Why You Should Buy Natural Wood Flooring From Alutech Panels?


If you are wondering about renovating your flooring of late and want to buy a material which will accentuate the look of your home, choose natural wood flooring. Well, first and foremost, natural wood flooring looks great and they are really affordable. These are extremely durable and are cheaper than carpet tiles or linoleum. Plus the benefits you will reap after adding natural wood flooring in your home will set you free from all kinds of stress.

Wood flooring will add warmth to your home making it look brand new plus this is also a great way to incorporate nature theme. Natural wood flooring will remain intact no matter how many people walk on it, it won’t make any screeching sound and neither the color will fade away with time. Another advantage is that there are many hues as well. Whatever colour you feel is right for your home, simply choose that and proceed.

Now, let’s check out some of the benefits of choosing natural wood flooring for your home:

  1. When you buy a good and premium quality wood flooring for your home, it will last for decades. Carpet tiles and normal tiles always asks for repairing and that can create a hole in your pockets. Wooden flooring doesn’t ask for yearly renovation and they remain as it is for years and years. With minimal maintenance, the natural wood flooring remains as it is and lasts for many years.
  2. Another good reason to pick natural wood flooring is that it is easier to clean. It doesn’t ask for a lot of cleanliness because it doesn’t stain. All you need to do is clean the area that looks dirty, use vacuum cleaner to remove dust and a mop to clean it, this way your wood flooring will look as good as new all the time. Whereas other material like carpets and tiles can easily catch stain and it becomes difficult to remove the stains from them.
  3. Do you know that carpets in your home can harbor great amount of bacteria? Bacteria which are not visible by naked eyes but are extremely dangerous for your health! If you go by reports, a lot of people fall sick who have kept carpet flooring in their home. This will not only cause disturbances in your peaceful life but will also burn your pockets with medical bills as well. That’s why you should opt for natural wood flooring which looks beautiful and are hygienic as well. With wood flooring, you will never complain about unseen bacteria. Your child and pets will remain safe with wood flooring.
  4. The fourth point for installing natural wood flooring is to get rid of unpleasant odor which you might get from carpets. Wooden flooring are not only hygienic but they are free from foul smells too. Polished wooden flooring has its own aroma and the delightful smell will keep you feeling happy throughout the day.
  5. India can see both the extreme sides of weather. It can get extremely hot and cold simultaneously. Wooden flooring does become beneficial for those who want their home to remain warm during the winters and cold during the summers. Wooden flooring are the best when you want your home to remain hot and cold throughout the season.
  6. Even though with time if the wooden flooring faces a little damage, you will not have to replace the entire flooring. Also, these flooring comes in section, so, if one section is damaged, you don’t need to install wooden flooring for the complete home, only the section that has been damaged will be corrected. If the damage is not huge then the installer will only use some sand and seal the affected area. The procedure is a lot cheaper than the other material.
  7. Natural wooden flooring has a timeless appeal to it and we are sure most of you will agree to this statement too. With time tiles and carpet tiles run out of style and you may feel bored. But wooden flooring when purchased from the right ACP sheets manufacturer will remain timeless and will spread its positive aura in the entire home for a longer duration.
  8. Another good thing about the wood flooring is that it is available in a lot of different colours and in a lot of different prices too. You can easily choose a natural wood flooring which will fit into your budget easily and you won’t have to worry about its colour too.
  9. Natural wood flooring maintains a charismatic charm, they never go out of style unlike ceramic tiles and carpet tiles.
  10. If you plan to sell your home, houses with natural wood flooring tends to attract more buyers which means your house will be sold off within no time and the after sale value will increase by a huge margin too.

Now you know why you need to have natural wood flooring in your house. If you are thinking about where to buy it from then contact Alutech Panels right away. There are a lot of benefits associated with natural wood flooring which we have mentioned above. Don’t stay behind because this the best decision you could ever make!

How ACP Sheets in Chennai are emerging as the most valued material for construction


Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) has been a famous material for building veneers just as cladding for over two decades. ACP comprises of two high-quality aluminum sheets which sandwich a low thickness, protecting center. Subsequently, they are otherwise called sandwich boards.

The first reason behind their plan and creation was to utilize it as a material for signage. Nonetheless, today ACP are used in various applications like sign boards in Chennai, engineering claddings, inside improvements, false roofs, and so forth.

Along these lines, beneath is the history and advancement of aluminum composite panel in Chennai and how it came to end up a standout amongst the most imperative building material utilized in different development and compositional undertakings.


The Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) was initially presented as a joint-creation between organizations known as Alusingen and BASF in 1969. Later Alusuisse purchased Alusingen, which was in the long run gotten by another universal firm named Alcan (as of now Rio Tinto) in 2000.

