11 Types of LED ACP Signage Board Options For You to Choose From


Picking an ACP signage board for your brand image can be a troublesome assignment. We’re here to make it simple. Alutech India is the main maker of LED signage sheets in Delhi and the whole way across India and we offer a colossal assortment of alternatives depending on your logo, sizes and individual inclination. How about we check out the all of these options and let you choose the best for your company?

  1. Gleam Sign Boards

Value will range from: Rs. 200 – 450 for every sqft (with tubelights)

Developed utilizing a 1″ MS pipe outline and a choice of LEDs or Tube lights utilized for lighting, we place a twofold side printed flex for fantastic day-night shading balance on the front face which is completely lit. An alternative of utilizing twofold sided UV printed polycarbonate is likewise accessible, which builds the shading profundity and life of signage.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters Mounted on Divider

Value will range from: Rs. 1100 – 1500 for every sqft

A standout amongst the most regularly utilized approach to speak to your logo is to make 3D letters produced using amazing cast acrylic, raised to the profundity of 3-4 inches and marked (Samsung) LEDs fit inside forever. These letters are fixed specifically onto the dividers or some other solid support surface.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters on ACP Box (on divider or structure)

Value will range from: Rs. 1200 – 1800 for every sqft

ACP or as we all know Aluminum Composite Panel is utilized to make a case which is placed out of sight of the letters. Aside from giving stylish intrigue or coordinating marking hues, such a setup is likewise valuable when a divider isn’t accessible, and a signage is introduced on a housetop of on ground and a metal structure is made first.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters with Aluminum Packaging Mounted on Divider

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for each sqft

This is an augmentation of choice 2, where an aluminum packaging (powder covered in any shading) is given around the acrylic letters. This makes the signage substantially stronger and more impervious to winds and residue. It likewise gives it an increasingly premium completion and keeps light from turning out from the sides of the letters. This is suggested for signage introduced at more noteworthy stature to endure high wind weight. This can likewise have an ACP box backing.


  1. Stencil Cut LED logo in ACP

Value will range from: Rs. 1000 – 1300 for every sqft

This is a magnificent alternative since the logo is sliced through the ACP box and samsung LEDs are housed inside the case. The splendor of such a signage is actually high and manufacture cost and support cost are low. The letters for this situation are level. This is a valuable choice to think about when your logo or letters are flimsy, little or exceptionally entangled.


  1. Stencil Cut LED Logo With Strong Letters in ACP

Value will range from: Rs. 1300 – 1700 for each sqft

This is an expansion of alternative 5. For this situation, the letters are made of strong 15-18mm acrylic and glued over the past alternative. This gives a 3D look to the letters however fundamental development stays same as choice 5. Be that as it may, the splendor reduces somewhat because of extra layer of acrylic letters.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters and Stencil Cut ACP Blend

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for every sqft

This is a blend of choice 3 and 5. In such a case, your logo can show up in intense 3D LED letters produced using acrylic and any slogan or address or your business depiction can show up as level letters in the crate.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letter With Dark Vinyl on Front

Value will range from: Rs. 1100 – 1500 for every sqft

This is a helpful strategy to square light from the front face and give a back-sparkle impact. 3M vinyl is stuck on the front face and henceforth light is blocked. No aluminum packaging is done here.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters With Aluminum Packaging in Front (on the divider)

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for each sqft

For this situation, letters and logo are made in acrylic and an aluminum packaging (in required shading; normally dark) is put on the front. This makes the light fall on the foundation and gives an extremely decent radiance impact as appeared. This style is valuable where the logo or content shading is dark.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters with Aluminum Packaging in Front on ACP Box

Value will range from: Rs. 2000 – 3000 for every sqft

At the point when the divider isn’t appropriate for fixing letters or is of a dull shading, this choice is helpful as light will reflect off the ACP surface and retain that shading. Generally, the ACP is light or silver in shading for the best impact.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letter With Silver/Brilliant SS Packaging to Finish Everything

Value will range from: Rs. 2500 – 3500 for each sqft

In this choice, the packaging on top isn’t aluminum however made of SS for the brushed silver or brilliant completion. Rest everything continues as before.

Get in touch with Alutech Panels to know more about glowing or LED signage board and let us help you choose the best to display your brand and all your products for sure shit revenue generation.

How to use ACP to revamp house


ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panels is a new age material that is used in order to make buildings, houses, offices etc. the best thing about it is that they can be folded, bent, turned into any shapes and not only this they are strong enough to withstand any weather, temperature. It has triple layering where the top and the bottom layer is made up of aluminum sheet and the middle layer is of polyethylene.  It has a protection film, polyesterResin-Based Coating, primer coating, service coating and many more.

It is always a very interesting but hefty task to get your house revamped in a better place. Afterall your households your position in society and it also makes you stand tall in a lot of ways.

