Marbles that can make your bedrooms a better place


Bedrooms are an essential part of every house, they need to be very soothing to eyes and calming to the brain. This can be done by the correct use of props, colors,and other items. So, if you are wondering that how can you possibly make the best arrangements in the bedroom, this is the way to get it. You need to be very good at it, else just use any of these marbles and with them comes your happiness.

Here are a few marbles types that you can use in your bedroom to get a good look.

  1. Textured Marbles: This particular type of marbles are seen almost everywhere or we better say it is the most commonly used marble. They are strong, resistant to any situation or weather, yet the most stylish one.They are tough, hard but still, it has a smooth and slippery surface. With its shine, it becomes the most desirable marble and tops the list of widely used marbles. It has huge texture and color variations, hard texture, and many other properties make it the most preferred material by decorators, interior designers, and architects. They can be used in interiors or exteriors of the house like balcony, washrooms, bedrooms etc.


  1. White Marbles: They are the most decent ones and looks super gorgeous. Seriously nothing can be compared with white marble. They give your house that sophisticated vibe. Now white marble flooring doesn’t only include white color. There are variations of white color like mink grey and crèam stone. Although their color is white but with a hint of difference in each other. They are highly durable that means you do not have to bother about changing flooring after a short period of time. And the best part is they are the best insulators even in the hottest temperature they won’t be heated up. And as they are super strong so you don’t have to worry about its cracking thing that much. And last but not least they are super affordable.


  1. Carrara Marbles: There are many reasons for loving this particular type of marble flooring. First of all and what I personally believe is the most important thing is durability. I would definitely not go for marbles whose durability is low or there are chances of getting cracks easily on them. So if your priority is durability too then you should definitely try Carrara marble as they do not break easily. Secondly what matters the most is the look. So here again it provides an elegant and gorgeous look which turns out increasing the value of the property a lot. As they are natural and pure so germs are not allowed to stay on their surface because of which they become environment-friendly and safe for everyone especially kids. We know how much kids love playing on floors and they simply don’t bother much that these floorings can be full of bacteria. So with these floors remove all the tensions and let your kid enjoy their playing. You can also contact the ACP sheet manufacturers to get a better touch with metal.


  1. Calacatta Marbles: It is a rare and unexceptional marble it is found in Italy in a particular place where only two types of marbles are found which is Carrara and the other one is calacatta. For a normal person like me, both of them might look the same because both of them have the same color that is white and grey but there are specific differences between them. If you think calacatta marbles are only for bathroom walls then think twice. They can be used in making bathtubs, washbasin they have a super smooth surface but they are a little expensive but worth the pay. But mostly they are known as bathroom marbles as they can easily be washed. As their production is very controlled so they are very expensive. But this is sure that with calacatta marbles the designing of the house gets increases effortlessly by just installing it. Get the HPL Anti-Scratch ACP sheets to cover your marbles to get the long-lasting effect.


  1. Crema Marfil Marble Tiles: It is beautiful light colored marble that is mostly found in beige colorred veining and stone with thin accents.They are super durable in nature that means again you don’t have to worry about the breakage problem and it will last for a longer time period, as well as they provide your place that effortless stunning and elegant look. The price is not too high but not that cheap too as they are not found everywhere. And the bonus point here is definitely its eco-friendly and safe marbles which do not give a home to bacteria. The only thing you need to worry or be concerned about is to install it in the right As it has light coloring so installing it in places like washrooms, kid’s room will be better. Check out the best décor stuff on Alutech panels to get more information.

Natural Stone By Alutech Panels is Captivating


If you are thinking of renovating your flooring of your old home or a brand new one then luckily there are a number of flooring materials that you can choose from. Natural stone flooring is by far the best and the healthiest option to choose. High Quality Natural Stone Tile Flooring are good for areas which are humid, like the bathroom, kitchen, and also the entry way. Plus natural stone can resist water and are highly durable too. You can clean them easily and it doesn’t ask for a lot of maintenance as well.

Here’s an Overview of the Natural Stone:

Natural stone is used by many people since time immemorial. In fact, its usage goes way back to ancient Egyptians and Greek history. But today you will see many houses with stone entrance and people also prefer having stone flooring in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. It brings in the rustic feel. Some of the examples that you can choose from are limestone, marble, slate, and granite. You can categorize natural stones into two parts, soft and the hard stones.

Limestone: It belongs to the soft stone category and are perfect for houses and buildings with high traffic

Marble: Marble belongs to the hard stone category. You will see people using marble flooring in the living and dining room. In fact some also prefer using it in the bathroom as well.

