Alutech And Aluminium Composite Panel Fire Resistance

In modern day constructions fire retardant constructions is the important ingredient. With an ever-increasing number of high rises transcending towards the skies in clamouring urban communities, fire insurance has become the dominant focal point over the world. Utilizing certified FR material is basic to wellbeing in the Fire Rated Construction System.

A common ACP-cladded façade in India has a casing structure involving a non-stack bearing block divider, trailed by mortar, steel outline and an ACP envelope settled on the edge. As an imperative foundation for protection from flame, the ACP envelope ought to contain fire and hold its auxiliary uprightness up to 2 hours. However, that is not by any means the only component that adds to flame assurance. A legitimate rating for protection from flame additionally considers that smoke murders quicker than flame, among other indispensable components. This is the place Alutech’s fire retardant ACP,  remains over the rest.

The Right Choice

Fire retardant ACP by Alutech is an attempted and tried non-halogenated FR ACP whichwon’t create dangerous gas. 80% of death in a fire mishap is caused by smoke which is a shocking mix of CO and CO2. The haemoglobin in our blood cherishes carbon monoxide significantly more than oxygen.

  • It won’t obscure vision and accordingly will make it simple for the individuals to get out of the fire place to a more safe and secured area.
  • It won’t discharge over the top warmth onto different materials that can cause fire.
  • It won’t add to quick spreading of flares towards the upper floors of the construction, for 2 hours, as an outside cladding of a commonplace Indian development.
  • It won’t dissolve into flaring beads and rather transform into harmless residue particles.
  • It won’t fall off the façade when the building is drenched with water through flame hose.

Our secret

FireWall is a non-halogenated fire rated aluminium composite panel that produces water vapor when it warms up.

It doesn’t create lethal gases like the halogenated materials. Magnesium hydroxide (MDH) is the non-halogenated material that is blended with PE to frame the centre of Alutech’s FR items. MDH has a superior imperviousness to fire execution than aluminium trihydrate (ATH), the other non-halogenated material, inferable from higher decay temperature. Besides MDH is more condition cordial than other comparative materials.

MDH postpones the PE change from strong to plastic (the purpose of start) up to 360°C, by discharging water atoms and cutting down the temperature ceaselessly.

How our aluminium cladding fire rating makes us the best?

At Alutech the ultimate production of ACP is secure and contends with worldwide benchmarks. The stringent quality control framework watches out for every single unit delivered. Our FireWall cleared the ASTM E119-12 test which checks if the composite panels have the resistance to face fire for 2 hours.

The all necessary Baby Step

Alutech is outfitted with Baby Line, a scaled down form of an ACP Lamination Line, for preliminary generation of the Alutech mineral centre.

The mineral centre created in this Baby Line is subjected to thorough tests, and just on clearing them, is the specific clump sent for definite generation.

Our Aluminium composite panel fire resistance test was a success, making our ACP extremely durable and trustworthy. Buy material for your office and home which will save you.


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