5 Best ACP Sheets for Your Living Room that Offer an Unexpected vibrancy


Living room is an integral part of your house. You make your guests sit there, let them relax while you make a cup of coffee or tea. But do you know that colors of your ACP sheets wall can make a great impact on how your guests feel about your living room. You may have the most beautiful sofa set and a center table but not knowing to pair it with the right wall colors can make your home look unappealing. Take Aluminum Composite Panel in Delhi for a matter of fact, there are so many of them. But picking the right ACP sheet for your living room walls can drastically change the look of the room and for all the good reasons.

Let’s check out some ACP sheets that you can use in your living room. We have prepared a guide just for you so that you can choose the right colour. It is not unknown that ACP sheets come with a lot of advantages and also that they are extremely durable. They are cheaper than your regular wall colour and make your walls look super expensive and create a startling difference. Read on.

Lots of Yellow for Your Living Room:

Yellow is an unconventional color especially for a living room, but do you know that yellow can brighten any room and uplift the occupant of that room? Colours like 120- Traffic Yellow and even 129- Lemon Yellow can overhaul your living room in a minute. If you don’t have a theme for the living room and if it has a lot of different color chairs and a different themed center table, plus a lamp which is yet again completely different from the rest of the furniture than you must choose Yellow Sober solid ACP sheets. Yellow is charismatic, it is fun and peppy, a living room which doesn’t have a theme yet looks stunning should incorporate yellow in their walls.

Red Pattern- Bold and the Beautiful:

If you are an ardent fan of red colour, then choose 116- Red and 121- rose red for the centre wall of your living room. Don’t overdo it, but one striking red colour sober solid ACP sheet is just perfect for the living room with wooden furniture in it. Red is a bold colour hence keep minimal furniture in the room. Also, for the furniture wooden colour is perfect or you can even go ahead with neutral and pastel colours for your furniture.

Blue Colour- Bring in the Beach Effect :

Blue is an easy colour to mix and match. It can never go wrong. Even if you are a novice, you can still work out with blue colour sober solid ACP sheets and match with light and dark colour furniture. Just know how to keep the contrast intact and you are good to go. For centuries people have been infusing blue colour walls in their home. It looks elegant and has the royal feeling about it. If blue colour pleases you then 128- Lake blue or even the 117- Navy blue ACP sheets will be a great choice for the living room walls. Blue and white is timeless and you can incorporate white colour furniture in your home to make it look timeless.

Green- Calling Nature:

Green is the colour of nature. It calms, energizes and even grounds the living room. Choose a green colour ACP sheets for you wall that you see in the environment. This will continue the sense of nature even beyond the windows. Green is the colour that will make you alive. It will elevate your spirit and will surely make your living room look larger. You can pick the 118- Post green or 132- refreshing green. The darker shade can make you feel as if everything is going to be alright. Now, what can be better than having a larger than life feeling for the living room?

White- Timeless Forever:

White colour will never go out of the trend no matter how many colours we get introduced to. It’s a classic colour creating the timeless effect no matter what. White colour is also practical in so many levels. It is refreshing, crisp and compliments all types of furniture colour. Whether you have grey colour furniture, wooden or natural stone flooring. White colour ACP sheets like 126- Milky white, 127—Ivory white and 124- Glossy white are the hues that you can make a choice from. For choosing the right colour, try some samples first and see which white shade suits your living room. The best way to make your living room look larger with white colour ACP sheets is by keeping the living room 80% white and only 20% colour.

We think these ACP sheets will bring in the difference that you are looking for, for the living room. Browse through our sober solid ACP sheets category and pick the right one for you today. Make your dream a reality.

How Sober Solid APC Sheets Can Make Your Home Look Beautiful?


We will all agree to the fact that while designing the interiors of our home we put more emphasis on the colours of the item we choose to keep. Be it for the dining room or for the bedroom, we are always conscious about how the colour of the walls will look like, the bed sheets, the flooring, we spend hours and hours to choose just the perfect colour for our walls to make sure that our walls will stand out, but don’t you think colouring your walls is and old-school technique now?