Here is the list of why ACP should be used in order to revamp or redecorate your house:

  1. Modern and Stylish: If you want to revamp your house then one thing is very sure, you would want it to be completely and totally modern. To impart a bit of style and modernity you can use the aluminum composite panels. So one of the best ways to manage all these things is by using the block design on your roofs and some graceful flooring. To grill your house you can use the fancy outings and classy grills. They look too good and render the expertise of a person.


  1. Color Scene: It comes up in various colors and designs. So if you are looking for some basic but strong material for your house which will allow you to flaunt the premium looks then this is going to be the best pick for you. There might be other options as well but this one is definitely the best one for you.


  1. Cost Reduction: If you are looking for a house revamp, then expenditure is surely on cards. So, one way to reduce it is by using the ACP sheets. To know more about these sheets and their manufacturers, you can visit the website of Alutechpanels. They have some exotic options as well as bright contrasting features on their website. You might also get to know about a few HPL sheets manufacturers.


  1. Easy to Install: It has been very important to fix things easily. Think of a revamp that is costing you low but will take a toll on your head. Will that is a good option? I know it won’t because all those things that you would introduce to your house will have to be easy on installation. And when it comes to ACP sheet, they are very easy to install. Therefore you can get it done quickly and without breaking a sweat.


  1. Maintenance: This is one of the most important and key factors of ACP sheets. All those things you can get in your house would not be as easy to maintain as this one. The sheets are really hassle-free when it comes to maintaining them for a long time. They are not just long term investment but also have a lot of after perks such as keeping up the premium look and else.


  1. Looking Good: It happens to be one fact that is very important for all the users. ACP sheets have a very good texture look when installed. For this factor, people have started using the sheet in a better and a good way.


  1. Non-Corrosive Plates: Wow, this should have been registered on the top and not here. We all know that aluminum is a non-corrosive metal. It rusts at a very slow pace. So this is one of the prominent reasons why not just houses but also the offices have started using this place a lot.


Therefore with all these factors claiming for the advantages of having the Aluminium Composite Panel you must be very interested in using it in your next revamp. And if you still have some questions or queries left in your head then do not see anything else but the panels. They are literally going to help you in improving your house décor. For more information about this and other décor items, you can always rely on Alutechpanels as they have a wide range.

Different Usage of Aluminium Composite Panels


The evolution of ACP sheets has been a boon for so many industries. Since time immemorial people from various industry have been using aluminium composite panels for different reasons. Aluminium composite panels are also known as ACP sheets and these is a very popular construction material. It blends perfectly with modern day architectural purposes and this material can be moulded in different sizes to use them for various structures and designs.

Alutech Panels is a leading ACP sheets manufacturer and provider in India. Over the years we have become very popular among buyers not just in one particular state, but across the country. If you know about the benefits of ACP sheets, then let us tell you about the different applications of our ACP sheets.

  1. Cladding Purpose:

Attributable to its high solidness and adaptability, ACP can be utilized for cladding in the inside just as outside engineering. Alutech Panels Aluminium Composite Panels can withstand thorough mileage and in this way cutting edge development is clad with the Aluminium Composite Panel; this broadens the life expectancy of the structure and façade. Additionally, since aluminium is a lightweight metal, it’s anything but difficult to deal with and introduce hence expanding its agreeability among constructors.

Alutech Panel additionally offers Fire Retardant ACP Panels that are non-inflammable and produce positively no smoke and blazing beads. This keeps up Fire Safety in Constructions. You can get in touch with Alutech Panel if you want to install ACP sheets for the claddings. These sheets don’t consume a lot of time to get installed.


  1. Partition Purpose:

The vast majority of the workplace structures nowadays expect to utilize the accessible floor space to ideal dimensions. To accomplish this, they create partitions in the interior for shaping split spaces. The material which is progressively being utilized for making these segments are Alutech Panels Aluminium Composite Panels. Again inferable from the simplicity of dealing with and upkeep, ACP is one of the ideal materials for making segments; in the event that on the off chance that you get rid of having segments and need to expand the space, it tends to be effectively done; you simply need to unscrew the bolts or screws and move them to wherever you may need. ACP is likewise savvy than the vast majority of the variations and in perspective on every one of these favourable circumstances, it is generally utilized in the development world.


  1. False Ceilings Purpose:

False ceilings can create a beautiful look to your home or an office. Another reason why people use false ceiling is because it controls the temperature of the room too. The Aluminium sheet panels are made of polyethylene core which makes it heat-proof. ACP sheets can be definitely used for false ceilings because they are extremely easy to use and install. Also, they are available in so many colours and materials, it becomes easier for the buyers to choose the right ACP sheet which will accentuate the look of their interiors. ACP sheets are extremely durable too and since they have a longer longevity expectancy, they are always preferred above all the other materials.


  1. Signage and ACP sheet Board Design:

Our aluminium composite panels can be used for signage and board design as well. The best part about aluminium composite panels are that they are extremely versatile. The hoardings and signage that you see all over the city are mostly made of aluminium composite panels. They are strong and light weight and that’s why they are easy to use to make a signage. They can be easily installed and hence become an ideal material for signage and board design.


