Alutech Panel Provides fire retardant Aluminium Composite Panel sheets


Constructing a building is never easy. It takes a lot of effort and time and the dilemma to choose the perfect materials for our building is even nerve-wracking. Whatever you choose to buy to build your perfect house the first thing that you should keep in mind is to look for items which are always fire-proof. Mishaps can happen anytime no matter how safe you try to be and it is always better to be proactive. Be safe not sorry. Fire accidents destroy life, be fire proof and don’t let anything jeopardise your and your family’s precious lives.

Do remember that no material can provide you 100% fire safety, fire is a strong element and only a few products will keep your building as well as the house fire-ready and one of them is ACP sheets. Aluminium composite panels can help protect your house and building from fire to a great extent. Don’t let anything harm your beautiful house and hard-earned money.

Choose the best aluminium composite panel manufacturers to buy the best ACP sheets, choose Alutech Panels and keep your house away from fire mishaps.

Following are some of the most important reasons why you should choose Alumimium Composite Panels only. Read them thoroughly because one little step can help you construct a stronger foundation.

Dispose of Those Dangerous Gases:

What we have observed is that when a building bursts into flames, the inhabitants lose their lives for the most part as a result of the harmful gases infiltrated amid the fire mishap. These gases are extremely harmful for your lungs and when you breathe in these gases you start losing consciousness, ultimately giving up the strength to fight back. Picking Alutech’s ACP sheets won’t just help your structure from bursting into flames quickly but it won’t discharge any unsafe harmful gases too. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should choose Aluminium Composite Panels.

Stifles Smoke

When you see fire, you additionally observe smoke and a great deal of them. Envision a building bursting into flames and a considerable measure of smoke obscuring the vision of the inhabitants! It’s difficult to envision, yet this is a situation that can occur. ACP sheets have a property which influences them to emanate lesser measure of smoke, making it simpler for the general population living inside clear the space effectively. Don’t let anything get into the way. Choose a fire-proof material which will give you enough time to vacate the premise and go to a safer area. ACP sheets will genuinely give you enough time to do that.

No Flaring Bead

ACP sheets don’t soften effortlessly dissimilar to different materials. At the point when things begin to liquefy amid the fire it begins causing a great deal of pressure and fit of anxiety among the inhabitants, since ACP sheets are protected and don’t cause liquid or blazing bead, it by and by gives you enough time to clear the property in time without making you freeze. You can vacate your building as soon as possible without any panic situation and mark yourself safe.

A Lesser Measure of Warmth Discharge

Fire can spread in a substance and on the off chance if you don’t focus on the materials you are picking for the building, it can cause a great deal of desperation. ACP sheets transmit a lesser measure of warmth discharge.

Non-Combustible Center

In contrast to different materials, ACP sheets have a magnesium hydroxide mineral center. It postpones the time of burning. This material holds the temperature down with the goal that it won’t burst into flames. Which again gives you time to vacate your building or the house and go to a safer place.

Doesn’t Break With Façade

As a rule, amid a fire flare-up, we see everything going into disrepair. Be that as it may, ACP sheets don’t tumble off with the exteriors.

Whether you are constructing a building for commercial purpose or for residential purpose always choose the material for your building carefully. You never know what may happen and in order to keep yourself safe from all of these unforeseen circumstances choose ACP sheets only. You know you have to be prepared and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Alutech Panel’s ACP Sheets – Protecting Your Building From Fire


Whenever we start investing in constructing a building or a home, the first thing that comes to our mind is to make it fire retardant. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  Fire accidents not just damage your property but can be the reason for someone’s death too.

If you think that you are 100% safe from fire, then, to be honest, no building is 100% fire-proof. But, a few steps can help your precious house and building from facing accidents. While constructing a building or any structure, the very first step that you should take is to look for materials that will slow down fire-out brakes. That’s why you should be always careful while choosing the right material for your house, our advice will be to go for fire-retardant materials only. Your one cautious step can help save a lot of lives. For this very reason, go and explore Alutech Panel’s products which will provide you with safety during the crucial time. Their products are available in different colours, textures provide a finished look, and are also fire retardant. One product and goodness of multiple properties.