If you want to try something extra and want to make sure that your house will look no less than a beauty then make your move towards ACP sheets sober solid category. The sober solid section has an array of colours to choose from. Please be assured that these ACP sheets are not only graceful but are fire-retardant too. They can be easily installed and last long. Plus they cost much cheaper than high-end paint that you were thinking of using on the walls. An item which is easy on pockets and can make your rooms look interesting and sophisticated. These sober solid ACP sheets by Alutech Panel have been designed keeping in mind the benefits it will give to the clients. Remember to purchase these ACP sheets only from the best ACP sheet manufacturers.

Here’s a list of Sober Solid colours that you can choose from for your interiors to make your interiors look vibrant and brighter.

116- Red

This particular shade of ACP sheets from the Sober Solid collection of Alutech Panel can make a living room look happier and brighter. Don’t fill all the walls with the Red sober solid ACP sheets, rather fill a centre wall with this shade and keep it contrast by applying Milky white or Ivory white on the rest of the walls. This way the centre wall will look like a master piece and will give a different look to your living room.

117- Navy Blue

If you are not a big fan of red colour and want something which represents loyalty, intelligence, and confidence then the 117- navy blue sober solid ACP sheets will be perfect for you. You can use this colour either in your living room or in the drawing room. You can add patterns to this Navy blue ACP sheets too by adding stripes or squares. Choice is yours.

118- Post Green

Green colour represents peace, calm, and tranquillity. The best room to use the 118- post green sober solid ACP sheets is the dining room. Let peace and tranquillity surround everyone around its positive aura. As per Vastu as well, green is a good colour to incorporate in the dining room’s walls.

119- Orange

Orange is again a good colour. It has the goodness of both red and yellow. Both are the colours of happiness, joy, and sunshine. You can pick the 119-orange sober solid ACP sheets by Alutech Panel for your kitchen walls. Kitchen is the place where most of your creativity outshines. Make your kitchen a happy and a creative place. Orange will undoubtedly be the right colour for your kitchen walls.

120- Traffic Yellow

The colour yellow depicts freshness, happiness, joy, positive energy, and optimism. You can use the 120 – traffic yellow ACP sheets for your kids’ bedroom. As per Vastu, students should always be surrounded with positive colour and nothing beats yellow colour when it comes to optimism and positivity.

121- Rose Red

Another good and attractive colour for your master bedroom or the living room is the 121- Rose Red colour by Alutech Panels. This is the colour which sends the aura of strength, power, and determination and on the other hand it is also the colour of passion and love. Hence, you can either use the rose red sober solid ACP sheet in your bedroom or in the living room.

123- Chocolate Brown

Brown is the colour of earth, it depicts reliability, security, foundation, stability, elegance, and honesty. Our suggestion will be to use the 123- chocolate brown sober solid ACP sheets in the elderly’s room. It’s a neutral colour and choosing this colour will remind them of their sacrifices they made to bring their family together. This is also the colour of fall and winter and if you are thinking of repainting your walls with the brown colour, then we will suggest you to buy the 123- chocolate brown ACP sheets from Alutech’s Sober solid collection.

126- Milky White

White, as we all know is the colour of purity, innocence, and goodness. This is the colour which means pure, safe, and cleanliness and fortunately the 126- milky white sober solid ACP sheets go with every room and contrasting colours.

In the End…

Here are some of the ACP sheet colours by Alutech Panel’s sober solid collection. You will find even more options once you visit their official website. There are a plethora of options available for you. Incorporate these ideas into reality and let the interiors of your house outshine with prestige and sophistication.

6 Benefits of Using Alutech’s Fire-Retardant ACP Sheets


While choosing any material to build your home or cooperate building, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You will want a material which keeps your building safe from fire mishap, something which will last longer, and something which can be installed easily. Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about here. No matter what kind of products you choose before beginning the construction of your building, make sure that they are fire retardant. For that very reason, make use of Aluminium Composite Panels. Fire accidentals not only cause financial loss but you can lose your life too and nothing can be more dreadful than losing someone who is so dear to us. What we are going to put our emphasis on today is why fire retardant materials are important!

Any building can have a fire outbreak and it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you choose aluminium composite panel sheets during construction, they will prevent fire mishap to a great extent. The main objective behind choosing a material is to make sure that they can provide safety. Installing ACP sheets in your home or your corporate building will give you ample amount of time to evacuate the house or the building during such events.