Despite its presentation during the 1960s, it was just until the mid-1980s that the standard structural industry found the properties of ACP as a building material and began its broad use. Besides, the far reaching utilization of ACP in the business and private structures started in the mid-1990s. It was then understood that it could lessen expenses and improve design execution.

ACP sheet price in Chennai- Affordable and durable

The principal type of ACP that came to presence was promoted under the brand name ‘Alucobond®. The assembling procedure was licensed by Alusingen for a long time, somewhere in the range of 1971 and 1991. The brand name (Aluminum – Composite — Bonding) was itself a portrayal of how the board was made; by holding the aluminum combination to a composite material. It is for a similar reason that the first aluminum composite boards were otherwise called Alucobond. After the patent lapsed, numerous noticeable names of the development business started the ACP fabricating process. Now, aluminium composite panel dealers in Chennai can be found in huge quality and all thanks to companies like Alutech Panels for making ACP dealers in Chennai successful.

Change in Composition of Aluminum Composite Panel and Aluminum Sheet Price in Chennai

Despite the fact that numerous ACP brands rose, the item did not change fundamentally. The huge changes happened in the piece of the aluminum boards, which was adjusted dependent on the required highlights of the board and their territory of utilization.

Be that as it may, when some elevated structures got scorched because of the association of ACP, the combustible idea of its center material came to fore. From that point forward, the center material has been adjusted to comprise non-combustible material with a low ignition chance.

The general thickness of the boards utilized as of now is in the scope of 3-6 mm (0.12-0.24 in.), and that of the aluminum facings is in the scope of 0.2-0.8 mm (0.008-0.032 in.) The protected center has been created from a few distinct materials, however there are three general classifications today in which each sort of center has a place:

PE Cores – These centers are made of 100% polyethylene (PE) and are combustible.

FR Cores – These centers are made of a composite material containing a high rate (70% to 90%) of mineral fleece/shake fiber/shake fleece, which are non-burnable and go about as a fire retardant.

Aluminum Cores – These centers are either made of an aluminum honeycomb structure or strong aluminum.

To make them increasingly reasonable for different sorts of uses, ACPs have been created with various kinds of paints and coatings, as appeared as follows:

PE/FR Constructional/Architectural Panel sheets covered with PVDF pitch, (XT/High Durable) polyester paint.

Board sheets covered with Nano PVDF

Computerized Printing/Signage Panel sheets covered with FEVE gum or top notch polyester.

Since the adjustments completed with the center and board quality, a few ACP items have propelled which show numerous compositional favorable circumstances over other building materials:

Higher solidarity to weight proportion

Lighter weight

Material adaptability and versatility


Predominant protection highlights

You can easily find a sign board manufacturers in Chennai as well if you are planning to build sign boards for your project. Just visit Alutech Panels today and get led sign board in Chennai right away.

Advancement of ACP sheets in Chennai 

From being utilized for signage at the outset to being a noteworthy design material, ACP has made considerable progress. Today, it discovers applications in different ventures and spaces, incorporating into:

Inward Partitions, Building Renovations, Curved Fascias, Container Constructions, Internal Wall Coverings, Architectural Claddings, Machine Coverings and some more. Aluminium sheet suppliers in Chennai are in huge demand because of the impeccable benefits of ACP sheets.

Aluminum Composite Panels are a standout amongst the most utilized material that commands the veneer business. Because of its light-weight highlights, it is the substance of decision for building impermanent components like public expo structures. Viva fabricates top notch Aluminum composite boards according to the building prerequisites. These incorporate Aluminum center, FP center and PE center sandwich material that gives greatest auxiliary uprightness and fire risk assurance.

The utilization of Aluminum Composite Panels has advanced to such a dimension, to the point that numerous renowned structural wonders are broadly developed from it. Some of them are Spaceship Earth in Orlando (U.S), L’Oreal Paris working in France, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, The Leipzig part of German National Library; VanDusen Botanical Garden in Canada, and so on.

Are you looking for the best ACP sheet dealers in Chennai?

If you are looking for the best aluminum suppliers in Chennai and don’t want to compromise its quality then visit Alutech Panels right away and buy only the best quality ACP sheets.


From a material commanded by a solitary organization, ACP has developed in its structure and producers as well as in its applications, making it a standout amongst the most utilized materials in the development and design industry. With their lighter weight and fire – retardant properties, aluminum composite boards have been utilized so broadly, that some advanced urban areas are made completely out of them, alongside materials like glass and drape divider.

What are the ways to use ACP sheets


ACP sheets stand for the aluminum composite panel is a new age or better say new type of material that isseeing to be in trend these days. This Aluminum composite panel helps in building exterior, interior, applications. The best part about it is that it has wide range and varieties. There is a huge number of color variations, textures, patterns etc. It literally gives you close finish of wood look, stone look, dual-tone look any many more.