  1. Interior Decoration:

There is no doubt that after looking at the long list of usage quality of aluminium composite panels, they can also be used for interior designing as well. There are so many ways you can use our ACP sheets. You can create beautiful wardrobe for your rooms, these sheets can be used for bookshelves as well. Use them to create walls for your house to protect the original walls. ACP sheets are genuine very attractive, and they can be used for bedroom, kitchen, outer walls, interior walls, and more. They also become ideal for home interiors because these sheets are easy to maintain and clean.

Now you know the various ways to use Alutech Panels ACP sheets. Go through our catalogue and check out all the different ACP sheets. Feel free to call us to know more about our ACP sheets.

Important FAQs Associated with HPL Sheet and their Answers


Along with our bestseller ACP sheets, there is another sheet that is gaining a lot of popularity of late. Like the HPL sheet, but people aren’t sure what they are for and why they should be using it in their exteriors and interiors of their home of office.

Aluminium composite panel is always the first choice, but another choice that you can go for is the HPL sheets.

We have curated some of the most frequently asked questions associated with HPL sheets and have answered them for you.

What is HPL made of?

It comprises of around 60-70% paper and around 30-40% thermosetting pitches. The last are of two unique sorts; the internal layers of paper are impregnated with phenolic gum and the external layers with melamine.

How is a sheet of high-weight overlay made?

HPL overlays comprise of superimposed layers of paper, impregnated with thermosetting tars and for all time fortified together by all the while applying heat (more noteworthy than 120° C) and weight (more prominent than 5 MPa) for times of 40/50 minutes.

Do the dimensions of warmth and weight the materials are exposed to in the presses influence the properties of the completed item? Provided that this is true, how and to what degree?

The nature of HPL overlays is affected by the dimensions of warmth and weight connected amid assembling. Alutech Panels utilizes a weight more prominent than 7 MPa and a temperature of about 150° C. The surface and auxiliary characteristics of the covers accomplish an exclusive expectation thus.

What are the properties of HPL, all in all?

Its principle mechanical, physical and synthetic attributes are:

– Impact opposition

– Scratch opposition

– Lightfastness

– Ease of cleaning

– Heat opposition (intermittent, up to 180°C))

– Hygiene

– Suitability for contact with sustenance

Where there are uncommon execution prerequisites for explicit applications, can Alutech Panelsgives explicit item subtleties?

Truly. Where there are explicit prerequisites, items with specific tasteful or execution qualities can be conceived, as long as the plan fulfills specialized practicality and natural and monetary supportability criteria. It is critical to note, notwithstanding, that the current Alutech Panels accumulations as of now contain a wide scope of bore witness to items and applications. Thus, at first, it is smarter to go for a choice from the items in the index; Alutech Panels’deals, and specialized offices are constantly accessible to clients and will probably suggest the most reasonable items for each circumstance.

Do covers pursue the CE stamping guidelines for development items?

Just overlays 2mm or all the thicker utilized in the development business (for example dividers) must adjust to the standards for CE checking. For every single other application, for example, furniture, this checking isn’t required. When you contact the best HPL sheets manufacturer you receive only the best materials.

What universal norms does HPL meet?

There are two worldwide models, both of a wilful sort, European Standard EN 438 (European HPL guidelines) and ISO 4586. These set out the base necessities and the execution qualities for each sort of HPL. EN 438 is the most total and ongoing standard as it considers the more conventional kinds of cover as well as the more tastefully and in fact propelled assortments.

Could Alutech Panels issue authentications or test report archives on demand?

Some Alutech Panels overlays have been guaranteed for use in the development, shipbuilding and railroad enterprises. Alutech Panels can ensure that these items consent to the important principles and guidelines. Clients should ask for this when requesting.

Will distinctive completions influence the properties of the completed item?

Indeed. For instance, a shiny completion will be less scratch safe than an increasingly finished one. For progressively nitty gritty data, it is constantly prudent to allude to the particular Product Data Sheet for each cover.

What is implied by antibacterial HPL?

By and large, all HPL is characteristically sterile because of the thickness of its surface and its simplicity of cleaning. Alutech Panel’s HPL has an extraordinary inventive structure giving enemy of bacterial security. This is microbiologically tried and utilizes silver particles to repress bacterial development and diminish the number of microorganisms by 99%.

Is it conceivable to utilize any cleaning item or are there items to be maintained a strategic distance from?

Practically all ordinary family cleaning items or disinfectants are endured flawlessly well, as long as they are not grating or unequivocally acidic or antacid. Dyes or intensely chlorinated items ought to likewise be maintained a strategic distance from. In the wake of cleaning with cleanser, flushing and intensive drying is fitting, to avoid stains. It isn’t important to utilize furniture clean or wax based cleaners to keep up the surface sheen and to be sure, these in the end structure stores superficially that ingest residue and soil.

As respects surface stains, to which substances is HPL safe and which are the ones to keep away from?