Using fire retardant material while constructing a building is extremely vital. You want the building to be safe for the occupant and the visitors.

People nowadays are moving towards ACP sheets, mainly because they protect our buildings from fire, enhance the look, and last long.

Please note that Aluminium composite panel sheets are available in wide range of colours and textures, you can pick your favourite and make sure that it fulfils all the requirements.

Let us now check the top 6 reasons why every building should have fire-retardant Aluminium Composite Panel sheets.

  1. Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets Don’t Produce Harmful and Toxic Gases:

Do you know that the main reason behind someone’s death during fire outbreak is not really the fire but the harmful and toxic gases that is emitted? Yes, it’s the truth. In fact many news report also tells us the same thing. These toxic gases block our lungs and make it hard for us to breathe properly which ultimately leads to our death. CO and CO2 combines together and becomes extremely dangerous for the occupants. But Aluminium composite panels won’t emit any kind of dangerous gases during fire mishaps. Neither will it produce a lot of gases which will give you sufficient amount of time to evacuate the place as soon as possible. That’s why installing ACP sheets in the interior as well as exterior wall cladding is important. Choose materials which will enhance the look of your building while protecting it from dangerous situation.

  1. Aluminium Composite Panels Suppresses Smoke:

The moment something catches fire, the first thing that we see is smoke. Smoke blurs our vision. Now, imagine what will happen if a building catches fire and you are inside it. Smoke will block your vision and will make it impossible for you to see the exit gates and will make it harder for you to evacuate, hence shift to ACP sheets. ACP sheets are FR-graded which doesn’t emit smoke unlike other materials making the evacuation process easier.

  1. No Molten or Flaming Droplets:

Another reason to choose Aluminium Composite panels for your building is because these fire-retardant components will not form any kinds of molten or flaming droplets. These things cause a lot of panic among people. The fear of stampedes is more than frightening. But just because ACP sheets are fire-retardant doesn’t mean they have to look bad. You can try our virtual room feature to see the various ways you can use our ACP sheets.

  1. Lesser Heat Release:

Aluminium Composite panels are FR graded and that’s why they release lesser amount of smoke as well as heat. Heat when combines with smoke makes the life of the occupant extremely difficult. Lesser amount of heat means more time to evacuate the residence.

  1. Non-Flammable Core:

The Aluminium Composite Panel sheets have a firewall mineral core. It is made up of MHD which is magnesium hydroxide and PE which is Polyethylene. These two materials combine together to build a non-combustible core. It releases water material to keep the temperature during a fire outbreak low.

  1. The Facades Won’t Fall Apart:

Another reason why Aluminium Composite Panel sheets are reliable is that they don’t fall off the façades. They remain as it is, making it safer for the occupants to evacuate the residence as soon as possible.

Whether you are constructing a structure for a residential property or a corporate building, it is essential to take prospective measures. The sooner you accept that, the safer you will be once the construction is complete. Everyone wants safety for their home and we want the same for you too hence keep fire-retardant ACP sheets as your top priority. Use them to create interactive design both for the interiors as well as exterior cladding. To know more about our fire-retardant ACP sheets, do give us a call. We will be glad to assist you.

Alutech at Aluminium Expo, Kochi


On 13-14th October, Alutech participated in the Aluminium expo held in Kochi in Kerala. The aluminium expo gave us a deep insight about the various other players in the same industry. We firmly believe that it is always better to know about all the similar players in the market and get an insight into their products too. This expo was organized in grand Lalit Hotel. What an astounding achievement it was for us. To meet different manufacturers, architectures, and also prospective buyers gave us a huge amount of space to showcase our products as well. It also gave us a lot of insight about our brand image in the market too.

This platform gave all the prospective buyers as well as sellers a medium to meet one another under the same roof. We also learned about the needs of customers and how we could be beneficial for them. Our enthusiastic team went there all geared up and greeted everyone who came to visit us. We talked about our products as well. We showed all the interested people our huge range of ACP sheets and HPL-ACP sheets. This gave us an opportunity to talk about the various qualities ACP sheets is embodied with and also to tell them why we are different from the rest of the manufacturers.

This exhibition gave us an enormous platform to showcase our products to all the architectures, buyers, and those who wanted to know about ACP sheets. It really helped the people who came to us learn new things about this extremely fine product and how this could change the modern-day architecture. Undoubtedly, the Aluminium Expo gave us an opportunity to build a network as well. Networking helped us build a strong relationship with other similar companies.

