. Strength: ACP cladding sheet are tough, climate and stain safe. They fill in as a strong hindrance enabling the clients to appreciate sound finding from the outside condition. Boards keep up their shape and sizes despites the climate changes making them perfect for all seasons. Moreover, ACP cladding sheets are impervious to climate guaranteeing the sturdiness and appreciating the advantages for the years to come.
  2. Bother Free Maintenance: Aluminum Composite Panel permits bother free support. It safeguards the development and feels longer than some other item. You simply need to straightforward wipe with the ACP cladding sheet with a fabric to evacuate the earth and residue.
  3. Safe to use: Since aluminum does not consume, Aluminum Composite Panel offer a flame resistant choice. It doesn’t discharge exhaust and gases that end up being destructive to the home’s occupants or the earth.
  4. Easy on pockets: Aluminium Composite Panel is a standout amongst the most spending plan amicable materials accessible in the market. With minimal effort and durable strength, ACPs offer cost-reserve funds for the business foundation. They have demonstrated to offer excellent warm solace offering extra sparing in vitality costs. They can likewise be sliced in various sizes as per the requirements of the client.
  5. Simple Installation: The establishment of ACP cladding sheet is simple and undemanding. They are the fitting cladding answers for both inside and outside surfaces in the new developments or while remodelling the old ones.

Where in India can you buy ACP sheets?

If you are looking to buy ACP sheets in India, then your search ends here. Visit Alutech Panel to buy HPL Anti scratch ACP sheets and HPL ACP sheets today.

ACP is a very easy to understand item. ACP can without much of a stretch and rapidly be introduced when contrasted with comparable items to ACP like POP sheet, and so on. Likewise ACP’s are even more a completed item without anyone else’s input not normal for other comparative items. This component of ACP makes the territory or surface where it is utilized look flawless making it a quality item.

ACP’s are typically accessible in 4’x10′ (wXh) sheets. To cover greater territories, a few sheets are utilized. One favourable position here is that the joints need no additional work or endeavours to cover the joints. This is on the grounds that, (as I said prior) ACP itself is a completed item. Once ACP is utilized to cover roofs, columns or some other zone, one need not stress for next 12-15 years if very much kept up. It needn’t bother with any revise like re-painting or evolving.

How to use:

Gracious truly, today with innovation and mindfulness, ACP is utilized significantly in present day Home kitchens. ACP is utilized for trolleys and cupboards of secluded/semi-measured kitchens. However, in kitchens where ACP is utilized, one should be particularly cautious as ACP can scratch effectively on utilizing sharp items on it. Since the ACP utilized for kitchens would be of more slender quality, gouges also can without much of a stretch be framed and these scratches and marks are non-repairable. Likewise one needs to clean the surface quickly to dodge solid stains.

Use of ACP sheets in commercial spaces

For business territories like shops, salons, and so forth one should be extremely cautious and attentive where to utilize it. Like I propose proprietors of piece of clothing shops to abstain from having ACP. Particularly where hanging pieces of clothing is just alternative. ACP is a decent choice to use as false roof or have little retires. For example ACP works best for salons and parlours for racks where bottles and other hair adornments can be put.

In some cases ACP is likewise utilized for divider cladding as it ends up being delicate to cover exceptionally huge zones.

To conclude:

Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP sheet is all together a modern age material that is utilized for building and strictures for exterior and interior purposes, and for signage too. It is accessible in a wide scope of hues and is available in wood, stone, double tone and so on. Also, it very well may be bowed, collapsed and transformed into shapes that can’t be accomplished by some other material. Subsequently, ACP permits more structure freedom and is along these lines a planner’s joy. To know about its price and more about ACP sheets contact Alutech Panels today.

Marbles that can make your bedrooms a better place


Bedrooms are an essential part of every house, they need to be very soothing to eyes and calming to the brain. This can be done by the correct use of props, colors,and other items. So, if you are wondering that how can you possibly make the best arrangements in the bedroom, this is the way to get it. You need to be very good at it, else just use any of these marbles and with them comes your happiness.

Here are a few marbles types that you can use in your bedroom to get a good look.

  1. Textured Marbles: This particular type of marbles are seen almost everywhere or we better say it is the most commonly used marble. They are strong, resistant to any situation or weather, yet the most stylish one.They are tough, hard but still, it has a smooth and slippery surface. With its shine, it becomes the most desirable marble and tops the list of widely used marbles. It has huge texture and color variations, hard texture, and many other properties make it the most preferred material by decorators, interior designers, and architects. They can be used in interiors or exteriors of the house like balcony, washrooms, bedrooms etc.


