Alutech’s Accomplishments!

Alutech has been providing some of the finest ACP and HPL sheets in the industry. We make sure to give customer satisfaction and that’s why people invest in us. Using ACP sheets in exterior cladding can make your residential or corporate building look polished and refined. The fire-retardant quality is one of the main reasons why people choose ACP sheets nowadays.

We feel extremely delighted to share some of our finished projects with you today.

ACP sheets successfully installed in Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi

Alutech’s ACP sheets are gaining popularity day by day. We have successfully installed ACP sheets in Munch store, Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi. Our hardworking team left no stone unturned to install it efficiently.

New Delhi

Here in the picture is the finished look of installed ACP sheets. We have used the sober solid red shade here. Everything has been fitted properly.

Successfully Installed ACP Sheets in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi

ACP sheets are not only used for commercial sites but are also used in exterior cladding of residential properties as well. Below is the completed site in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi. The ACP sheets here give a completely polished and finished look.

ACP Sheet Krishna Nagar

Natural wood ACP sheets being used as the exterior cladding in one of the residential properties in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi. We have successfully installed our premium quality ACP sheets here to give a finished look to the building.

Successfully installed ACP sheets in NirmalVihar, East Delhi

People are choosing ACP sheets more and more these days. After all, they are extremely durable, cost-effective, and are also easy to install. ACP sheets are extremely lightweight yet sturdy. You would want the exterior of your building to look refined and polished, right! Below is yet another finished project in East Delhi by Alutech.

ACP Sheet Nirman Vihar

Another successfully completed site in NirmalVihar, East Delhi. See how sophisticated it looks. The natural wood shade will surely make some heads turn. As you can see, our client has chosen a natural wood HPL sheet for exterior wall cladding.

Successfully installed ACP sheets in south India

Alutech has clients from every corner of this country. We have carefully installed ACP sheets in South India metro station. As you can see below, we have also installed ACP sheets in Metro stations exterior cladding as well.

ACP Sheet South India

Completed site in Metro station, in South India. ACP sheets are fire retardant and are also not prone to corrosion, that’s why they are perfect for platforms like the metro stations. When other materials start to rust and the color fades away with time, our ACP and HPL sheets remain as it is for a very long time.

These are some of our successful finished projects of installing ACP and HPL sheets. We feel proud to say that people trust us and our products and we are always working harder to deliver what everyone deserves.


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