Following are some essential reasons why you should consider buying ACP sheets:

Get rid of those toxic gases:

What we have observed is that when a building catches fire, the occupants lose their lives mostly because of the toxic gases penetrated during the fire accident. Choosing Alutech’s ACP sheets will not only help your structure from catching fire rapidly but will not emit any harmful toxic gases as well.

Suppresses smoke

When you see fire, you also see smoke and a lot of them. Imagine a building catching fire and a lot of smoke blurring the vision of the residents! It’s hard to imagine, but this is a scenario that can happen. ACP sheets have a property which makes them emit lesser amount of smoke, making it easier for the people residing inside evacuate the space easily.

No flaming droplet

ACP sheets don’t melt easily unlike other materials. When things start to melt during the fire its starts causing a lot of stress and panic attack among the residents, since ACP sheets are safe and don’t cause molten or flaming droplet, it once again gives you enough time to evacuate the property in time without making you panic.

A lesser amount of heat release

Fire can spread in a gist if you don’t pay attention to the materials you are choosing for the building. ACP sheets emit a lesser amount of heat release.

Non-flammable core

Unlike other materials, ACP sheets have a magnesium hydroxide mineral core. It delays the process of heating. This material keeps bringing the temperature down so that it won’t catch fire.

Doesn’t break with façade

Usually, during a fire outbreak, we see everything falling apart. But ACP sheets don’t fall off with the facades.

While constructing a building for any purpose, be it for commercial purpose or residential purpose, it is always advisable to be sure about the materials that you pick for yourself. It is better to be protective and proactive. Get in touch with only the best ACP manufacturers in India, call Alutech Panel and purchase the fire retardant ACP and HPL sheets today. Be safe, not sorry.

Should You Choose Tiles Or ACP Sheets?


While developing our home or office a considerable lot of us experience the battle of picking the correct sort of materials. Some say tiles are better while these days individuals are more disposed towards utilizing ACP sheets! So which one would it be advisable for you to pick? Give us a chance to discuss the distinction among tiles and ACP sheets with the goal that you can decide and pick the correct item for either your home or office.


People are often seen using tiles on their restroom floor and even on the kitchen floor. Now and then they even utilize it to cover the walls of these two regions. The most commonly utilized tiles are ceramic tiles, marbles, porcelain, and so on. A few even use marble tiles in their family room. Yet, how about we see the advantages and disadvantages of tiles and whether you should choose them or not?


Financially savvy

Tiles are financially savvy contingent on the sort of tiles you are picking.


The ceramic tiles out of every single other tile last the longest. It can keep going for up to 10-20 years. This one, specifically, is to a great degree intense and doesn’t break. Additionally, in the event that you discover a few splits in it, you can supplant it with no issues.

Water absorption

Another great factor about tiles is that they are water safe. In the event that you live in a humid zone, tiles will easily survive. The defensive layers in tiles make them to a great degree water safe.


Greatly substantial

Tiles require a solid base. In the event that your base isn’t solid then there is a simple shot for the tiles to drop out. On the off chance that you have a twofold story building it tends to be unsafe to install tiles on the upper floors.

Long lasting

Because of their overwhelming nature, when you discover a few splits on the tiles, it turns out to be to really hard to supplant it. Tiles take a sort of a changeless space in your home and office and that is the point at which the test emerge.

The Installation procedure

Tiles are substantial in nature, they are strong and you can’t easily mould them too, because of which they require a ton of time amid installation. The surface and the area where you will be installing tiles must be perfect and strong in nature, which implies the sound base is required, and furthermore the surface ought to be level.


ACP, in any case, comes in a wide range of hues and sorts, you can without much of a stretch, you can choose for some astonishing metallic shade if that is the thing that you need and effortlessly install it. All you need to do is look for the best ACP sheets manufacturer in India and you are good to go. Saying that check out Alutech Panel’s ACP sheets for different colours and textures. Following are the pros and cons.