Slate: Slate is a natural stone which people usually prefer in building industries. It’s extremely durable and can resist stain and acid and is sturdy as well. Slate however, are low absorbent of moisture and therefor people prefer using it in high moisture areas.

Granite: Granite now is the hardest of all and is heat and stain resistant.

Now you know what kinds of natural stone are available in the market, let’s check out some of the benefits:

Easy to Clean and Safe

One of the most important things that we look for before choosing the right material for our floor is how easy it is to clean and whether it is safe or not. Luckily, natural stones are extremely easy to clean, they are moisture resistant hence no dirt or stain will stick around for too long. Clean your floor regularly to keep it away from stains, using Lithofin on a regular basis will also help your natural stone floor to stay clean for a longer duration. Natural stone quickly dries off making it safe for the residents.

Natural Stone Flooring Looks Dynamic

Natural stone have been developing beneath the earth for a long period of time, making each natural stone distinctive with different looks. Using natural stone like the NS-308 will not only make your bathroom look ravishing but it will also make it stand out from everyone’s bathroom that you know of. Browse through Alutech’s product page and select natural stone to see all the bespoke natural stones available on the site. Go through the ACP Sheets price list to see which natural stone will suit your home.

Natural Stone Makes Everything Look Warm and Comfortable

When you choose natural stone, you choose a natural product. Natural stone acts according to the atmosphere. It can heat up and cool down quickly. But saying that, be ready for the winters, because during the winters, natural stone flooring will become cold. But, otherwise, these are the best material for the floor. You can walk upon them easily and they don’t feel hard to walk on as well. Natural stones are so gorgeously beautiful. They have that acentric feel in them that is unbeatable.

Some Tips To Design Your Home with Natural Stones:

Pick the Right Wall Colour:

If you choose NS-301 you will notice that it is a milder shade. If you choose a lighter shade for the flooring then be mindful about the wall colours. It would be better to create a contrast look. You can paint one wall with bright red or navy blue and paint the rest with more neutral colour. This way your living room will look balanced.

Work on the Drapes and Curtains:

Another thing to work on will be the curtains. If you go with the NS-311 pattern of Alutech then choosing lighter colour drapes or curtains will be great. You don’t want your living room area to look darker. Hence, pick a lighter colour drapes with stripes or you could simply go with the solid colours. Choice is yours, but choose mindfully. Look at the room carefully, and then choose the colours for your drapes.

Bathroom Accessories:

For bathrooms NS-302 and NS-310 will be great. You can keep some plants in your bathroom to keep the earthy feeling alive and also add some candles too. Scented candles will be a great choice.


Alutech Panels have a plethora of Natural Stone collection that you can choose from. Natural stones are simply the best material to choose for your flooring. One, they are all natural and second, they are good for the health too.

Make your home complete with Alutech’s natural wood flooring colour


Many people love the look of natural wood flooring, but we often drop the idea because it is extraordinarily expensive. What if we tell you that you can get that rustic look for your living room and that too at an amazingly affordable rate? Sounds interesting right! Well, that’s what we are here for. You can replace your old floor with natural wood flooring colour. It replicates natural wood flooring to the best. Saying that we will start this article by citing some of its major lagniappes and then proceed with the way you should style your home with the natural wood flooring colour.


  1. Good quality natural wood flooring colour will last for ages. Replacing the tiles of your floor is never easy especially when it cracks and for how long will you be changing the rugs or the carpets? Hence, the best way to keep the rustic look alive is to install natural wood flooring colour by Alutech which asks for minimum maintenance.
  2. ACP natural wood flooring is easy to clean too. This will keep you elated all day long. Remember the time when we used to clean our carpets. It consumes time and seems like a never-ending task. But not anymore. Whether it’s your kids or pets, with ACP flooring, you will be able to clean your floor easily.
  3. ACP natural flooring is hygienic. You would not like your house to be the source of diseases right! That’s why choose only ACP natural flooring.
  4. These natural flooring by Alutech are easy to install. On a literal sense, they can be moulded, can be given shape and patterns to make it look more artistic. They are extremely easy to install and within no time your house will start looking like a rustic paradise.
  5. Wood gives you a timeless appeal and natural wood flooring replicates that essence pretty well. No matter how different the carpet under the centre table is, natural wood flooring colour will still look decorous.
  6. Natural wood flooring makes your home look super expensive and luxurious. Well, isn’t that a good bet especially when you will not be spending a lot on them?
  7. Another advantage of installing ACP natural wood flooring in your house is that it increases its resale value. Many property agents have confessed that a house which looks sophisticated and rustic has better demand than the ones which has average looking flooring tiles.