What we did in the Aluminium expo, Kochi

  • We gave detailed information about how beneficial ACP sheets are for a company and even for interior decoration of a house. We told everyone about ACP sheets durability and how easily they can be installed.
  • Next, to that we discussed was about was the maintenance. ACP sheets retain their shape and size no matter where you use them and also no matter how harsh the weather is.
  • We told them ACP sheets to be extremely hassle-free. Our approaches were delighted to know that they can be easily wiped off with a piece of cloth and don’t need to look after them unlike other materials for 24 x 7.
  • The next important part of our discussion was ACP sheets being heavily fire-resistant. Installing ACP sheets remain fireproof for a longer duration.
  • We also told them about ACP sheets being highly cost-effective as well. Saving money is the first thing that any potential customer looks for and ACP sheets are extremely affordable making them the perfect product.
  • Last but not least, we also talked about the ACP sheets installation process. It is stress-free and also installation happens in no time.
  • Moving on to the next product we also discussed about HPL ACP sheets as well.
  • We discussed how weather resistant our products are. The detailed information that we shared was an eye-opener for so many people.
  • We told them that HPL- ACP sheets have a non-porous surface as well.

So, here is an insight into what we accomplished and did in the aluminium expo. It always feels good when people learn new things from us. Buyers were thoroughly convinced with our products and this gave us a huge platform to enhance our business opportunity. Undoubtedly, the aluminium expo gave us an ample opportunity to grow. It enabled us to showcase what we had to offer to the world. Products which are going to be highly beneficial for everyone. Not just this we also showed them samples of our products too like natural stone, sober solid colours, natural wood colours, and more. We believe we were highly informative. We told them about various places where they can use our ACP sheets as well as HPL- ACP sheets. Both with their unique qualities, making them a superb product. If you also want to beautify your house or want a refined product for the exterior cladding than contact us today.

Alutech’s Accomplishments!


Alutech has been providing some of the finest ACP and HPL sheets in the industry. We make sure to give customer satisfaction and that’s why people invest in us. Using ACP sheets in exterior cladding can make your residential or corporate building look polished and refined. The fire-retardant quality is one of the main reasons why people choose ACP sheets nowadays.

We feel extremely delighted to share some of our finished projects with you today.

ACP sheets successfully installed in Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi

Alutech’s ACP sheets are gaining popularity day by day. We have successfully installed ACP sheets in Munch store, Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi. Our hardworking team left no stone unturned to install it efficiently.

Here in the picture is the finished look of installed ACP sheets. We have used the sober solid red shade here. Everything has been fitted properly.

Successfully Installed ACP Sheets in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi

ACP sheets are not only used for commercial sites but are also used in exterior cladding of residential properties as well. Below is the completed site in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi. The ACP sheets here give a completely polished and finished look.

Natural wood ACP sheets being used as the exterior cladding in one of the residential properties in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi. We have successfully installed our premium quality ACP sheets here to give a finished look to the building.

Successfully installed ACP sheets in NirmalVihar, East Delhi

People are choosing ACP sheets more and more these days. After all, they are extremely durable, cost-effective, and are also easy to install. ACP sheets are extremely lightweight yet sturdy. You would want the exterior of your building to look refined and polished, right! Below is yet another finished project in East Delhi by Alutech.

Another successfully completed site in NirmalVihar, East Delhi. See how sophisticated it looks. The natural wood shade will surely make some heads turn. As you can see, our client has chosen a natural wood HPL sheet for exterior wall cladding.

Successfully installed ACP sheets in south India

Alutech has clients from every corner of this country. We have carefully installed ACP sheets in South India metro station. As you can see below, we have also installed ACP sheets in Metro stations exterior cladding as well.

Completed site in Metro station, in South India. ACP sheets are fire retardant and are also not prone to corrosion, that’s why they are perfect for platforms like the metro stations. When other materials start to rust and the color fades away with time, our ACP and HPL sheets remain as it is for a very long time.

These are some of our successful finished projects of installing ACP and HPL sheets. We feel proud to say that people trust us and our products and we are always working harder to deliver what everyone deserves.

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