Indeed, ACP sheets are to a great degree solid. You don’t have to care for them 24 x 7. They are nearly upkeep free. There are such a large number of hues and verities accessible. You can utilize them to give a completed look to your inside and outside of the building or house. You can without much of a stretch pick between galaxy glitter ACP sheets, characteristic stone, natural wood, HPL-ACP, and that’s just the beginning. You don’t have to give any exceptional treatment to the ACP sheets to introduce them either. There are so many Alutech Panel products available. Go and make your choice.


ACP’s are an amazingly agreeable item, they are fireproof as well and being so adaptable and benevolent it winds up less demanding to install them. They are to a great degree strong and lightweight, in contrast to tiles.

Completed look

ACP sheets are known to give the completed look to your outside and inside of your house and building. Clinical rooms likewise like to install ACP sheets too since they protect from their rooms from smaller scale life forms and other destructive microorganisms to infiltrate in the room. It gives a completed look as well as shields you’rehouse from brutal climatic condition.


Indeed, being so lightweight in nature, they can here and there catch scratches and gouges.

Time to Remodel Your Interior Wall Textures with Alutechs ACP Sheets


Feeling bored with the interiors of your house or your building, then it’s time to overhaul the interiors with our beautiful ACP sheets. Here, we will talk about some of the most amazing designs which you can follow to remodel your house. Get rid of those monotonous walls and let’s get started with new designs.

Often times when we think of redoing our walls, we concentrate more on changing the wall colour but nothing beyond that. However, there are so many things that you can create for your walls using our ACP sheets and completely change the look and feel of your walls. Time to upgrade your designs.

Did you know that we are the best ACP sheets manufacturer in Delhi as well as across the nation? ACP sheets can be moulded into an art piece. You can design a fantastic wall panel textures, create a 3D wall effect, and more. There are so many options to choose from. You can go for sober solid colours, glossy colours, natural wood and stone like ACP sheets, and more. You will get a plethora of options, all you need to be is a little artistic and you are ready for the overhauling.

Here are some of the ideas to use Aluminium Composite Panel sheets on your wall to create that oomph factor.

1. The contemporary style for your wall: When you are thinking about a contemporary effect, then go through our catalogue and choose the most enchanting ACP sheet. You can try our glossy effect ACP sheets to create that contemporary look for your interior walls.

2. The modern style for your wall: Next, we have Alutech’s sober solid and galaxy glitter collection. You can use them to create a more sophisticated look for your wall. They look classy yet very simple. Elegant and sophistication, two-in-one benefit.

3. The artisan style for your wall: Time to completely change the look and feel of your walls with our natural stone ACP sheets collection. It creates the ruggedness look.

4. The Coastal and Hampton style for your wall: Who doesn’t like the feel of a beachside look? Bring the beach to your home with our sea blue colour ACP sheets. You can create a more relaxed and cool look for your bedroom with this ACP sheet.

5. The French Country-style for your wall: French Countryside is all about nature. The warm colours of beautiful trees and wooden houses are more than enough to mesmerize us. Won’t you want to have that for your home too? Choose Alutech’s natural wood ACP sheets for your living room’s interior and bring nature to your home. If you want to decorate your office, then you can go for the natural stone ACP sheets.

6. The retro- style for your wall: How about bringing back the retro style? Old is gold remember! Accentuate the look of your house using Alutech’s metallic ACP sheets. Create that vintage look that you have been wanting. Browse through our catalogue and choose the best metallic colours for your wall.

It doesn’t matter which style you pick, what matters is where you are picking your ACP sheets from. Here at Alutech, we guarantee you a plethora of ACP sheets. Upgrade the interiors of your house and office with us.

Alutech at Aluminium Expo, Kochi


On 13-14th October, Alutech participated in the Aluminium expo held in Kochi in Kerala. The aluminium expo gave us a deep insight about the various other players in the same industry. We firmly believe that it is always better to know about all the similar players in the market and get an insight into their products too. This expo was organized in grand Lalit Hotel. What an astounding achievement it was for us. To meet different manufacturers, architectures, and also prospective buyers gave us a huge amount of space to showcase our products as well. It also gave us a lot of insight about our brand image in the market too.