The crux of the story is natural wood flooring colour comes with an array of advantages. They are economical, looks stunning, and are easy to maintain as well. Now, let’s check out the ways you can accentuate the look of your living room which has wood flooring.

How to Make Your Home Look Better?

  1. The best way to enhance the look and feel of the ACP natural wood flooring is by adding a soft rug. This will increase the comfort and make your living room look complete. Get in touch with only the best ACP sheet suppliers in India to buy the best quality natural wood flooring colour. You can pick the spot where you would like to add the rug. Maybe under the centre table and if you have a bigger size rug then the entire piece will fit perfectly under your sofa set too. Just be mindful about the colour of the look. Choose something which will complement the colour of the floor.
  2. The next thing that you should is to balance the visual weight of the floor and the colour or textures of sofa set, tablecloth, rugs, and more. You can add a glass lamp which has metallic light fixtures. Pick soft and airy textures for the tablecloth like cotton sheets and also the same for the curtains too.
  3. In case if you have picked a darker colour natural wood flooring for the kitchen then you should choose lighter colour cabinets. Paint the wall with white or off-white colour. Also, make sure that your kitchen allows sunrays to penetrate.
  4. Go artistic, just because you have installed ACP natural wood flooring colour on the floor, doesn’t mean every piece of furniture has to be dull! It’s a big no. You can pick some trendy colour chairs and sofa sets as well. Cheerful colours will make your house look extremely elegant and uplift your mood too.

So, here it goes the benefits of switching to natural wood flooring colour floors and also the way you can decorate it. Contact Alutech Panels today to know more about their ACP sheets. Just remember to buy it only from a reliable source. You want your home to look alluring and knowing how to decorate your home with the perfect natural wood flooring will certainly make people go speechless.

Try Alutech Panel’s Visual Room for a Better View


We as a whole know how great ACP sheets are for your home and how well they include magnificence and advancement, yet wouldn’t it be better in the event that we could structure a portion of these plans alone and examine how they are really going to look in our room, kitchen, and everywhere else?

Here at Alutech, you get a chance to attempt Virtual room plan through which you can parchment and attempt diverse shades and sorts of ACP sheets which will give you a chance to structure distinctive overlay for the dividers and furthermore for closets and bedside tables for the room.

All you should do is pick the room you need to beautify. You can pick any rooms like kitchen, lounge, outside structure, and can even attempt their corporate plan segment and experiment with their virtual room creator application to apply diverse shades and structures and after that pick one for your room.

This is What You Can Do:

Numerous individuals are presently deciding on ACP sheets to embellish their corporate structures as well as their home to give them a more complete look.

ACP sheets are solid, require practically zero upkeep, and furthermore ensure your home and your friends and family from getting caught inside amid the fire.

Alutech will give you a chance to attempt their virtual room configuration. This will empower you to really encounter the manner in which you need your kitchen, your room, and everything in your house to be.

Your Virtual Room:  

While experiencing the Virtual room setting, you can take your cursor to anyplace and tap on the two catches that you see there, one will give you a chance to pick the virtual room painting through which you can change the shade of your false divider directly behind the bed and the other catch will give you a chance to pick the virtual room painting for the closet.

Your Virtual Kitchen:

For the kitchen, individuals regularly experience a considerable measure of issues in light of the fact that the kitchen is where you invest a great deal of energy than the other rooms. What ought to be the shade of the divider, the floor, thus numerous such inquiries simply rule the cerebrum! Try out the virtual room plan for kitchen, move your cursor, it will give you a chance to pick diverse shades for the false divider and cupboard. You can pick wooden ACP sheets for the false divider and even select the shading.

The Virtual Living Room:

You can also pick the virtual lounge room, pick any shade of the dividers and walls. Simply move your cursor as you experience the virtual setting. There are numerous sorts of ACP sheets accessible on their site, you can pick the best one for you. Natural stone and wood ACP sheets, galaxy glitter shades, and the sky is the limit from there. Look at the variety and give them a shot in the virtual room structures.

The Virtual Outside Plans:

You not just get an opportunity to investigate the interior of a room embellishment, you can attempt their virtual outside plans too. You can change the colours and the material of the outside cladding. Experiment with and see.

Corporate Design Virtual Room:

Many corporates pick ACP sheets these days and Alutech Panel delivers only the best of ACP sheets and types in India. They value your money. Their responsibility and devotion make them predominant and truly outstanding in the Indian market. On the off chance that you are searching for good ACP sheets and need to view the distinctive plans and tints, at that point attempt their virtual corporate design plans too. Virtual room enrichment will give you a smart thought about the sort of item you are searching for to enhance your corporate office.