Whatever you desire or want your interiors or exteriors look like you can get it done with these Aluminum composite panel. You know the best part about it is you can actually bend it, fold it, or can turn it into any other shape you want to make your stuff look like. The top and the bottom layer of Aluminum composite panel sheets are coated with Aluminum sheets that are thick enough to protect your designs but not much thick so as to keep those flexible characteristics into it. The middle layer between them is polyethylene. Now the reason behind why this particular thing is so much in demand these days as no material these days gives you perfect eye attracting look with that level of flexibility and at the same time being so rough and tough for not getting washed off so easily.

The aluminum composite panel issued in a variety of purposes. Here are some of the benefits you should know if you are actually planning or thinking about using Aluminum composite panel at any place or way. Let’s have a look over it:

  1. Durability: ACP cladding sheets are super durable in all sense like it is weather resistant, stain resistant, its color does not fade away that easily, and also it is tough enough that stays for a long The most important characteristic of it is that it blocks the sound which enters from outside, in short, it has sound deduction characteristic. It has a variety of shapes and sizes and also stays for longer period of time no matter what or no matter how harsh the weather gets.
  1. Maintenance: it has a very easy way of maintenance. There is no hassle you need to do while cleaning it. All you need to do is take a cloth to make it little wet and wipe the ACP cladding sheets all around. All the dirt or dust will come out easily which shows hassle-free characteristic. And one more thing that you should always remember is that; don’t just blindly keep in mind one manufacturer, before buying the ACP sheet just check with a few other ACP sheet manufacturers as well.
  1. Safety: Doesn’t safety come first? Yes, it does. And if you want that for yourself and your family then you might invest in this so that you can preserve the safety of your loved ones. And as we all know that Aluminum does not burn so this characteristic ensures the safety of the inhabitants of the home. As for all of us family’s safety comes above anything that is why people often choose ACP sheets because of this reason.
  1. Cost-effective: Gosh! This is going to be interesting, if you are going to use an ACP sheet there are a few ways that it can help you in cutting your cost to a minimum. ACP cladding sheets are the most budget- friendly sheets available in the market. These are cost-effective as well as long- lasting and also comes under so much of varieties this particular thing makes it a hit product not just in household lines but also in commercial establish They are super handy, can be easily installed, and can be cropped out in any shape.

Now, these are the 5 things that should be enough to steer you for using the ACP cladding sheets. See, this is not a wrong or a big thing that you need to invest in but trust me, once you put them up in your office or living area you would not regret at any cost. They are going to be your best of a pal for a long time. And also get in touch with some manufacturers to get the best HPL Anti Scratch ACP sheet for your use.

9 Exterior wall cladding ideas and designs that you must consider


Corporates buildings and business property are working a lot on their exterior wall cladding design. The most common component and material that people used to use was brick, but gone are the days of brick exterior cladding. Luckily our market is full of exterior wall cladding materials, like galaxy glitter, wooden, natural stone, metal cladding, and more. The list simply goes on. Architectures are now bombarded with so many different kinds of materials. They take the time to analyse the design, environment, keep in mind the customer’s requirement and finally choose the right material for exterior cladding. This what made us prepare a list of 11 best exterior wall cladding that you can go for. Readers may note that most of the materials are already available in our category list. Do go through them.

Brick Cladding:

We can’t start our article without mentioning the timeless brick exterior wall cladding. This classic look is perfect for companies who are into construction and interior designing. This timeless look will create an authentic look for your commercial building. Also, this one is good for homes too. Fortunately, bricks are now available in so many colours. You can choose the right colour depending on the objective of your company and even the colours of your company logo and likewise install them. Trust us, brick classing can be simple but it never fades.

Natural Wood Cladding:

The next one that we have for you and which is available in our natural wood product section. There are so many different shades available in the wood cladding. All you need is a good taste and your exterior wall cladding will be ready. Wood cladding is perfect to create that lasting impression for your office. The practical finish of wood cladding is good for most of the companies. Be it interior decorator, fashion store, construction, and more. If your building is located in a natural environment, then wood cladding is surely the one to go for. NW-203, 202, 207 are some of the options that you can go for. Natural wood touch is perfect for those who are looking for sophistication.

Metal Cladding:

The dazzling metallic cladding is another good choice for your company, it creates the much needed modern and industrial look for your company. It adds extra protection and protects the building from harsh weather and pollution too. If you compare it with other materials you will notice that it is easy to maintain too, plus the protection from fire is cherry on top. It is lightweight, easy transport and doesn’t disturb the installers to install the exterior cladding.

Metallic cladding can improve the look of the building a lot. Another benefit of using metallic cladding is that it is environment-friendly too.