This platform gave all the prospective buyers as well as sellers a medium to meet one another under the same roof. We also learned about the needs of customers and how we could be beneficial for them. Our enthusiastic team went there all geared up and greeted everyone who came to visit us. We talked about our products as well. We showed all the interested people our huge range of ACP sheets and HPL-ACP sheets. This gave us an opportunity to talk about the various qualities ACP sheets is embodied with and also to tell them why we are different from the rest of the manufacturers.

This exhibition gave us an enormous platform to showcase our products to all the architectures, buyers, and those who wanted to know about ACP sheets. It really helped the people who came to us learn new things about this extremely fine product and how this could change the modern-day architecture. Undoubtedly, the Aluminium Expo gave us an opportunity to build a network as well. Networking helped us build a strong relationship with other similar companies.

What we did in the Aluminium expo, Kochi

  • We gave detailed information about how beneficial ACP sheets are for a company and even for interior decoration of a house. We told everyone about ACP sheets durability and how easily they can be installed.
  • Next, to that we discussed was about was the maintenance. ACP sheets retain their shape and size no matter where you use them and also no matter how harsh the weather is.
  • We told them ACP sheets to be extremely hassle-free. Our approaches were delighted to know that they can be easily wiped off with a piece of cloth and don’t need to look after them unlike other materials for 24 x 7.
  • The next important part of our discussion was ACP sheets being heavily fire-resistant. Installing ACP sheets remain fireproof for a longer duration.
  • We also told them about ACP sheets being highly cost-effective as well. Saving money is the first thing that any potential customer looks for and ACP sheets are extremely affordable making them the perfect product.
  • Last but not least, we also talked about the ACP sheets installation process. It is stress-free and also installation happens in no time.
  • Moving on to the next product we also discussed about HPL ACP sheets as well.
  • We discussed how weather resistant our products are. The detailed information that we shared was an eye-opener for so many people.
  • We told them that HPL- ACP sheets have a non-porous surface as well.

So, here is an insight into what we accomplished and did in the aluminium expo. It always feels good when people learn new things from us. Buyers were thoroughly convinced with our products and this gave us a huge platform to enhance our business opportunity. Undoubtedly, the aluminium expo gave us an ample opportunity to grow. It enabled us to showcase what we had to offer to the world. Products which are going to be highly beneficial for everyone. Not just this we also showed them samples of our products too like natural stone, sober solid colours, natural wood colours, and more. We believe we were highly informative. We told them about various places where they can use our ACP sheets as well as HPL- ACP sheets. Both with their unique qualities, making them a superb product. If you also want to beautify your house or want a refined product for the exterior cladding than contact us today.

Alutech’s Accomplishments!


Alutech has been providing some of the finest ACP and HPL sheets in the industry. We make sure to give customer satisfaction and that’s why people invest in us. Using ACP sheets in exterior cladding can make your residential or corporate building look polished and refined. The fire-retardant quality is one of the main reasons why people choose ACP sheets nowadays.

We feel extremely delighted to share some of our finished projects with you today.

ACP sheets successfully installed in Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi

Alutech’s ACP sheets are gaining popularity day by day. We have successfully installed ACP sheets in Munch store, Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi. Our hardworking team left no stone unturned to install it efficiently.

Here in the picture is the finished look of installed ACP sheets. We have used the sober solid red shade here. Everything has been fitted properly.

Successfully Installed ACP Sheets in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi

ACP sheets are not only used for commercial sites but are also used in exterior cladding of residential properties as well. Below is the completed site in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi. The ACP sheets here give a completely polished and finished look.

Natural wood ACP sheets being used as the exterior cladding in one of the residential properties in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi. We have successfully installed our premium quality ACP sheets here to give a finished look to the building.

