June 8, 2019

Best Way To Buy Galaxy Glitter ACP Sheet


Interior designing of your homes encompasses a wide selection of the material to be used to wall cladding. To match with the eco-friendly needs of the walls of your home, Aluminium Composite Panel, or ACP sheet brands are a smart choice.

What Exactly Are ACP Sheets?

These are the bounded sheets used for the supreme interiors of the modern style infrastructure and buildings. Their thickness varies from 2MM to 6MM at max. In fact, these sheets are the ideal solution and replacement of the HPL ones.

Both top and bottom layers of galaxy glitter ACP sheets are made up of Aluminium coil. Also, according to the famous galaxy glitter manufacturer, Viva, the market of the ACP design panels is going to hike up to $ 177 Billion in two years. This signifies that the demand for ACP panels is the inflating by the various homeowners and corporate houses as well.

Galaxy Glitter ACP Sheets Application

Before deciding to buy the galaxy glitter ACP sheets you must know they can be used in multiple areas inside the home or the office buildings.

For example:

  • Ceiling Decorations.

The color patterns and textures will you make your house’s or office’s ceilings better. With amazing features like recyclability, low costs, free from shrinkage and chipping off, you will be able to trust ACP panels for a longer period of time.

  • Cladding For Outdoor Walls.

If you are running a corporate house, the infrastructure, so to say, does create a magnificent first impression on the beholder’s mind. Many high-profile clienteles might visit your firm often just because of your awesome selection of outdoor designing.

  • Cladding For Balconies.

To make your balconies exude more cozy and comfortable look, leading ACP sheet brands in India promise goodwill and positive feedback from their customers. You wouldn’t be disappointed at the end result on how your balconies look with galaxy glitters sheets.

  • On the Signboards.

Once again, for amazing advertisement hoardings to influence and grab the attention of the targeted audience, ACP sheets will be your best choice to make. They are economic in prices as well as durable with intricate and eye-catching textures. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to impress the bypassers and onlookers at first glance.

Contemporary ACP Sheet Specifications

  • Long Lasting
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Installation
  • Cleansing Is Easy
  • Flexible in Design
  • Easily Changeable
  • Environment-Friendly
  • No Chance Of Termites
  • Wouldn’t Swell Or Shrink
  • Robust Resistance Against UV Rays
  • Exuberant Collection of Colors

With a corpus of enlarged features, it makes Galaxy Glitter ACP sheets outstand in the construction and architecture market. They often come with more than 30-40 color choices suiting different purposes. So, you will always be benefited with the color palette at hand.

Before Buying The Galaxy Glitter ACP Sheets Check If The Manufacturer Has:

  • CPWD Approval

Central Public Work Department looks after the infrastructure quality check of the materials that are being offered by the manufacturer. Look for their quality assurance symbol on the website of the manufacturer.

  • Any Warranty?

Usually, galaxy glitter manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty. If their website or catalog mentions of the same, then you will know that you are making a great choice by purchasing from them.

  • Any Leading Brands Acting As Partners?

Read their catalog thoroughly if provided, or else, make sure to visit their website. Click on the most obvious, About Us section somewhere on the website. See if the ACP panel manufacturer has any collaboration with well-known Global or Indian brands. If such is the case, then you must take into consideration that manufacturer for sure.

  • Does The Galaxy Glitter Manufacture Pass Quality Assurance?

At times, the manufacturers have other certified quality assurance badges on their websites for increasing their credibility. Do look out for similar badges to weigh which option of the manufacturer meets your needs in the most profitable fashion.

Top Galaxy Glitter Manufacturers:

  • Alutech

Established: 2015

Badges: CPWD, Quality Assurance, 10-year Warranty

Clients: Top 48 brands like Baskin Robins, TVS, Yamaha, Hero Honda.

Certificate: ISO 9001: 2008

  • Alstrong India

Established: 2001

10-Year Warranty

Certificates: ISO 9001: 2008

Clients: Leading brands like RBI, Infosys, MTNL, IDBI Bank, VIVO, Ducati, Nissan.

  • City Bond

Established: 2017

Badges: Quality Assurance,

Certificates: Ukas Quality Management, ISO 9001: 2008

Presence: In more than 25 countries.

Galaxy Glitter Prices In Delhi

The galaxy glitter price range varies from Rs. 95 per Square Feet with 3MM Size to Rs 250/- per square feet. If you contact the manufacturers personally, they will make sure you get the best quotes available.

We look forward to reading your feedback in the comment section below on your best galaxy glitter ACP sheet purchases.