At Alutech, you will discover just the most elite ACP sheets and that too at a sensible cost. In the event that you need to embellish your home or your corporate office and searching for just the best items, then visit Alutech Panel today and browse through all the ACP sheets that they bring to the table and give them a try in their virtual room.

Alutech Panel Provides fire retardant Aluminium Composite Panel sheets


Constructing a building is never easy. It takes a lot of effort and time and the dilemma to choose the perfect materials for our building is even nerve-wracking. Whatever you choose to buy to build your perfect house the first thing that you should keep in mind is to look for items which are always fire-proof. Mishaps can happen anytime no matter how safe you try to be and it is always better to be proactive. Be safe not sorry. Fire accidents destroy life, be fire proof and don’t let anything jeopardise your and your family’s precious lives.

Do remember that no material can provide you 100% fire safety, fire is a strong element and only a few products will keep your building as well as the house fire-ready and one of them is ACP sheets. Aluminium composite panels can help protect your house and building from fire to a great extent. Don’t let anything harm your beautiful house and hard-earned money.

Choose the best aluminium composite panel manufacturers to buy the best ACP sheets, choose Alutech Panels and keep your house away from fire mishaps.

Following are some of the most important reasons why you should choose Alumimium Composite Panels only. Read them thoroughly because one little step can help you construct a stronger foundation.

Dispose of Those Dangerous Gases:

What we have observed is that when a building bursts into flames, the inhabitants lose their lives for the most part as a result of the harmful gases infiltrated amid the fire mishap. These gases are extremely harmful for your lungs and when you breathe in these gases you start losing consciousness, ultimately giving up the strength to fight back. Picking Alutech’s ACP sheets won’t just help your structure from bursting into flames quickly but it won’t discharge any unsafe harmful gases too. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should choose Aluminium Composite Panels.

Stifles Smoke

When you see fire, you additionally observe smoke and a great deal of them. Envision a building bursting into flames and a considerable measure of smoke obscuring the vision of the inhabitants! It’s difficult to envision, yet this is a situation that can occur. ACP sheets have a property which influences them to emanate lesser measure of smoke, making it simpler for the general population living inside clear the space effectively. Don’t let anything get into the way. Choose a fire-proof material which will give you enough time to vacate the premise and go to a safer area. ACP sheets will genuinely give you enough time to do that.

No Flaring Bead

ACP sheets don’t soften effortlessly dissimilar to different materials. At the point when things begin to liquefy amid the fire it begins causing a great deal of pressure and fit of anxiety among the inhabitants, since ACP sheets are protected and don’t cause liquid or blazing bead, it by and by gives you enough time to clear the property in time without making you freeze. You can vacate your building as soon as possible without any panic situation and mark yourself safe.

A Lesser Measure of Warmth Discharge

Fire can spread in a substance and on the off chance if you don’t focus on the materials you are picking for the building, it can cause a great deal of desperation. ACP sheets transmit a lesser measure of warmth discharge.

Non-Combustible Center

In contrast to different materials, ACP sheets have a magnesium hydroxide mineral center. It postpones the time of burning. This material holds the temperature down with the goal that it won’t burst into flames. Which again gives you time to vacate your building or the house and go to a safer place.

Doesn’t Break With Façade

As a rule, amid a fire flare-up, we see everything going into disrepair. Be that as it may, ACP sheets don’t tumble off with the exteriors.

Whether you are constructing a building for commercial purpose or for residential purpose always choose the material for your building carefully. You never know what may happen and in order to keep yourself safe from all of these unforeseen circumstances choose ACP sheets only. You know you have to be prepared and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Media Expo, 7th September-A GRAND SUCCESS


Recently on 7th September Media Expo gave a platform to all the renowned Indoor and Outdoor Signage solution providers to showcase their products. We also participated, and we must say that it was a grand success. The International Exhibition on Indoor and Outdoor Advertising and Signage Solution let us meet many manufacturers, architectures, and buyers. It also gave us an ample amount of opportunity to showcase our brand value and why we are one of the best Indoor and Outdoor Signage solution providers.

The collaboration of bringing so many buyers and sellers under one roof also gave us an insight into what buyers expect from us and how we could be beneficial for them. It let us spoke to dozens of buyers personally and know their needs. We also told them about the different benefits ACP sheets and HPL-ACP sheets provide. This also let the buyers gain a lot of knowledge about our products, how we are different from the rest and why we are the best ACP sheet manufacturers in Delhi.

This platform let us showcase our products in detail. We gave live demos explaining about each and every product that we have to offer. We also spoke to the buyers about the reasons why they should opt for ACP and HPL-ACP sheets. It gave us an opportunity to build a network with the top brands in the industry as well.