Successfully installed ACP sheets in NirmalVihar, East Delhi

People are choosing ACP sheets more and more these days. After all, they are extremely durable, cost-effective, and are also easy to install. ACP sheets are extremely lightweight yet sturdy. You would want the exterior of your building to look refined and polished, right! Below is yet another finished project in East Delhi by Alutech.

Another successfully completed site in NirmalVihar, East Delhi. See how sophisticated it looks. The natural wood shade will surely make some heads turn. As you can see, our client has chosen a natural wood HPL sheet for exterior wall cladding.

Successfully installed ACP sheets in south India

Alutech has clients from every corner of this country. We have carefully installed ACP sheets in South India metro station. As you can see below, we have also installed ACP sheets in Metro stations exterior cladding as well.

Completed site in Metro station, in South India. ACP sheets are fire retardant and are also not prone to corrosion, that’s why they are perfect for platforms like the metro stations. When other materials start to rust and the color fades away with time, our ACP and HPL sheets remain as it is for a very long time.

These are some of our successful finished projects of installing ACP and HPL sheets. We feel proud to say that people trust us and our products and we are always working harder to deliver what everyone deserves.

Media Expo, 7th September-A GRAND SUCCESS


Recently on 7th September Media Expo gave a platform to all the renowned Indoor and Outdoor Signage solution providers to showcase their products. We also participated, and we must say that it was a grand success. The International Exhibition on Indoor and Outdoor Advertising and Signage Solution let us meet many manufacturers, architectures, and buyers. It also gave us an ample amount of opportunity to showcase our brand value and why we are one of the best Indoor and Outdoor Signage solution providers.

The collaboration of bringing so many buyers and sellers under one roof also gave us an insight into what buyers expect from us and how we could be beneficial for them. It let us spoke to dozens of buyers personally and know their needs. We also told them about the different benefits ACP sheets and HPL-ACP sheets provide. This also let the buyers gain a lot of knowledge about our products, how we are different from the rest and why we are the best ACP sheet manufacturers in Delhi.

This platform let us showcase our products in detail. We gave live demos explaining about each and every product that we have to offer. We also spoke to the buyers about the reasons why they should opt for ACP and HPL-ACP sheets. It gave us an opportunity to build a network with the top brands in the industry as well.

Our professional team handled each and every query of the buyers, manufacturers, architects with ease.

We gave detailed information about ACP sheets, which are as follows:
• Durability: ACP sheets are extremely durable. It stays strong and doesn’t lose its charm no matter what the weather is. The ACP sheets maintain their shape and structure no matter how bad the weather is.

• Hassle-free: ACP sheets cladding provides a hassle-free experience to every buyer. All you need to do is wipe it with a clean piece of cloth, you don’t need to look after it 24 x 7.

• Fire resistant: The ACP sheets cladding will keep your building safe. During fire emergency it will not catch fire easily, letting all the people go out of the building and reach a safer spot.

• Cost-effective: ACP sheets are highly cost-effective as well. Because of its durability feature, it saves a lot of money from the buyers.

• Gets installed easily: ACP sheets also don’t ask for a lot of stress while installing it. You can install them easily.

While moving on to the next product that is the HPL-ACP sheets, we mentioned the following points:
• The High-Pressure Laminate ACP sheets provide graffiti resistance.

• It provides weather resistance as well. It can go through extreme weather conditions without getting damaged.

• It is extremely flexible and easy to install.

• It prevents dirt accumulation as well.

• During icy cold weather, it doesn’t get frozen.

• It also has a non-porous surface.

While talking about the various benefits of both of our products, buyers were thoroughly convinced and showed keen interest. Media Expo indeed gave us a platform for opportunities. The grand success of “The International Exhibition on Indoor and Outdoor Advertising and Signage Solution” let us show people some sample of different kinds and colors of ACP sheet available with us. Starting from Natural Stone, Natural Wood, Dazzling Metallic, Galaxy Glitter, and more. We told people about how they can use it to beautify the indoor and the outdoors of not only their building but their homes too. How each of them can be used for different rooms in their house! Along with it, we spoke about our various achievements.