HPL has a decent protection from most substances that can cause stains, including syrups, organic product juices, jams, alcohols, milk, tea, espresso, wine, cleanser, ink, citrus extract and CH3)2CO. It is too, be that as it may, to evacuate items, for example, cranberry or beetroot juice, concentrated tomato or organic product juices, caramel and some solid sterile blanches as quickly as time permits.

Is it genuine that HPL is particularly clean?

Indeed, totally. An HPL surface is negative landscape for the development of germs and is along these lines a material preferably fit to all circumstances that require most extreme cleanliness, from kitchens to working theatres.

How is HPL cleaned?

A basic material hosed with heated water is quite often adequate, since the surfaces of HPL are conservative, not exceptionally permeable and are impervious to the stains and synthetics regularly utilized in a local situation. Obviously the less finished completions can be cleaned even more effectively.

These are some of the questions that we are asked about when it comes to HPL sheets, but you have more queries, call Alutech Panels today. We will be happy to answer more questions for you.

Best Way To Use Sober Solid Red Colour From Alutech Panel in Your Home


Red is one colour above all the colours that symbolizes strength and boldness. If you know how to use this colour, then your house can look from nothing at all to something really stunning. Red is a style statement and people who love red colour knows how it feels to have red in their homes. It’s such a powerful colour after all. Here we will tell you about 20 different ways to use the red colour in your home and enhance the overall look. Let’s get to know these ideas.

We all know about ACP sheets and how beneficial it can be for your home and interiors. It comes with an array of benefits and these ACP sheets are available in a lot of colours too.

The Red Master Bathroom

Have you ever thought of red colour walls for your bedroom? Well, now you can. Try red sober solid ACP sheets in the centre wall of your bathroom, right behind the sink. You can also put some stunning paintings and wall hangings too to make the bathroom walls look like a masterpiece.

The Red Guest Bedroom

Why don’t you let your guests have a hotel-like feeling? Give it a spin by installing the red colour ACP sheets, also install similar colour curtains too. Choose curtains with floral prints on it. Add a rug to create that oomph factor.

The Red Kitchen

If you want to buy aluminium composite panel in Delhi for the bathroom, buy it from Alutech Panels only. Try a two toned wall colour for your kitchen. Create a countryside walls. Your boring kitchen will instantly look stunning and captivating. You can add a false ceiling too. Add some beautiful lights in the false ceiling and make it look super expensive.

The Red Kitchen Corner

You realize that you have a corner in the kitchen which needs some overhauling. If you have a big kitchen and there are a lot of space to spare then design the corner with red sober solid ACP sheets for your wall. Cover the wall with some classic plates that you have kept in your vicinity and also add an extra bench and a chair.

The Red Hallway

There is a hallways in your home which is screaming for some changes. How about installing red sober solid in the hallway walls? It will look exquisite. Also add some plants in the hallways too to make it look better.

The Red Dining Room

Your living room is the most powerful room of your house. This is the room where all your guestscome in, relax, look at everything around them, and appreciate how beautifully you have designed your interiors. Red and white go hand in hand. Therefore, we will suggest to paint your rustic dining table and chair with white colour and see the living room blooming.

The Red Children’s Room

Now, for the children’s room, many people will suggest you to go for yellow and bright colour. We also believe that a child’s room should always have the positive outlook about it, nevertheless if used in a creative way, red children’s room can look really nice and bright. Dont use red colour ACP sheets in the entire wall, rather stick with a few areas. You can cover some part of the walls with red ACP sheets.

The Red Study Room

Your study room has a rustic book shelf and you want the room to look more like an ancient contemporary room. Bring in some single tone yellow curtains for the study room to let it look brighter and just behind the shelves you can install the red sober solid ACP sheets. To complete the look buy some contemporary furniture for the study room and hand a rustic chandelier on the top.

Why you should use ACP sheets?

  1. Solidness: ACP cladding sheet are sturdy, climate and stain safe. They fill in as a strong boundary enabling the clients to appreciate sound finding from the outside condition. Boards keep up their shape and sizes despites the climate changes making them perfect for all seasons. Furthermore, ACP cladding sheets are impervious to climate guaranteeing the strength and getting a charge out of the advantages for the years to come.
  1. Bother Free Maintenance: Aluminum Composite Panel permits bother free upkeep. It safeguards the development and feels longer than some other item. You simply need to straightforward wipe with the ACP cladding sheet with a material to expel the earth and residue.
  1. Safe to use: Since aluminum does not consume, Aluminum Composite Panel offer a flame resistant alternative. It doesn’t discharge vapor and gases that turn out to be unsafe to the home’s occupants or nature.
  1. Financially savvy: Aluminum Composite Panel is a standout amongst the most spending plan well-disposed materials accessible in the market. With minimal effort and enduring solidness, ACPs offer cost-investment funds for the business foundation. They have demonstrated to offer excellent warm solace offering extra sparing in vitality costs. They can likewise be sliced in various sizes as indicated by the requirements of the client.
  1. Simple Installation: The establishment of ACP cladding sheet is simple and undemanding. They are the proper cladding answers for both inside and outside surfaces in the new developments or while redesigning the old ones.