  1. White Marbles: They are the most decent ones and looks super gorgeous. Seriously nothing can be compared with white marble. They give your house that sophisticated vibe. Now white marble flooring doesn’t only include white color. There are variations of white color like mink grey and crèam stone. Although their color is white but with a hint of difference in each other. They are highly durable that means you do not have to bother about changing flooring after a short period of time. And the best part is they are the best insulators even in the hottest temperature they won’t be heated up. And as they are super strong so you don’t have to worry about its cracking thing that much. And last but not least they are super affordable.


  1. Carrara Marbles: There are many reasons for loving this particular type of marble flooring. First of all and what I personally believe is the most important thing is durability. I would definitely not go for marbles whose durability is low or there are chances of getting cracks easily on them. So if your priority is durability too then you should definitely try Carrara marble as they do not break easily. Secondly what matters the most is the look. So here again it provides an elegant and gorgeous look which turns out increasing the value of the property a lot. As they are natural and pure so germs are not allowed to stay on their surface because of which they become environment-friendly and safe for everyone especially kids. We know how much kids love playing on floors and they simply don’t bother much that these floorings can be full of bacteria. So with these floors remove all the tensions and let your kid enjoy their playing. You can also contact the ACP sheet manufacturers to get a better touch with metal.


  1. Calacatta Marbles: It is a rare and unexceptional marble it is found in Italy in a particular place where only two types of marbles are found which is Carrara and the other one is calacatta. For a normal person like me, both of them might look the same because both of them have the same color that is white and grey but there are specific differences between them. If you think calacatta marbles are only for bathroom walls then think twice. They can be used in making bathtubs, washbasin they have a super smooth surface but they are a little expensive but worth the pay. But mostly they are known as bathroom marbles as they can easily be washed. As their production is very controlled so they are very expensive. But this is sure that with calacatta marbles the designing of the house gets increases effortlessly by just installing it. Get the HPL Anti-Scratch ACP sheets to cover your marbles to get the long-lasting effect.


  1. Crema Marfil Marble Tiles: It is beautiful light colored marble that is mostly found in beige colorred veining and stone with thin accents.They are super durable in nature that means again you don’t have to worry about the breakage problem and it will last for a longer time period, as well as they provide your place that effortless stunning and elegant look. The price is not too high but not that cheap too as they are not found everywhere. And the bonus point here is definitely its eco-friendly and safe marbles which do not give a home to bacteria. The only thing you need to worry or be concerned about is to install it in the right As it has light coloring so installing it in places like washrooms, kid’s room will be better. Check out the best décor stuff on Alutech panels to get more information.

11 Types of LED ACP Signage Board Options For You to Choose From


Picking an ACP signage board for your brand image can be a troublesome assignment. We’re here to make it simple. Alutech India is the main maker of LED signage sheets in Delhi and the whole way across India and we offer a colossal assortment of alternatives depending on your logo, sizes and individual inclination. How about we check out the all of these options and let you choose the best for your company?

  1. Gleam Sign Boards

Value will range from: Rs. 200 – 450 for every sqft (with tubelights)

Developed utilizing a 1″ MS pipe outline and a choice of LEDs or Tube lights utilized for lighting, we place a twofold side printed flex for fantastic day-night shading balance on the front face which is completely lit. An alternative of utilizing twofold sided UV printed polycarbonate is likewise accessible, which builds the shading profundity and life of signage.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters Mounted on Divider

Value will range from: Rs. 1100 – 1500 for every sqft

A standout amongst the most regularly utilized approach to speak to your logo is to make 3D letters produced using amazing cast acrylic, raised to the profundity of 3-4 inches and marked (Samsung) LEDs fit inside forever. These letters are fixed specifically onto the dividers or some other solid support surface.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters on ACP Box (on divider or structure)

Value will range from: Rs. 1200 – 1800 for every sqft

ACP or as we all know Aluminum Composite Panel is utilized to make a case which is placed out of sight of the letters. Aside from giving stylish intrigue or coordinating marking hues, such a setup is likewise valuable when a divider isn’t accessible, and a signage is introduced on a housetop of on ground and a metal structure is made first.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters with Aluminum Packaging Mounted on Divider

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for each sqft

This is an augmentation of choice 2, where an aluminum packaging (powder covered in any shading) is given around the acrylic letters. This makes the signage substantially stronger and more impervious to winds and residue. It likewise gives it an increasingly premium completion and keeps light from turning out from the sides of the letters. This is suggested for signage introduced at more noteworthy stature to endure high wind weight. This can likewise have an ACP box backing.


  1. Stencil Cut LED logo in ACP

Value will range from: Rs. 1000 – 1300 for every sqft

This is a magnificent alternative since the logo is sliced through the ACP box and samsung LEDs are housed inside the case. The splendor of such a signage is actually high and manufacture cost and support cost are low. The letters for this situation are level. This is a valuable choice to think about when your logo or letters are flimsy, little or exceptionally entangled.