Ceramic Cladding:

Do you know that ceramic cladding has been in use since Egyptian times? Ceramic cladding enhances the look of your building. It creates the finish look and protects the structure of the building too. It is weather resistant, UV resistant, and impact resistant, require low maintenance, colour fast, non- combustible, recycles and is made out of natural raw materials. If you want an affordable way to decorate the exterior walls of your home then ceramic cladding won’t be a bad decision.

Concrete Cladding:

Concrete cladding comes with many benefits too. It is cost effective. It can create a natural stone look and creates the finished look for your building. You will obviously have a lot of options too. The concrete cladding is durable and strong too. Plus it requires low maintenance. It fights with the all-weather condition and stands strong. Concrete is always environment-friendly and is recyclable too. You can also add insulation behind the walls too to keep your corporate building cool during those hot days. Another benefit is it provides sound insulation too.

Natural Stone Cladding:

Innovative stone systems that are cladding simply slot together, have actually been developed to make stone cladding practical and affordable. Stone cladding brings a known degree of information and heritage with it that is truly unique.

Typically, the Stone Cladding is Employed:

  • To give a stone finish to a structure that is existing.
  • To produce a stone finish at a lower weight, therefore with just minimal help that is structural.
  • To allow faster and lower cost installation.
  • To allow modern the use of modern construction techniques and superior detailing, however with a look that is traditional.
  • To allow off-site production, with reduced construction that is on-site.
  • To reduce waste.

Composite Cladding

The composite cladding is really a good alternative. Typically produced from a combination of recycled lumber and plastic, composite cladding combines the traditional appearance of timber because of the durability of an engineered composite. The composite cladding is low in maintenance. They don’t require a lot of maintenance too. They are eco-friendly – when it comes to being eco-friendly, the composite cladding may be the way that is better to go. They are often made from recycled materials. The timber materials which are used typically come from reclaimed cladding that is wood. Composite good – although they are not entirely made out of wood, the composite cladding can be equally as stunning. They come in a number of attractive colors that mimic the look of natural timber.

Metal Mesh Cladding

There is no doubt that steel mesh cladding design features it’s very own look that is special. A product that is an extremely versatile, mesh cladding is perfect for shaping various styles to create interesting architectural styles. Additionally, it is highly efficient as well. It protects the building’s surface from sunlight and also from the harsh weather too.

Sober Solid Alutech ACP Sheet Cladding

Just like all the above wall cladding, Sober solid Alutech ACP sheet is also a great alternative. There is an array of colours available which will create a distinctive look to your building. You can explore the sober solid section to choose the best for the exterior cladding.

Why ACP sheets are best for your corporate office exterior wall cladding?


Let’s be honest, how many times have you visited some office for an interview and decided not to join it just by the looks of it? If you thought that looks don’t matter, change your thoughts right away. Because it does and will always do. Choosing just any material and colour for your exterior wall cladding will not only create a bad impression but no matter how good as an employer you are, people will still judge your office and policies by the look and feel of it. Leave employees, sooner or later you will give some clients coming in who will visit your office to meet you, would you want them to have a judgemental face just because your exterior wall cladding was not up to the mark?

If you think that spending money on exterior wall cladding is a bad idea then let us tell you something. The first impression is the last impression and it’s never too late for a visitor to have an impression based on the looks of your office. Having said that, you can change the look of the exterior wall cladding of your office by buying the right material which will not create a huge hole in your pockets and will still look luxurious and expensive. Such a material is none other than the ACP sheets in Delhi. If you really want everything around you to look professional then invest in a material that will remain with you for a long time and which is not expensive at all.

No matter how good your office looks from the inside, if it doesn’t make an impression from the outside it will fail to make an impression at all. That’s why every establishment should consider ACP sheets for the exterior cladding for a sure shot winning and long-lasting impression.  But consider these following points before purchasing ACP sheets from us:

  1. You will get an array of options in ACP sheets. If your building is surrounded by a lush green environment then we will suggest you pick a colour for the ACP sheet which will not clash with the surrounding. Don’t buy something which will look unappealing, pick a colour that will look balanced. 208- Burma teak or 214- black ebony will be a good choice for the exterior wall cladding.
  2. In case if you ever decide to sell the construction to someone else then try to avoid dramatic colours for the ACP sheets, you would want your establishment to look appealing to make sure that you receive the best price. No matter how much you love creating drama in your exterior wall claddings, but mark our words, buyers have a different taste especially if it’s a corporate building. Hence stick with the basics, look at your surroundings and then buy.
  3. Buy ACP sheets that will complement the interiors of your office. Discuss your ideas with us so that we can help you with your decision. You should buy a material that will reflect the inside of your office. You wouldn’t want to create a perception of two different feelings.
  4. For corporate offices, you should create a modern and stylish look. No matter what establishment you have thought for your office, choose 211- Bubinga for the exterior cladding.
  5. Choose an exterior cladding wall ACP sheets which will create a statement. Our ACP sheets gallery are full of it. Pick something unconventional but a professional looking ACP sheet. You can try our virtual room to see which ACP sheet will look the best. Change as many ACP sheets that you want to, try it virtually and then settle down to one.
  6. If you are a traditional person then you can also settle down with a traditional yet classy look for the exterior facades. You will never run out of choices with us, our wide range of ACP sheets are perfect for any style and theme.
  7. Choose ACP sheets for your exterior wall cladding which will make your establishment stand out from the average. Pick a versatile exterior cladding which will create a distinctive look for your establishment and ACP sheets can create that for you.
  8. Pick the ACP sheets to create a rustic look for your exterior cladding. Think about a theme, the way you would want the exterior walls to look like. Your expectation, what you want the building to look like from a passer-by’s eyes. Take everything under consideration and then pick the right ACP sheet.