If you are thinking of buying good and premium quality ACP sheets, then look nowhere else and get in touch with Alutech Panels today. Browse through their huge catalogue and make your choice from their sober solid section.

Are natural stone tiles good for homes?


Among flooring materials, none looks better and is more elegant than natural stones. The term natural stone refers to a variety of mountain-born mineral substances that stand in contrast to any synthetic or manufactured stone products. Common natural stone includes limestone, slate, marble, granite, and sandstone. All of these are mostly the same with just little amount of difference in their properties. It’s important to understand the characteristics of the type of stone flooring tiles you are purchasing in order to determine whether it is appropriate and suitable for specific location and décor. When you shop for natural stone tiles, these are general factors that you should consider:

  1. Absorption Rating: The absorption rating refers to how porous a given material is. The more absorbent it is the less are the chances to get stains. Absorbent stones are also secured by cracking that easily especially if it is subjected to freezing conditions. Natural stones vary greatly in their absorption rates, with sandstone being the most porous stone and granite being the most impervious to water absorption. Whereas, Travertine, limestone, and slate have medium absorbency, while granite is relatively waterproof. Polished material also absorbs less water than honed or cleft surface.
  1. Grade: Some retailers use the grading system to rate the quality of the material. This basically depends on the size, weight, thickness, shape and as well as the condition of the surface of the tiles. Most grading systems-include three levels of quality check:
  • Grade 1 refers to high-quality, uniform materials.
  • Grade 2 refers to those tiles that have minor defects such as chips, scratches, irregular surfaces.
  • Grade 3 refers to the materials who have immense flaws with respect to their size, shapes, surfaces, or chipping, making them appropriate only as accent pieces or mainly in rustic decorative places where the tiles are used just in sake of covering up the place. Therefore, high quality natural stone tiles are the best for enhancing the look.
  1. Oxidation: Natural stone materials as we know are formed beneath the Earth over millions of years and contains disparate elements in the maximum Sometimes iron is present in these materials, it can manifest amber hue and as bright as red in the surface of the stones. But here the main problem arises is the oxidization of iron that is kept in an outdoor environment, it is known as rust. This can literally cause the entire tile to degenerate over time.
  1. Benefits of having natural stone flooring:
  • Each piece of stone is a unique creation of the earth, making every flooring application one of a kind. Every floor is entirely unique.
  • The mountain-born qualities of the stone can help to give living spaces a direct and eternal connection to the natural world, unlike any other building material.
  • Stones tiles are natural, non-polluting, eco-friendly pieces. Purchasing stones which were acquired locally cut down on the environmental impact of transport.
  1. Drawbacks of having natural stone flooring:
  • With the exception of granite and some slate, natural stone is quite porous and needs to be treated with a sealing agent periodically to protect its surface.
  • Some polish material like marble can scratch up easily.
  • Some stones are very brittle and will chip easily.
  • There are chances that they sometimes lose their luster and shine and become rough.
  1. Cost: Prices of natural stone tiles vary enormously and will depend on the grade and the quality of the stone. Most stone is newly quarried but reclaimed slabs are available which eventually considered more as environment-friendly are a bit more expensive. The pricing of per tile is done on the basis of a meter per square from the high street or national retailer and increases when the quality increases. The Price of Aluminium composite panel varies from company to company, so check the best price at Alutechpanels and then select the vendor.
  1. Which are the best natural stone tiles: Stones are known as the value and the look enhancer of the house but it can completely go wrong the moment you step out for a wrong decision while choosing. So, choose wisely before going to install them. There are many options like slate which are thick and available with textured finish, granite which are available in wide range of colors and subtle and flexible look, marble that are widely used because of its lustrous and shiny look, limestone which have simple and basic look that eventually goes well with any décor theme of house.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Wood Flooring


Natural wood flooring looks exquisite in any home. They come with tons of benefits and the availability of an array of hues in natural wood flooring, makes them preferable even more. But people often comes to us with a lot of questions.

Along with ACP sheets in Delhi people often look for natural wood flooring as well. We have curated 7 such frequently asked questions regarding natural wooden flooring and have tired our best to answer them accurately.

  1. What kind of natural wood flooring is best for my house?

Picking the right sorts of wood flooring for you is altogether a matter of your style. There are a lot of natural wood flooring styles available on Alutech Panels which you can gander at.

Do you like light woods like blazing flotsam and jetsam or maple? These colours generally impact a space to appear to be progressively open and blustery.

Do you like medium woods colour like hickory or oak? These colours generally impact a space to appear to be even more warm and agreeable.

Do you like diminish woods colour like walnut or mahogany? These colours all around impact a space to appear to be even more stately and refined.

  1. I’ve seen unmistakable culmination sheens on wood floors; some are shiny and some are definitely not. Which is better?

