ACP Designer Walls

ACP Designer Walls

Over the years, the acceptance of Aluminium Composite Panels in the building industry has been increasing rapidly. The demand for ACP panels in India has shown phenomenal growth over the past few years. Initially ACP panels were used just for exterior cladding of buildings, but as the idea of the numerous benefits of ACP spread, its demand expanded its horizons. What was earlier considered as a material for the exterior cladding is now in high demand for the interiors of a building as well. APC panels are sandwich panels that are made up of aluminium coils with a non Aluminium polyethylene core between them.
Usually it was observed that, while designing the interiors of a building there always has been a dilemma between durability and design flexibility, the coming in of ACP eliminates this dilemma forever. This is one of the main reasons why ACP is being widely demanded as a material to design the interiors of homes, offices and even retail outlets. The consumer in the 21st century is as rational as one could be, with access to internet, a consumer can make comparisons within seconds. The modern customer wants the best quality product without compromising on the aesthetics. An ACP panel is the perfect solution for the modern rational consumer as it can provide the durability of a high-quality product along with a high range of customization.

Exterior Wall Cladding
Exterior ACP Cladding

Alutech Industries are one of the leading manufacturers of high-grade Aluminum composite Panels in India. We at Alutech understand that a building is way more than just brick and mortar, it is a representation of your ambition and your personality. We believe that your buildings should reflect that persona inside out and hence provide an exclusive range of superior Aluminum Composite panels for exterior as well as interior designing of your buildings.

The benefits of using Alutech ACP panels for your interiors are as follows:
• Wide Range of Colors & Patterns.
• Termite Proof & Highly Durable.
• Easy Installation & Maintenance.
• Eco Friendly.
• Aesthetic Appeal.

Creativity has no bounds and the same can be said about our Interior ACP Panel Collection. With Alutech ACPs high variety of colors and patterns there are unlimited possibilities to style up your interior- be it your kitchen or a false ceiling, Alutech has got you ‘covered’ both literally and metaphorically. You can also get your panels customized according to your specific requirements by getting in touch with our Experts. Be it a ‘Sober Solid’ or a ‘Dazzling Metallic’, you can never go wrong with an Alutech panel. There are no second thoughts about the best, so amp up your design quotient and create an ever-lasting impression with Alutech ACP designer interior walls.

ACP Designer Wall Available in:

Delhi | NCR | Haryana | Gurgaon | Himachal Pradesh | Chennai | Kerala | Tamil Nadu | Bangalore | Noida | Hyderabad | Goa | Jaipur | Kochi | Rohtak | Mumbai | Pune | Hissar | Chandigarh | Karnataka | Lucknow | Uttar Pradesh | Agra | Kanpur | Nepal | Patna | Aligarh | Dehradun | Prayagraj (Allahabad)