If you want to get inspired and want to buy a sophisticated look for your exterior cladding then visit Alutech Panels today. We have solutions for every problem. Contact us and discuss with us, we are here to listen to you. Discuss with us about your theme and we will help you to decide to pick the right ACP sheets.

5 Best ACP Sheets for Your Living Room that Offer an Unexpected vibrancy


Living room is an integral part of your house. You make your guests sit there, let them relax while you make a cup of coffee or tea. But do you know that colors of your ACP sheets wall can make a great impact on how your guests feel about your living room. You may have the most beautiful sofa set and a center table but not knowing to pair it with the right wall colors can make your home look unappealing. Take Aluminum Composite Panel in Delhi for a matter of fact, there are so many of them. But picking the right ACP sheet for your living room walls can drastically change the look of the room and for all the good reasons.

Let’s check out some ACP sheets that you can use in your living room. We have prepared a guide just for you so that you can choose the right colour. It is not unknown that ACP sheets come with a lot of advantages and also that they are extremely durable. They are cheaper than your regular wall colour and make your walls look super expensive and create a startling difference. Read on.

Lots of Yellow for Your Living Room:

Yellow is an unconventional color especially for a living room, but do you know that yellow can brighten any room and uplift the occupant of that room? Colours like 120- Traffic Yellow and even 129- Lemon Yellow can overhaul your living room in a minute. If you don’t have a theme for the living room and if it has a lot of different color chairs and a different themed center table, plus a lamp which is yet again completely different from the rest of the furniture than you must choose Yellow Sober solid ACP sheets. Yellow is charismatic, it is fun and peppy, a living room which doesn’t have a theme yet looks stunning should incorporate yellow in their walls.

Red Pattern- Bold and the Beautiful:

If you are an ardent fan of red colour, then choose 116- Red and 121- rose red for the centre wall of your living room. Don’t overdo it, but one striking red colour sober solid ACP sheet is just perfect for the living room with wooden furniture in it. Red is a bold colour hence keep minimal furniture in the room. Also, for the furniture wooden colour is perfect or you can even go ahead with neutral and pastel colours for your furniture.

Blue Colour- Bring in the Beach Effect :

Blue is an easy colour to mix and match. It can never go wrong. Even if you are a novice, you can still work out with blue colour sober solid ACP sheets and match with light and dark colour furniture. Just know how to keep the contrast intact and you are good to go. For centuries people have been infusing blue colour walls in their home. It looks elegant and has the royal feeling about it. If blue colour pleases you then 128- Lake blue or even the 117- Navy blue ACP sheets will be a great choice for the living room walls. Blue and white is timeless and you can incorporate white colour furniture in your home to make it look timeless.

Green- Calling Nature:

Green is the colour of nature. It calms, energizes and even grounds the living room. Choose a green colour ACP sheets for you wall that you see in the environment. This will continue the sense of nature even beyond the windows. Green is the colour that will make you alive. It will elevate your spirit and will surely make your living room look larger. You can pick the 118- Post green or 132- refreshing green. The darker shade can make you feel as if everything is going to be alright. Now, what can be better than having a larger than life feeling for the living room?

White- Timeless Forever:

White colour will never go out of the trend no matter how many colours we get introduced to. It’s a classic colour creating the timeless effect no matter what. White colour is also practical in so many levels. It is refreshing, crisp and compliments all types of furniture colour. Whether you have grey colour furniture, wooden or natural stone flooring. White colour ACP sheets like 126- Milky white, 127—Ivory white and 124- Glossy white are the hues that you can make a choice from. For choosing the right colour, try some samples first and see which white shade suits your living room. The best way to make your living room look larger with white colour ACP sheets is by keeping the living room 80% white and only 20% colour.

We think these ACP sheets will bring in the difference that you are looking for, for the living room. Browse through our sober solid ACP sheets category and pick the right one for you today. Make your dream a reality.