Yet again it depends on your taste and choice. In case you present a site-finished floor, you can pick any sheen that you like. Shimmer finishes offer the most shimmer, and will reflect the most light. Semi-shimmer finishes offer some radiance, and will reflect some light. Gleaming silk or matte culminations offer the least shimmer, and will reflect the least light.

Generally speaking, the less sheen, the less you will see little scratches and other wear that is commonplace with wood floors. In case you present a mechanical office finished floor, you will be confined to the sheen open for the material you select. All sheens will offer a comparable confirmation for your floor, so it truly includes which look you like best.

  1. I’m stressed over pets scratching my floors. Is there anything I can do to keep the natural wood flooring scratch proof?

There are a couple of things you can do to confine scratches from pets on your natural wood flooring. Spot disseminate tangles at all approaches to confine the proportion of earth and coarseness being followed in, especially if your pet likes to tunnel. Your best insurance, regardless, is to trim your pet’s nails routinely. In the occasion that scratches occur, as they may whether pets live in the home or not, recollect that the scratches presumably will be in the finish just, and not in the wood.

  1. How do I keep my floors looking new all the time?

All natural wood floors should be cleaned regularly. To accomplish that, just dust mop or vacuum the floors with the blender bar executed to remove soil and coarseness from between the areas of ground surface.

Keep away from using a wet mop or steam mop on hardwood floors as water and steam can dull the fulfilment, or even damage the wood over huge loads of time.

Right when spills occur, make sure to clean them speedily with a dry or hardly damp cloth. Empowering spills to remain on the wood floors could hurt the finish, and possibly the wood. Make sure to avoid walking on them wearing high-heel shoes. This could scratch the floor.

Finally, when the floor begins to look fairly dull, use a wood flooring cleaner recommended by your installer to revive the sparkle.

  1. I’ve seen events where wood floors obscure after some time. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?

Wood floors are one of just a bunch couple of deck choices that end up being dynamically brilliant with age. Like each basic thing that experience change after some time, wood floors will experience unnoticeable shading changes as they age. This is a trademark methodology that will add to the grandness and character of the floor.

Two components sway shading changes in wood floors: sun exposure and the finishing that is associated with the floor. After some time, postponed sun acquaintance will cause wood floors with change shading. Think about how skin reacts when introduced to light. Wood reacts comparatively, and you can restrict this effect by discontinuously moving rugs and furniture to keep that presentation.

The second factor that can cause wood floors to change shading after some time is the finish used. Oil-changed consummations will brilliant after some time, giving the floor a fairly yellow appearance. Curiously, water-based finishes generally will remain clear after some time, constraining whole deal shading changes.

Installing natural wood flooring will not take as much time as you might have imagines. Plus it doesn’t cost you lot either. You can contact Alutech Panels to know more natural wood flooring and different hues that are available for you. Just visit our official website and click on natural wood to explore all the verities.

The Best 6 Sober Solid ACP Sheets for Your Bedroom


Bedrooms are an essential part of our home. This is the room that we crawl to when we call it a day. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for us to work on our personal space which is the bedroom. If you are looking for some of the ACP sheets and want them to install them in your bedroom, then let us tell you that it’s a good choice. ACP sheets are no longer limited to signage and outdoor cladding. Today ACP sheets are widely used for interiors too.

You might be living in a small apartment house and want to make your house look bigger then check out the list of ten best sober solid coloursthat you can use in the bedroom to make it look bigger and brighter. Read on.

116- Red

When it comes to the bedroom, red is always a good choice. This one is a powerful colour. It represents lust, passion, romance, love, bravery, power, and vibrancy. Use the 116- Red ACP sheets by Alutech Panels in your bedroom and observe the instant change in your mood. No matter how tired you feel, your bedroom will make you feel relaxed and amazing. It is only when your mind is at peace, you will be able to relax better. Red should always be used in the main wall. Maybe just behind the wall where you have kept your bed. It is not difficult to install ACP sheets and within a day the Red ACP sheet will be installed. If you are looking for the best ACP sheets in Delhi then contact Alutech Panels right away.

117- Navy Blue

The colour of sky and water, depicts spirituality, devotion, loyalty, contentment, and tranquility. The rather brighter shade of blue which is the 117- Navy Blue is an ideal choice for the bedroom. Bedrooms are ideal for your small apartment. As this colour will make your bedroom look larger. Create a white and navy-blue combo for your bedroom. Keep minimal items in your bedroom and let the warmth of the sky and water flow in your bedroom all the time.

118- Post Green

Green is the colour of nature, it depicts relaxation, fertility, has tremendous healing power, positive energy, and more.

Green is often used by people for interiors. Being the colour of relaxation, you should use it in your bedroom. Another good thing about this colour is that it can heal anger as well. Hence, people who often struggle with mood swings or suffer from anger management issue should use green colour in their bedroom.

