ACP Signage Board

Aluminium Composite Panel Signage Board

Communication has been an integral component of the human civilization, even before the ancient man mastered the art of communication through language, they used to communicate amongst one another by the use of signs and gestures. Communication over a period of time, promoted itself from signs to languages, but evolution as it is said is a closed loop, we once again came back to the signs, signs not just to communicate words but to communicate identities, ideas and accomplishments. In the present such communication (especially in the corporate world) is done through signages. Signages are used almost everywhere, their materials may vary but they are present everywhere- on roads, on your screens, outside every shop, on vehicles and so on. Using the correct signage is essential, especially in the retail sector with high competition. Your brand, your outlet, your store needs to stand out from the others. A well thought out signage automatically increases walk ins and creates a hard sell a lot less difficult. Let us take an example, you are driving over the National Highway to a new city, How do you decide which turn to take? SIGNAGES! While travelling, you feel hungry, you see a high rise tower portraying the logo of the most popular hamburger chain and you decide to eat there. WHY? SIGNAGES! Initially, paint was used for signages on roads in the forms of milestones as well as retail outlets but it was soon taken over by relatively newer materials such as flex, vinyl and acrylic. Though these materials are still very much prevalent and widely used, a new leader is emerging within the signage industry- Aluminium Composite Panels commonly known as ACPs or Sandwich Panels. In this era of rapid urbanization, there is a lot of new structures coming up, shopping malls, high rise townships and multi terminal airports, the world as it is said is a global village that is changing very rapidly. It is important for every organization to have an edge over their competition, your organization has to think for the future, and in the signage industry, ACP is the future. Getting an attractive ACP signage board is the easiest yet the most important marketing effort you can put in.

The edge ACP signage gives over traditional signage is as follows:
• LONG LASTING: The signage represents your name, identity as well as your message, you want it to stay intact for a long time.
• PREMIUM LOOK: A well designed ACP signage gives the customer the idea that you deal in great quality product and provide satisfactory service.
• FLEXIBILITY: ACP design panels are highly customizable can be altered to your needs.
• VALUE FOR MONEY: ACP signages are a one-time expense that reaps benefits for a long time.

ACP Signage Board
Aluminium Composite Panel Signage Board

Alutech industries is one of the leading ACP manufacturers in India. We provide high quality Aluminium Composite Panels that can be used to meet your signage needs. Alutech Panels are the perfect choice of material for your signages because we provide superior ACPs with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We understand that your needs are unique and that is what makes you, YOU and hence we offer customised ACP signages tailor made according to your requirements. The long list of satisfied clients is a testimony of our quality in itself. The trade-off is quite simple, who would you trust with your name? The old traditional paints and flex(s) that will fade away after some time or a solid, weatherproof Alutech ACP? It is rightly said, the first impression is the last, it is where the customer decides to choose your outlet or not? Even if you offer the highest of quality, you need a great signage to lure in the new customer. So let us join hands and make the perfect first impression with an Alutech ACP Signage Board.

Alutech Industry is an ACP signage board manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters company based in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi India. We are designing high-quality aluminium composite panel signage board as per your needs at very affordable prices in multiple sizes and colors.

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