The Best Ways to Impart Some Metallic Touch to Your Home


See there are many innovations and combinations that different people try many times. There are people who have always been keen to do something new in the home décor as well as the touch-ups and the other props they have in their house. With so many things there a few tried and tested innovations and things that most of us have done to our houses. Starting from having a wooden flooring to a completely wooden house, from stylish stones on the walls to the wallpapers covering the others, one of such innovation that is not so common but is very attractive is the Dazzling Metallic.

One of the best and richest looks that you can get in your house is by using the Dazzling Metallic on your walls. It is a very premium design and looks that you can give to every part of your home. This is very obvious that people should always keep in mind all the tips and tricks that will help them to make their home a better and beautiful place than ever. So, in this article, we are going to discuss something of this sort.

  1. Domination is the Best Promotion:

This might sound like a jingle but it is more than that because you should always choose a dominating metal for your house. What you should do is choose a finishing that you want to give to your house and then select one or two accents so that you could complete the look. Unicolor metallic designs are never too good. If you impart a few shades into it, there might be a chance for getting the best output. Trust me it looks really good.

  1. Blending Both Colors is the Key to Success:

While you are getting the metal tones in your house, do not keep it just in a single tone. You can always judge it by virtually imagining the tones and the combination that will perfectly suit it. So, one tip that you should keep in mind is there is always a very good combination of cool and warm tones in every metal. The warm metals that include Brass and Gold can give your house a rich premium look whereas combining it with the cooler tones such as Chrome and silver will keep it young; like forever. So, if you get the perfect combination there is a chance that you might get what will keep you asking for more.

  1. Never Forget Your Palette:

This is simple logic or you can say that it is very easy to understand that the perfect mixture of warm metals and warm hues is very good whereas the same goes with cool metals and cool hues. The warm metals that one can use at their homes are the Copper, Gold, and brass whereas the warm hues that can be used are Yellow, Red and Brown.Meanwhile, if you are using much of cool metals then choose amongst silver and chrome, and pair it well with the cool hues such as Violet, Blue,and Green. Aluminum Composite Panel in Delhi is readily available at many outlets of many business firms related to this and also, on the other hand, you can check them online at various service places to get the best ones. First, you compare then only buy it.

  1. Subtle it Up to Keep it Rich:

Although you might use a lot of variety in metal at your home but remember one thing and that is the importance of each one of them. All the metals used should not be kept or done in such a way that they keep on competing with each other. I am talking about the competition of attention. Although everybody has their own taste, still you should not keep everyone in controversy. So to minimize this, what you can do is not clutter too many metallic finished products at one single place. This will slow down their competition and work as a natural neutralizing agent.

So, I might not be able to give you all the tips of using the metals but these are very high rating tricks. In all of these, you can simply work on the finishing part in such a way that they give a premium look to your place.So, one should always keep on inventing and innovating things so that they get what they want. In today’s world there is a lot of scope in getting new ideas, so why to stop at something where you are partially satisfied. Moreover, a home is a place that has always been the invention place of cool ideas. So, gear up and get on the best metal ideas in your place so that everyone gets the “o” lips after a visit to your house.

Natural Stone By Alutech Panels is Captivating


If you are thinking of renovating your flooring of your old home or a brand new one then luckily there are a number of flooring materials that you can choose from. Natural stone flooring is by far the best and the healthiest option to choose. High Quality Natural Stone Tile Flooring are good for areas which are humid, like the bathroom, kitchen, and also the entry way. Plus natural stone can resist water and are highly durable too. You can clean them easily and it doesn’t ask for a lot of maintenance as well.

Here’s an Overview of the Natural Stone:

Natural stone is used by many people since time immemorial. In fact, its usage goes way back to ancient Egyptians and Greek history. But today you will see many houses with stone entrance and people also prefer having stone flooring in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. It brings in the rustic feel. Some of the examples that you can choose from are limestone, marble, slate, and granite. You can categorize natural stones into two parts, soft and the hard stones.

Limestone: It belongs to the soft stone category and are perfect for houses and buildings with high traffic

Marble: Marble belongs to the hard stone category. You will see people using marble flooring in the living and dining room. In fact some also prefer using it in the bathroom as well.

Slate: Slate is a natural stone which people usually prefer in building industries. It’s extremely durable and can resist stain and acid and is sturdy as well. Slate however, are low absorbent of moisture and therefor people prefer using it in high moisture areas.

Granite: Granite now is the hardest of all and is heat and stain resistant.

Now you know what kinds of natural stone are available in the market, let’s check out some of the benefits:

Easy to Clean and Safe

One of the most important things that we look for before choosing the right material for our floor is how easy it is to clean and whether it is safe or not. Luckily, natural stones are extremely easy to clean, they are moisture resistant hence no dirt or stain will stick around for too long. Clean your floor regularly to keep it away from stains, using Lithofin on a regular basis will also help your natural stone floor to stay clean for a longer duration. Natural stone quickly dries off making it safe for the residents.

