Advantages of Using Copper Composite Panel by Alutech

Copper Composite Panel has been used for various architectural buildings since time immemorial. It symbolizes nature, looks and feels great, gives 100 percent performance, and keeps the esteem of natural copper sheet. Alutech provides the best quality Copper Composite Panel which is strong and sturdy but lightweight and is extremely nature-friendly.

The massive doors of Amun-Re temple in Egypt are made out of Copper. Also, the famous Maha Paya temple of Sri Lanka,the roof of the temple is made out of copper roof shingles. You will find the use of copper in the European medieval architecture and nowadays architectures are exploring different ways to use copper in modern-day architectural buildings as well.

Usually, the copper composite panels are used for exterior facades and wall cladding, partition walls, roofing, curtain walls, and much more.

A copper composite panel is also better than a solid copper sheet because of its flat structure, flexibility and also its lifespan. It can cover larger areas and is also cost-effective. Keeping this in mind Alutechpannels India came up with high quality and cost-effective Copper composite panels and here we will discuss the biggest advantages of using it.

Let us begin to know about its benefits better.
The benefits:

1. Copper composite panels are extremely durable and have a flat surface making it easier to use.

2. You can bend it and give any shape to Copper Composite panels to form any design.

3. The best part about them is that they are fire-resistant.

4. Copper Composite Panels are also environment-friendly and will cause no harm to Mother Nature.

5. It is highly cost effective as well.

Our Copper Composite panels are extremely durable, cost-effective, and environment-friendly and it also carries along the beauty of natural copper. Copper doesn’t rust easily and can stay as it is for a longer duration. We provide extensive designs and colours of Copper Composite Panels. You can use it to create a beautiful roof, partition wall, curtain walls, and more and give a unique touch to your desired architectural design.

There is another kind of copper which is used in building hospital rooms. It gives protection from microbes keeping your clinical areas free from bacteria and unwanted microbial organisms. This is known as ‘Antimicrobial copper’.
Our Copper Composite Panels are CU+ certified by the International Copper Association and that’s why our range of CCP is highly popular. With so many benefits of Copper Composite Panel, you should definitely choose CCP to create a new look and modern design.

Install Copper Composite Panel and get an extraordinarily fresh, bright, new, and shiny copper finish. Copper anyway takes a lot of time to lose its shine, but our Copper Composite Panels are known to retain its beauty for years. The patina property found in our Copper Composite panels protect it from corrosion. For a new and finished look go for Copper Composite Panels and we at Alutech make sure that you get only the best product which will help you save money and also beautify your design.


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