Stay calm when your body requires it the most. The good thing about the post green colour is that you can use it on the entire walls of your bedroom. Remove all the unnecessary accessories from the bedroom to let the positive energy swing freely in the bedroom.

126- Milky White

White is the colour of purity, cleanliness, simplicity, innocence, and luxury. Everyone should use a milky white colour in their bedroom. Although don’t pain the complete walls with white. Create contrast with Navy blue or with any other colour to avoid being egocentric.

Let the positive energy be there while negating the chances of creating negative energy. Milky white colour looks luxurious and it can makeyour small apartment look big and wide.

129- Lemon Yellow

Yellow is a happy colour. Don’t we all feel happy around sunflowers? Don’t we all want to go outside on a nice sunny day after a sad gloomy day? Well, that’s the effect of a terrific yellow colour. If you want to create a lively and happy feeling for your bedroom, then our suggestion would be to choose Lemon Yellow. Use it in your bedroom and choose the curtains of your bedroom wisely. You can choose floral print curtains to accentuate the look of the overall colour. Let the happy colour spread its happiness all day long and rejuvenate you each time you visit your bedroom.

128- Lake Blue

Another good shade of the sky and water is the lake blue. You must use it in your bedroom for a relaxed sleep. Blue colour invites relaxation and calmness which will help you to stay in a relaxed state of mind.

Everyone wants to come home to feel relaxed and what can be better than relaxing on your bed? That’s the reason why you should use Blue and all kinds of blue in the bedroom if you want to be felt relaxed and stay calm. Let blue colour help you to have a better sleep at night. Get this sober solid ACP sheet for your bedroom today.

These are top 6 hands picked ACP sheets for you that you can use in your bedroom. Your bedroom is essential, and you should work on the look of your bedroom too. Just because it’s you who visit the bedroom doesn’t mean you should leave it just like that. In fact, you should work on it more because it’s you who visits the bedroom more often.

Application of ACP for Interior Purpose


Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is a level board of at least two aluminum sheets attached to one another and after that on non-aluminum center. It comes in assortment of plan and is very tough. Utilized for highlighter and roofs. Restroom roofs are made utilizing ACP. These are not scratch free. Thus you have to utilize it in such spot where there isn’t any possibility to catch scratches. Roof is can be exceptionally good place to install ACP sheets or HPL sheets. Along with ACP sheets people often contact HPL sheets manufacturers as well.

Cost of ACP sheets

The value ranges from Rs 3000/ – to 20,000/ – relying upon structure and size.

Aluminum Composite Panel v/s Laminates

ACP’s are a much better material when it comes to picking a material for constructing a house or a building. Be that as it may, ACP’s create scratches effectively not at all like covers. Furthermore, in this manner ACP’s for insides are generally favored on immaculate dividers and roofs.

Thickness (Exterior ACP and Interior ACP)

ACP’s are utilized for inward just as outer compositional structures. Aluminium sheets utilized for exterior purpose are usually 3mm to 4mm thick and the sky is the limit from there. Yet, aluminum sheets utilized for ACP’s for interiors are not all the more than 1 mm thick.

Can you use Aluminium Composite Panels in India for interiors as well?

Use of ACP in Homes

Gracious truly, today with innovation and mindfulness, ACP is utilized significantly in present day Home kitchens. ACP is utilized for trolleys and cupboards of secluded/semi-particular kitchens. Be that as it may, in kitchens where ACP is utilized, one should be especially watchful as ACP can scratch effectively on utilizing sharp articles on it. Since the ACP utilized for kitchens would be of more slender quality, marks also can without much of a stretch be shaped and these scratches and gouges are non-repairable. Likewise one needs to clean the surface quickly to maintain a strategic distance from solid stains.

Utilization of ACP for Commercial Spaces

For business territories like shops, salons, and so forth one should be cautious and mindful where to utilize it. Like I propose proprietors of piece of clothing shops to abstain from having ACP. Particularly where hanging articles of clothing is just choice. ACP is a decent alternative to use as false roof or have little retires. For example ACP works best for salons and parlors for racks where bottles and other hair adornments can be put.

In some cases ACP is likewise utilized for divider cladding as it ends up being delicate to cover vast regions.

The Trend of Composite Panels

Arrangement of Aluminum composite boards has risen as an impressive test in the Indian market. The accessibility of Interior Aluminum composite board sheets in India has likewise given modelers and temporary workers to execute new plans in development. Embracing aluminum composite boards was not exactly simple before all else, however with time individuals began to understand that these items were equipped for giving security, toughness nearby style. We don’t flaunt any bogus highlights yet of the highlights controlled by our wide scope of aluminum composite board items.

Our Strengths

Alutech Panels determines its strength in the market through extraordinary solidness of our items. We can give an alternate scope of aluminum composite boards, which join diverse surfaces for conferring a significant dimension of stylish remainder to our items.

The marble surface composite board just as Interior Decoration Aluminum Composite Panel in India provided by us can watch out for the outside and inside plan prerequisite for your home individually.