Natural Stone Flooring Looks Dynamic

Natural stone have been developing beneath the earth for a long period of time, making each natural stone distinctive with different looks. Using natural stone like the NS-308 will not only make your bathroom look ravishing but it will also make it stand out from everyone’s bathroom that you know of. Browse through Alutech’s product page and select natural stone to see all the bespoke natural stones available on the site. Go through the ACP Sheets price list to see which natural stone will suit your home.

Natural Stone Makes Everything Look Warm and Comfortable

When you choose natural stone, you choose a natural product. Natural stone acts according to the atmosphere. It can heat up and cool down quickly. But saying that, be ready for the winters, because during the winters, natural stone flooring will become cold. But, otherwise, these are the best material for the floor. You can walk upon them easily and they don’t feel hard to walk on as well. Natural stones are so gorgeously beautiful. They have that acentric feel in them that is unbeatable.

Some Tips To Design Your Home with Natural Stones:

Pick the Right Wall Colour:

If you choose NS-301 you will notice that it is a milder shade. If you choose a lighter shade for the flooring then be mindful about the wall colours. It would be better to create a contrast look. You can paint one wall with bright red or navy blue and paint the rest with more neutral colour. This way your living room will look balanced.

Work on the Drapes and Curtains:

Another thing to work on will be the curtains. If you go with the NS-311 pattern of Alutech then choosing lighter colour drapes or curtains will be great. You don’t want your living room area to look darker. Hence, pick a lighter colour drapes with stripes or you could simply go with the solid colours. Choice is yours, but choose mindfully. Look at the room carefully, and then choose the colours for your drapes.

Bathroom Accessories:

For bathrooms NS-302 and NS-310 will be great. You can keep some plants in your bathroom to keep the earthy feeling alive and also add some candles too. Scented candles will be a great choice.


Alutech Panels have a plethora of Natural Stone collection that you can choose from. Natural stones are simply the best material to choose for your flooring. One, they are all natural and second, they are good for the health too.

Make your home complete with Alutech’s natural wood flooring colour


Many people love the look of natural wood flooring, but we often drop the idea because it is extraordinarily expensive. What if we tell you that you can get that rustic look for your living room and that too at an amazingly affordable rate? Sounds interesting right! Well, that’s what we are here for. You can replace your old floor with natural wood flooring colour. It replicates natural wood flooring to the best. Saying that we will start this article by citing some of its major lagniappes and then proceed with the way you should style your home with the natural wood flooring colour.


  1. Good quality natural wood flooring colour will last for ages. Replacing the tiles of your floor is never easy especially when it cracks and for how long will you be changing the rugs or the carpets? Hence, the best way to keep the rustic look alive is to install natural wood flooring colour by Alutech which asks for minimum maintenance.
  2. ACP natural wood flooring is easy to clean too. This will keep you elated all day long. Remember the time when we used to clean our carpets. It consumes time and seems like a never-ending task. But not anymore. Whether it’s your kids or pets, with ACP flooring, you will be able to clean your floor easily.
  3. ACP natural flooring is hygienic. You would not like your house to be the source of diseases right! That’s why choose only ACP natural flooring.
  4. These natural flooring by Alutech are easy to install. On a literal sense, they can be moulded, can be given shape and patterns to make it look more artistic. They are extremely easy to install and within no time your house will start looking like a rustic paradise.
  5. Wood gives you a timeless appeal and natural wood flooring replicates that essence pretty well. No matter how different the carpet under the centre table is, natural wood flooring colour will still look decorous.
  6. Natural wood flooring makes your home look super expensive and luxurious. Well, isn’t that a good bet especially when you will not be spending a lot on them?
  7. Another advantage of installing ACP natural wood flooring in your house is that it increases its resale value. Many property agents have confessed that a house which looks sophisticated and rustic has better demand than the ones which has average looking flooring tiles.

The crux of the story is natural wood flooring colour comes with an array of advantages. They are economical, looks stunning, and are easy to maintain as well. Now, let’s check out the ways you can accentuate the look of your living room which has wood flooring.

How to Make Your Home Look Better?

  1. The best way to enhance the look and feel of the ACP natural wood flooring is by adding a soft rug. This will increase the comfort and make your living room look complete. Get in touch with only the best ACP sheet suppliers in India to buy the best quality natural wood flooring colour. You can pick the spot where you would like to add the rug. Maybe under the centre table and if you have a bigger size rug then the entire piece will fit perfectly under your sofa set too. Just be mindful about the colour of the look. Choose something which will complement the colour of the floor.
  2. The next thing that you should is to balance the visual weight of the floor and the colour or textures of sofa set, tablecloth, rugs, and more. You can add a glass lamp which has metallic light fixtures. Pick soft and airy textures for the tablecloth like cotton sheets and also the same for the curtains too.
  3. In case if you have picked a darker colour natural wood flooring for the kitchen then you should choose lighter colour cabinets. Paint the wall with white or off-white colour. Also, make sure that your kitchen allows sunrays to penetrate.
  4. Go artistic, just because you have installed ACP natural wood flooring colour on the floor, doesn’t mean every piece of furniture has to be dull! It’s a big no. You can pick some trendy colour chairs and sofa sets as well. Cheerful colours will make your house look extremely elegant and uplift your mood too.