Our professional team handled each and every query of the buyers, manufacturers, architects with ease.

We gave detailed information about ACP sheets, which are as follows:
• Durability: ACP sheets are extremely durable. It stays strong and doesn’t lose its charm no matter what the weather is. The ACP sheets maintain their shape and structure no matter how bad the weather is.

• Hassle-free: ACP sheets cladding provides a hassle-free experience to every buyer. All you need to do is wipe it with a clean piece of cloth, you don’t need to look after it 24 x 7.

• Fire resistant: The ACP sheets cladding will keep your building safe. During fire emergency it will not catch fire easily, letting all the people go out of the building and reach a safer spot.

• Cost-effective: ACP sheets are highly cost-effective as well. Because of its durability feature, it saves a lot of money from the buyers.

• Gets installed easily: ACP sheets also don’t ask for a lot of stress while installing it. You can install them easily.

While moving on to the next product that is the HPL-ACP sheets, we mentioned the following points:
• The High-Pressure Laminate ACP sheets provide graffiti resistance.

• It provides weather resistance as well. It can go through extreme weather conditions without getting damaged.

• It is extremely flexible and easy to install.

• It prevents dirt accumulation as well.

• During icy cold weather, it doesn’t get frozen.

• It also has a non-porous surface.

While talking about the various benefits of both of our products, buyers were thoroughly convinced and showed keen interest. Media Expo indeed gave us a platform for opportunities. The grand success of “The International Exhibition on Indoor and Outdoor Advertising and Signage Solution” let us show people some sample of different kinds and colors of ACP sheet available with us. Starting from Natural Stone, Natural Wood, Dazzling Metallic, Galaxy Glitter, and more. We told people about how they can use it to beautify the indoor and the outdoors of not only their building but their homes too. How each of them can be used for different rooms in their house! Along with it, we spoke about our various achievements.

Try The Visual Room For a Better View


We all know how good ACP sheets are for your house and how well they add beauty and sophistication, but wouldn’t it be better if we could design some of these designs on our own and have a look at how they are actually going to look in our bedroom, kitchen, and living room?

Here at Alutech, we let you try Virtual room designs through which you can scroll and try different shades and types of ACP sheets which will let you design different laminate for the walls and also for wardrobes and bedside tables for the bedroom.

All you will have to do is choose the room you want to decorate. You can choose bedroom, kitchen, living room, exterior design, and can even try our corporate design section and try out our virtual room designer application to apply different shades and designs and then pick one for your room.

Here’s what you can do

Many people are now opting for ACP sheets to decorate not only their corporate buildings but also their house to give them a more finished look.

ACP sheets are sturdy, need little to no maintenance, and also protect your house and your loved ones from getting trapped inside during the fire.

We let you try our virtual room design for free. This will enable you to actually experience the way you want your kitchen, your bedroom, and even your living room to be.

Your virtual bedroom

While going through our Virtual bedroom setting, you can take your cursor anywhere and click on the two buttons that you see there, one will let you choose the virtual room painting through which you can change the colour of your false wall right behind the bed and the other button will let you choose the virtual room painting for the wardrobe.

Your virtual kitchen

For the kitchen, people often go through a lot of dilemmas because the kitchen is the area where you spent a lot of time besides the bedroom. What should be the colour of the wall, the floor, and so many such questions just dominate our brain! Try our virtual room design for kitchen, move your cursor, it will let you choose different hues for the false wall and cabinet. You can pick wooden ACP sheets for the false wall and even select the colour.

The virtual Living Room

The next that you can try is our virtual living room, pick any colour of the dividers and walls. Just move your cursor and you are good to do. There are many kinds of ACP sheets available on our site, you can choose the best one for you. Natural stone, natural wood, sober solid, galaxy glitter, and more. Check out the verity and try them out in our virtual room designs.

The virtual exterior designs

You not only just get a chance to explore the interior room decoration, but you can also try our virtual exterior designs as well. You can change the exteriors of the wall. Try out and have a look.

Corporate Design virtual room

Many corporates choose ACP sheets nowadays and we deliver the best of ACP sheets and types in India. Our price, our commitment, and dedication make us superior and one of the best in the Indian market. If you are looking for good ACP sheets and want to have a look at the different designs and hues, then try our virtual exterior design room. Virtual room decoration will give you a good idea about the kind of product you are looking for to decorate your corporate office.

At Alutech, you will find only the best of the best ACP sheets and that too at a reasonable price. If you want to decorate your house or your corporate office and looking for only the best products, then go through all the ACP products that we have to offer and try them out in our virtual room.

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