Which one is better? ACP or Tiles?


While constructing our home or office many of us go through the struggle of choosing the right kind of materials. Some say tiles are better whereas nowadays people are more inclined towards installing ACP sheets! So which one should you choose? Let us talk about the difference between tiles and ACP sheets so that you can make up your mind and choose the right product for either your home or office.


People use tiles for the bathroom floor and even on the kitchen floor. Sometimes they even use it to cover the walls of these two areas. The most commonly used tiles are ceramic tiles, marbles, porcelain, etc. Some people also prefer to use marble tiles in their living room. But let’s see the pros and cons of tiles and whether you should install them or not!



Tiles are cost-effective depending upon the kind of tiles you are choosing.


The ceramic tiles out of all other tiles last the longest. It can last for up to 10-20 years. The only condition is you have to take care of it properly. This one, in particular, is extremely tough and doesn’t crack. Also, if you find some cracks in it, you can replace it without any problems.

Water resistance

Another good factor about tiles is that they are water resistant. If you stay in a humid area, tiles will easily survive there. The protective layers in tiles make them extremely water resistant.


Extremely heavy

Tiles need a strong base. If your base is not strong there is an easy chance for the tiles to fall out. If you have a double story building it can be dangerous to install tiles on the upper floors.


Due to their heavy nature, when you find some cracks on the tiles, it becomes extremely difficult to replace it. Tiles take a kind of a permanent space in your house and office and that’s when the challenge arise.

The installation process

Tiles are heavy in nature, they are solid, and you can’t mould them in different shape as well due to which they need a lot of time during installation. The surface and the area where you will be installing tiles has to be dirt free, clean, solid in nature, which means the sound base is required, and also the surface should be flat.


ACP, however, comes in many different colours and types, you can easily choose to go for some dazzling metallic hue if that’s what you want and easily install it. Let’s check out its advantages and disadvantages below:



Yes, ACP sheets are extremely durable. You don’t need to look after them 24 x 7 to maintain them. They are almost maintenance free. There are so many colours and verities available. You can use them to give a finished look to your interior and exterior facades. You can easily choose between sparkle ACP sheets, natural stone, natural wood, HPL-ACP, Galaxy Glitter, and more. You don’t need to give any special treatment to the ACP sheets to install them either.


ACP’s are an extremely friendly product, they are fire resistant too and being so flexible and friendly it becomes easier to install them. They are extremely sturdy and lightweight, unlike tiles.

Finished look

ACP sheets are known to provide the finished look to your exterior and interior facades. Clinical rooms also prefer to install ACP sheets because they resist micro-organisms and other harmful bacteria to penetrate in the room. It not only gives a finished look but also protects your building from harsh weather too.


Well, being so lightweight in nature, they can sometimes catch scratches and dents.

Advantages of Using Copper Composite Panel by Alutech


Copper Composite Panel has been used for various architectural buildings since time immemorial. It symbolizes nature, looks and feels great, gives 100 percent performance, and keeps the esteem of natural copper sheet. Alutech provides the best quality Copper Composite Panel which is strong and sturdy but lightweight and is extremely nature-friendly.

The massive doors of Amun-Re temple in Egypt are made out of Copper. Also, the famous Maha Paya temple of Sri Lanka,the roof of the temple is made out of copper roof shingles. You will find the use of copper in the European medieval architecture and nowadays architectures are exploring different ways to use copper in modern-day architectural buildings as well.

Usually, the copper composite panels are used for exterior facades and wall cladding, partition walls, roofing, curtain walls, and much more.

A copper composite panel is also better than a solid copper sheet because of its flat structure, flexibility and also its lifespan. It can cover larger areas and is also cost-effective. Keeping this in mind Alutechpannels India came up with high quality and cost-effective Copper composite panels and here we will discuss the biggest advantages of using it.