  1. Stencil Cut LED Logo With Strong Letters in ACP

Value will range from: Rs. 1300 – 1700 for each sqft

This is an expansion of alternative 5. For this situation, the letters are made of strong 15-18mm acrylic and glued over the past alternative. This gives a 3D look to the letters however fundamental development stays same as choice 5. Be that as it may, the splendor reduces somewhat because of extra layer of acrylic letters.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters and Stencil Cut ACP Blend

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for every sqft

This is a blend of choice 3 and 5. In such a case, your logo can show up in intense 3D LED letters produced using acrylic and any slogan or address or your business depiction can show up as level letters in the crate.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letter With Dark Vinyl on Front

Value will range from: Rs. 1100 – 1500 for every sqft

This is a helpful strategy to square light from the front face and give a back-sparkle impact. 3M vinyl is stuck on the front face and henceforth light is blocked. No aluminum packaging is done here.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters With Aluminum Packaging in Front (on the divider)

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for each sqft

For this situation, letters and logo are made in acrylic and an aluminum packaging (in required shading; normally dark) is put on the front. This makes the light fall on the foundation and gives an extremely decent radiance impact as appeared. This style is valuable where the logo or content shading is dark.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters with Aluminum Packaging in Front on ACP Box

Value will range from: Rs. 2000 – 3000 for every sqft

At the point when the divider isn’t appropriate for fixing letters or is of a dull shading, this choice is helpful as light will reflect off the ACP surface and retain that shading. Generally, the ACP is light or silver in shading for the best impact.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letter With Silver/Brilliant SS Packaging to Finish Everything

Value will range from: Rs. 2500 – 3500 for each sqft

In this choice, the packaging on top isn’t aluminum however made of SS for the brushed silver or brilliant completion. Rest everything continues as before.

Get in touch with Alutech Panels to know more about glowing or LED signage board and let us help you choose the best to display your brand and all your products for sure shit revenue generation.

How to use ACP to revamp house


ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panels is a new age material that is used in order to make buildings, houses, offices etc. the best thing about it is that they can be folded, bent, turned into any shapes and not only this they are strong enough to withstand any weather, temperature. It has triple layering where the top and the bottom layer is made up of aluminum sheet and the middle layer is of polyethylene.  It has a protection film, polyesterResin-Based Coating, primer coating, service coating and many more.

It is always a very interesting but hefty task to get your house revamped in a better place. Afterall your households your position in society and it also makes you stand tall in a lot of ways.

Here is the list of why ACP should be used in order to revamp or redecorate your house:

  1. Modern and Stylish: If you want to revamp your house then one thing is very sure, you would want it to be completely and totally modern. To impart a bit of style and modernity you can use the aluminum composite panels. So one of the best ways to manage all these things is by using the block design on your roofs and some graceful flooring. To grill your house you can use the fancy outings and classy grills. They look too good and render the expertise of a person.


  1. Color Scene: It comes up in various colors and designs. So if you are looking for some basic but strong material for your house which will allow you to flaunt the premium looks then this is going to be the best pick for you. There might be other options as well but this one is definitely the best one for you.


  1. Cost Reduction: If you are looking for a house revamp, then expenditure is surely on cards. So, one way to reduce it is by using the ACP sheets. To know more about these sheets and their manufacturers, you can visit the website of Alutechpanels. They have some exotic options as well as bright contrasting features on their website. You might also get to know about a few HPL sheets manufacturers.


  1. Easy to Install: It has been very important to fix things easily. Think of a revamp that is costing you low but will take a toll on your head. Will that is a good option? I know it won’t because all those things that you would introduce to your house will have to be easy on installation. And when it comes to ACP sheet, they are very easy to install. Therefore you can get it done quickly and without breaking a sweat.


  1. Maintenance: This is one of the most important and key factors of ACP sheets. All those things you can get in your house would not be as easy to maintain as this one. The sheets are really hassle-free when it comes to maintaining them for a long time. They are not just long term investment but also have a lot of after perks such as keeping up the premium look and else.


  1. Looking Good: It happens to be one fact that is very important for all the users. ACP sheets have a very good texture look when installed. For this factor, people have started using the sheet in a better and a good way.


  1. Non-Corrosive Plates: Wow, this should have been registered on the top and not here. We all know that aluminum is a non-corrosive metal. It rusts at a very slow pace. So this is one of the prominent reasons why not just houses but also the offices have started using this place a lot.


Therefore with all these factors claiming for the advantages of having the Aluminium Composite Panel you must be very interested in using it in your next revamp. And if you still have some questions or queries left in your head then do not see anything else but the panels. They are literally going to help you in improving your house décor. For more information about this and other décor items, you can always rely on Alutechpanels as they have a wide range.

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