We don’t depend on bogus cases of unrivaled quality for leading business as we trust that clients judge us based on the items given by us instead of the cases we make on the web.

Why to choose us?

  • We are fit for tending to the inside improvement prerequisites of our customers through the Interior Decoration Composite Aluminum Panel in India.
  • These sheets can be used for isolating two distinct rooms close by enhancing the feel of the insides through the elite shading and plan varieties.
  • The adaptability of structures is a tenable component, which we incorporate into every one of our items, and in this manner clients can apply the boards as required in an inside situation.
  • We spend a lot of time in the composition of our ACP sheets to ensure that we provide only 100% satisfactory ACP sheets to the world.
  • You can go through our plethora of ACP sheets that we have in our product list. You will be amazed to see our huge collection.
  • The adaptability of the boards can likewise be considered as a promising result of cutting edge fabricating forms executed by us.
  • All our ACP sheets are fire resistant, making it extremely safe for your home, both for the interiors and exteriors cladding.

Apart from all the above mentioned pointers, we work a lot on our customer service department too. We are here to listen to you. Call us today to get a free consultation and quote.

Why You Should Buy Natural Wood Flooring From Alutech Panels?


If you are wondering about renovating your flooring of late and want to buy a material which will accentuate the look of your home, choose natural wood flooring. Well, first and foremost, natural wood flooring looks great and they are really affordable. These are extremely durable and are cheaper than carpet tiles or linoleum. Plus the benefits you will reap after adding natural wood flooring in your home will set you free from all kinds of stress.

Wood flooring will add warmth to your home making it look brand new plus this is also a great way to incorporate nature theme. Natural wood flooring will remain intact no matter how many people walk on it, it won’t make any screeching sound and neither the color will fade away with time. Another advantage is that there are many hues as well. Whatever colour you feel is right for your home, simply choose that and proceed.

Now, let’s check out some of the benefits of choosing natural wood flooring for your home:

  1. When you buy a good and premium quality wood flooring for your home, it will last for decades. Carpet tiles and normal tiles always asks for repairing and that can create a hole in your pockets. Wooden flooring doesn’t ask for yearly renovation and they remain as it is for years and years. With minimal maintenance, the natural wood flooring remains as it is and lasts for many years.
  2. Another good reason to pick natural wood flooring is that it is easier to clean. It doesn’t ask for a lot of cleanliness because it doesn’t stain. All you need to do is clean the area that looks dirty, use vacuum cleaner to remove dust and a mop to clean it, this way your wood flooring will look as good as new all the time. Whereas other material like carpets and tiles can easily catch stain and it becomes difficult to remove the stains from them.
  3. Do you know that carpets in your home can harbor great amount of bacteria? Bacteria which are not visible by naked eyes but are extremely dangerous for your health! If you go by reports, a lot of people fall sick who have kept carpet flooring in their home. This will not only cause disturbances in your peaceful life but will also burn your pockets with medical bills as well. That’s why you should opt for natural wood flooring which looks beautiful and are hygienic as well. With wood flooring, you will never complain about unseen bacteria. Your child and pets will remain safe with wood flooring.
  4. The fourth point for installing natural wood flooring is to get rid of unpleasant odor which you might get from carpets. Wooden flooring are not only hygienic but they are free from foul smells too. Polished wooden flooring has its own aroma and the delightful smell will keep you feeling happy throughout the day.
  5. India can see both the extreme sides of weather. It can get extremely hot and cold simultaneously. Wooden flooring does become beneficial for those who want their home to remain warm during the winters and cold during the summers. Wooden flooring are the best when you want your home to remain hot and cold throughout the season.
  6. Even though with time if the wooden flooring faces a little damage, you will not have to replace the entire flooring. Also, these flooring comes in section, so, if one section is damaged, you don’t need to install wooden flooring for the complete home, only the section that has been damaged will be corrected. If the damage is not huge then the installer will only use some sand and seal the affected area. The procedure is a lot cheaper than the other material.
  7. Natural wooden flooring has a timeless appeal to it and we are sure most of you will agree to this statement too. With time tiles and carpet tiles run out of style and you may feel bored. But wooden flooring when purchased from the right ACP sheets manufacturer will remain timeless and will spread its positive aura in the entire home for a longer duration.
  8. Another good thing about the wood flooring is that it is available in a lot of different colours and in a lot of different prices too. You can easily choose a natural wood flooring which will fit into your budget easily and you won’t have to worry about its colour too.
  9. Natural wood flooring maintains a charismatic charm, they never go out of style unlike ceramic tiles and carpet tiles.
  10. If you plan to sell your home, houses with natural wood flooring tends to attract more buyers which means your house will be sold off within no time and the after sale value will increase by a huge margin too.

Now you know why you need to have natural wood flooring in your house. If you are thinking about where to buy it from then contact Alutech Panels right away. There are a lot of benefits associated with natural wood flooring which we have mentioned above. Don’t stay behind because this the best decision you could ever make!

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