Let us begin to know about its benefits better.
The benefits:

1. Copper composite panels are extremely durable and have a flat surface making it easier to use.

2. You can bend it and give any shape to Copper Composite panels to form any design.

3. The best part about them is that they are fire-resistant.

4. Copper Composite Panels are also environment-friendly and will cause no harm to Mother Nature.

5. It is highly cost effective as well.

Our Copper Composite panels are extremely durable, cost-effective, and environment-friendly and it also carries along the beauty of natural copper. Copper doesn’t rust easily and can stay as it is for a longer duration. We provide extensive designs and colours of Copper Composite Panels. You can use it to create a beautiful roof, partition wall, curtain walls, and more and give a unique touch to your desired architectural design.

There is another kind of copper which is used in building hospital rooms. It gives protection from microbes keeping your clinical areas free from bacteria and unwanted microbial organisms. This is known as ‘Antimicrobial copper’.
Our Copper Composite Panels are CU+ certified by the International Copper Association and that’s why our range of CCP is highly popular. With so many benefits of Copper Composite Panel, you should definitely choose CCP to create a new look and modern design.

Install Copper Composite Panel and get an extraordinarily fresh, bright, new, and shiny copper finish. Copper anyway takes a lot of time to lose its shine, but our Copper Composite Panels are known to retain its beauty for years. The patina property found in our Copper Composite panels protect it from corrosion. For a new and finished look go for Copper Composite Panels and we at Alutech make sure that you get only the best product which will help you save money and also beautify your design.

Try The Visual Room For a Better View


We all know how good ACP sheets are for your house and how well they add beauty and sophistication, but wouldn’t it be better if we could design some of these designs on our own and have a look at how they are actually going to look in our bedroom, kitchen, and living room?

Here at Alutech, we let you try Virtual room designs through which you can scroll and try different shades and types of ACP sheets which will let you design different laminate for the walls and also for wardrobes and bedside tables for the bedroom.

All you will have to do is choose the room you want to decorate. You can choose bedroom, kitchen, living room, exterior design, and can even try our corporate design section and try out our virtual room designer application to apply different shades and designs and then pick one for your room.

Here’s what you can do

Many people are now opting for ACP sheets to decorate not only their corporate buildings but also their house to give them a more finished look.

ACP sheets are sturdy, need little to no maintenance, and also protect your house and your loved ones from getting trapped inside during the fire.

We let you try our virtual room design for free. This will enable you to actually experience the way you want your kitchen, your bedroom, and even your living room to be.

Your virtual bedroom

While going through our Virtual bedroom setting, you can take your cursor anywhere and click on the two buttons that you see there, one will let you choose the virtual room painting through which you can change the colour of your false wall right behind the bed and the other button will let you choose the virtual room painting for the wardrobe.

Your virtual kitchen

For the kitchen, people often go through a lot of dilemmas because the kitchen is the area where you spent a lot of time besides the bedroom. What should be the colour of the wall, the floor, and so many such questions just dominate our brain! Try our virtual room design for kitchen, move your cursor, it will let you choose different hues for the false wall and cabinet. You can pick wooden ACP sheets for the false wall and even select the colour.

The virtual Living Room

The next that you can try is our virtual living room, pick any colour of the dividers and walls. Just move your cursor and you are good to do. There are many kinds of ACP sheets available on our site, you can choose the best one for you. Natural stone, natural wood, sober solid, galaxy glitter, and more. Check out the verity and try them out in our virtual room designs.

The virtual exterior designs

You not only just get a chance to explore the interior room decoration, but you can also try our virtual exterior designs as well. You can change the exteriors of the wall. Try out and have a look.

Corporate Design virtual room

Many corporates choose ACP sheets nowadays and we deliver the best of ACP sheets and types in India. Our price, our commitment, and dedication make us superior and one of the best in the Indian market. If you are looking for good ACP sheets and want to have a look at the different designs and hues, then try our virtual exterior design room. Virtual room decoration will give you a good idea about the kind of product you are looking for to decorate your corporate office.

At Alutech, you will find only the best of the best ACP sheets and that too at a reasonable price. If you want to decorate your house or your corporate office and looking for only the best products, then go through all the ACP products that we have to offer and try them out in our virtual room.

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