So, here it goes the benefits of switching to natural wood flooring colour floors and also the way you can decorate it. Contact Alutech Panels today to know more about their ACP sheets. Just remember to buy it only from a reliable source. You want your home to look alluring and knowing how to decorate your home with the perfect natural wood flooring will certainly make people go speechless.

How Sober Solid APC Sheets Can Make Your Home Look Beautiful?


We will all agree to the fact that while designing the interiors of our home we put more emphasis on the colours of the item we choose to keep. Be it for the dining room or for the bedroom, we are always conscious about how the colour of the walls will look like, the bed sheets, the flooring, we spend hours and hours to choose just the perfect colour for our walls to make sure that our walls will stand out, but don’t you think colouring your walls is and old-school technique now?

If you want to try something extra and want to make sure that your house will look no less than a beauty then make your move towards ACP sheets sober solid category. The sober solid section has an array of colours to choose from. Please be assured that these ACP sheets are not only graceful but are fire-retardant too. They can be easily installed and last long. Plus they cost much cheaper than high-end paint that you were thinking of using on the walls. An item which is easy on pockets and can make your rooms look interesting and sophisticated. These sober solid ACP sheets by Alutech Panel have been designed keeping in mind the benefits it will give to the clients. Remember to purchase these ACP sheets only from the best ACP sheet manufacturers.

Here’s a list of Sober Solid colours that you can choose from for your interiors to make your interiors look vibrant and brighter.

116- Red

This particular shade of ACP sheets from the Sober Solid collection of Alutech Panel can make a living room look happier and brighter. Don’t fill all the walls with the Red sober solid ACP sheets, rather fill a centre wall with this shade and keep it contrast by applying Milky white or Ivory white on the rest of the walls. This way the centre wall will look like a master piece and will give a different look to your living room.

117- Navy Blue

If you are not a big fan of red colour and want something which represents loyalty, intelligence, and confidence then the 117- navy blue sober solid ACP sheets will be perfect for you. You can use this colour either in your living room or in the drawing room. You can add patterns to this Navy blue ACP sheets too by adding stripes or squares. Choice is yours.

118- Post Green

Green colour represents peace, calm, and tranquillity. The best room to use the 118- post green sober solid ACP sheets is the dining room. Let peace and tranquillity surround everyone around its positive aura. As per Vastu as well, green is a good colour to incorporate in the dining room’s walls.

119- Orange

Orange is again a good colour. It has the goodness of both red and yellow. Both are the colours of happiness, joy, and sunshine. You can pick the 119-orange sober solid ACP sheets by Alutech Panel for your kitchen walls. Kitchen is the place where most of your creativity outshines. Make your kitchen a happy and a creative place. Orange will undoubtedly be the right colour for your kitchen walls.

120- Traffic Yellow

The colour yellow depicts freshness, happiness, joy, positive energy, and optimism. You can use the 120 – traffic yellow ACP sheets for your kids’ bedroom. As per Vastu, students should always be surrounded with positive colour and nothing beats yellow colour when it comes to optimism and positivity.

121- Rose Red

Another good and attractive colour for your master bedroom or the living room is the 121- Rose Red colour by Alutech Panels. This is the colour which sends the aura of strength, power, and determination and on the other hand it is also the colour of passion and love. Hence, you can either use the rose red sober solid ACP sheet in your bedroom or in the living room.

123- Chocolate Brown

Brown is the colour of earth, it depicts reliability, security, foundation, stability, elegance, and honesty. Our suggestion will be to use the 123- chocolate brown sober solid ACP sheets in the elderly’s room. It’s a neutral colour and choosing this colour will remind them of their sacrifices they made to bring their family together. This is also the colour of fall and winter and if you are thinking of repainting your walls with the brown colour, then we will suggest you to buy the 123- chocolate brown ACP sheets from Alutech’s Sober solid collection.

126- Milky White

White, as we all know is the colour of purity, innocence, and goodness. This is the colour which means pure, safe, and cleanliness and fortunately the 126- milky white sober solid ACP sheets go with every room and contrasting colours.

In the End…

Here are some of the ACP sheet colours by Alutech Panel’s sober solid collection. You will find even more options once you visit their official website. There are a plethora of options available for you. Incorporate these ideas into reality and let the interiors of your house outshine with prestige and sophistication.

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