11 Types of LED ACP Signage Board Options For You to Choose From

Picking an ACP signage board for your brand image can be a troublesome assignment. We’re here to make it simple. Alutech India is the main maker of LED signage sheets in Delhi and the whole way across India and we offer a colossal assortment of alternatives depending on your logo, sizes and individual inclination. How about we check out the all of these options and let you choose the best for your company?

  1. Gleam Sign Boards

Value will range from: Rs. 200 – 450 for every sqft (with tubelights)

Developed utilizing a 1″ MS pipe outline and a choice of LEDs or Tube lights utilized for lighting, we place a twofold side printed flex for fantastic day-night shading balance on the front face which is completely lit. An alternative of utilizing twofold sided UV printed polycarbonate is likewise accessible, which builds the shading profundity and life of signage.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters Mounted on Divider

Value will range from: Rs. 1100 – 1500 for every sqft

A standout amongst the most regularly utilized approach to speak to your logo is to make 3D letters produced using amazing cast acrylic, raised to the profundity of 3-4 inches and marked (Samsung) LEDs fit inside forever. These letters are fixed specifically onto the dividers or some other solid support surface.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters on ACP Box (on divider or structure)

Value will range from: Rs. 1200 – 1800 for every sqft

ACP or as we all know Aluminum Composite Panel is utilized to make a case which is placed out of sight of the letters. Aside from giving stylish intrigue or coordinating marking hues, such a setup is likewise valuable when a divider isn’t accessible, and a signage is introduced on a housetop of on ground and a metal structure is made first.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters with Aluminum Packaging Mounted on Divider

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for each sqft

This is an augmentation of choice 2, where an aluminum packaging (powder covered in any shading) is given around the acrylic letters. This makes the signage substantially stronger and more impervious to winds and residue. It likewise gives it an increasingly premium completion and keeps light from turning out from the sides of the letters. This is suggested for signage introduced at more noteworthy stature to endure high wind weight. This can likewise have an ACP box backing.


  1. Stencil Cut LED logo in ACP

Value will range from: Rs. 1000 – 1300 for every sqft

This is a magnificent alternative since the logo is sliced through the ACP box and samsung LEDs are housed inside the case. The splendor of such a signage is actually high and manufacture cost and support cost are low. The letters for this situation are level. This is a valuable choice to think about when your logo or letters are flimsy, little or exceptionally entangled.


  1. Stencil Cut LED Logo With Strong Letters in ACP

Value will range from: Rs. 1300 – 1700 for each sqft

This is an expansion of alternative 5. For this situation, the letters are made of strong 15-18mm acrylic and glued over the past alternative. This gives a 3D look to the letters however fundamental development stays same as choice 5. Be that as it may, the splendor reduces somewhat because of extra layer of acrylic letters.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters and Stencil Cut ACP Blend

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for every sqft

This is a blend of choice 3 and 5. In such a case, your logo can show up in intense 3D LED letters produced using acrylic and any slogan or address or your business depiction can show up as level letters in the crate.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letter With Dark Vinyl on Front

Value will range from: Rs. 1100 – 1500 for every sqft

This is a helpful strategy to square light from the front face and give a back-sparkle impact. 3M vinyl is stuck on the front face and henceforth light is blocked. No aluminum packaging is done here.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters With Aluminum Packaging in Front (on the divider)

Value will range from: Rs. 1600 – 2500 for each sqft

For this situation, letters and logo are made in acrylic and an aluminum packaging (in required shading; normally dark) is put on the front. This makes the light fall on the foundation and gives an extremely decent radiance impact as appeared. This style is valuable where the logo or content shading is dark.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letters with Aluminum Packaging in Front on ACP Box

Value will range from: Rs. 2000 – 3000 for every sqft

At the point when the divider isn’t appropriate for fixing letters or is of a dull shading, this choice is helpful as light will reflect off the ACP surface and retain that shading. Generally, the ACP is light or silver in shading for the best impact.


  1. 3D LED Acrylic Letter With Silver/Brilliant SS Packaging to Finish Everything

Value will range from: Rs. 2500 – 3500 for each sqft

In this choice, the packaging on top isn’t aluminum however made of SS for the brushed silver or brilliant completion. Rest everything continues as before.

Get in touch with Alutech Panels to know more about glowing or LED signage board and let us help you choose the best to display your brand and all your products for sure shit revenue generation.


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